22 Aug 2017

Would life be better if you could sleep with anyone you liked at any time...... well we did!

Swinging is about letting go in order to welcome in changes that are new, fresh, invigorating and completely outside the box. Sex is a bit like a secret society; everyone is doing it, it's just that no one talks about it. We have recently started speaking to a couple and openly speak about our desires. They to want to explore, no judgments and no apologies, just fearless straight-up talk about sex. We arrange to meet them.

So I’m going to cut to the chase, we met, We chatted, laughed and drank a lot of Gin & tonic! They were hot and we all wanted to fuck each other! The tranquilizing effects of the alcohol helped, but I also felt safe with these three people, I was very excited to take them home with us.

She was reserved, softly spoken, beautiful and elegant on the outside but I knew that she would be a naughty girl in the bedroom, and I really wanted to find out if that was true. Her curves where the perfect hour glass. Her beauty delighted my senses.

He was handsome, with soft warm eyes that projected kindness with an understated strength. I could see he felt secure in his own skin he radiated confidence. I was physically attracted to him but also intrigued to see how I would handle his naughty side.

We decided to leave our delicious men and head upstairs, I stroked her back her loose hair. Her body was awakening to every single stroke, I felt her body clench in anticipation. Pulling her in for a kiss, her taste, her tenderness my body wanted her. I pushed my body against hers. Feeling her breasts push against mine. She was arousing all my senses.

I gently helped her undress, my hands caressed her curves as her dress slid past her firm breasts, gliding down to the curve of her hips revealing her elegant lingerie. It fell to floor, she stepped out wearing black Stockings. I wanted to feel her warm skin against mine. She lay on the bed our bodies embraced as we kissed. She kissed gently, but with each kiss her body craved more. My hands explored her I pushed my hand against her panties and felt the heat from her pussy.

My lips and tongue danced their way down to her hips, as I slowly slid off her panties. I can feel her wetness as my fingers gently rub her. I kiss her hips the same place I enjoy my husband kissing mine. She moans in response. I surprise myself by diving right in and stroking her clit with my tongue. Her body bows as I play. I take my time enjoying her, feeling myself getting aroused. I gently insert my finger and feel her muscles clench around it, my mouth continues to exploring her. Licking and sucking her sensitive spot as my fingers slide inside her. I Increase the speed and feel her excitement building.

I want the men so I call for them to join us. I have no idea when they came in or how they ended up undressed. My inhibitions had quickly disappeared and my excitement had taken control. The warmth of my husband's hand rubbed against the arch of my lower back soon followed by his kisses. My body is tight with arousal; his tongue flicks my clit as he thrusts his tongue inside me. I see them share a kiss as I continue to lick her sweet pussy. I want my husband to taste her so I stand up and turn to kiss him. He pulls me against him and I feel his hard cock press against my thigh as we kiss passionately. My need for him is unlike the one we have when we are alone together. This is deeper and stronger. My passion for him burns and I want to pleasure him.

I look up to him and smile, I kiss him before I engulf him. Taking him further and further into my mouth and he gasps and grabs for my hair as I tease him and arouse him more than he ever realised possible. I rub his balls while filling my mouth with his cock. He lets out a groan and I soon realise they too are moaning with pleasure. My attention is distracted by her partner and I want his cock in my mouth so I walk over and fall to my knees. Instantly grabbing him and rubbing it gently in my hand. I wrap my mouth around him, pulling his hips against me so I get every inch of him inside my mouth. I can feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth and my pussy is dripping from all this foreplay. I make my way to his lips and kiss him. He pulls me towards him his kisses increase with passion our bodies lock together. My heart races and my want is uncontrollable. I lay down and I find his face between my thighs. He hits all the right spots. As he thrusts into me he strokes his tongue against my clit. I feel myself squirm with pleasure as he holds my hips tightly, pushing his face hard into my pussy covering himself in my juices.

I encourage him up, I can taste myself as our lips meet and with that he glides inside me. He starts gently as I lay back on to the bed. But he is soon thrusting himself deep, pounding harder as the wetness oozes from my pussy. His cock has a perfect curve which tickles me in all the right places, it caresses my g spot and I feel myself falling into a deep orgasm. My moans get louder. I turn to find hers are to. My husband's head between her thighs, I feel an uncontrollable urge to stop them. Jealously fuelled with desire I want him, I want him to fuck me! I'm greedy in the bedroom and my need for control is hard to adapt in these situations. I watch on though and see him pleasing her, she squirms in pleasure as his fingers fill her pussy. He makes His way up to her breasts. Gently tracing every inch of her body with is finger tips, my eyes follow. She looks to us and smiles with her ridiculously beautiful face. Her breasts are firm and perk, a tiny waist complements her curvy hips. She has the prefect hour glass figure. A figure you could get lost in, a sensual playgroup of pure beauty.

My husband comes over for a kiss. We kiss deeply, never losing the connection from each other. He whispers to see how I am? I'm ecstatic, everything is flowing perfectly. He bends me over onto the bed and slips into my pussy, gently penetrating me, while his hands tightly grip my waist and caress my arse. Rocking back and forth his hands start to wander around my body, leaning over to kiss my neck and stroke my breasts. I gasp with the intense pleasure. His cock fells so good that deep inside and before long I am soaking him and my orgasms keep coming. Unable to control my trembling legs I fall back to the floor and fill my mouth with his throbbing cock, sucking it hard while gently rubbing his balls. His breathing increases and he lets out a groan while pulling my head back as I lean across the bed e pulls out his cock and shoots his cum across my trembling breasts.

I turn to find they are fucking, her legs pushed up against her waist, I can see his cock gliding in and out of her pussy. I lean over to tentatively caress her breast. I rubbed her breasts firmly as she rocked from the pounding she was getting. She leant in to kiss me while he fucked her hard. Her moans increased with pleasure as did his groans. He slipped out of her and I went straight down to lick her pussy, gently applying pressure to her clit while flicking her with my tongue. She squirmed, mean while her partner was face deep in my arse and pussy. His tongue and fingers slipped between both. The sensation of not knowing where he was going next was teasing the hell out of me. My husband now had his cock in her mouth and I knew he was ready to fuck her again so I moved aside.

Getting lost in the situation I pull her partner towards me feeling his body pressed against me. He has experience, I mean a lot. His hands explore, he knows the most delicate areas, where to circle, where to tease, where to massage. I found myself pushed up hard against the bed, my knees against my breasts, his face still between my legs while I watched my husband going between her pussy and her arse with his throbbing cock. He loves giving anal so I knew he would be in his element fucking her arse hard. Unlike her anal wasn't something I enjoyed massively. I would entertain it but I found it painful. I wanted to enjoy it though and wanted him to be able to fuck me in every hole! We continue to play, his thumb slipped up my arse while he thrusted his cock inside me, he somehow manages to gently rub my pussy as well. I was getting overwhelmed with the sheer level of pleasure and how far out of my comfort zone I was. But I wanted it more, I found Myself backing off, the more I lost control, but he pushed against me. Forcing himself back into me while asking if I wanted more. I begged for more but continue to back off as he his pace increases until he thrusts forward with such force that I scream with pleasure. Feeling helpless as he continued to fuck me. I squirt all over his throbbing cock. He slipped out. From the look in his eyes I knew he was close to climaxing.

I want my husband I always do once I've came, it’s like returning home after a holiday and as much as you have had an amazing time the comfort of home is always the place I feel most relaxed and comfortable. He bends me over the bed gently taking me from behind as he pushes deep I can feel my muscles tightening around his throbbing cock, it's hard. I mean it's really fucking hard! His hands hold my hips tightly as my knees weaken and treble from all the pleasure. To my surprise I cum again this time I can no longer continue, I collapse to me knees and take his cock in my mouth, pushing him to the back of my throat. My eyes water as he fucks my mouth and fills it with his sweet cum.

He has her laid back on the bed and is taking her up the arse, she loves anal it's clear from the moans of pleasure. I can see his fingers rubbing her pussy as he fills her up. Rocking back and forth as she arch’s her back. He moves to lie on the bed as she lowers herself onto his hard cock taking it all, she slowly begins to thrust those heavenly hips with her hands firmly placed on his chest, their moans increase as he clenches her thighs, we watch on in delight. His hands tighten as he lets out and intense moan of relief cuming inside her. Their bodies relax, as they breathe heavily and look across the room to us.

We all lay on the bed giggling. I feel at ease with this amazing couple. I always worried I’d be too self-conscious to lose myself in the moment, but that wasn’t the case at all. I looked at my husband and no words were needed.

An enormous amount of mutual respect and trust is needed. It was the kind of trust that is required the first time you sleep with someone the two of you have crossed the vast unknown together and now share an experience that is our own.

Our night finished with the room smelling of pure filth, my skin soaked in sweat and juices from us all. My pussy ached, my body ached. But I was totally satisfied. I worried what such experimentation would do to us, of course. Jealousy is such a fickle emotion, and my husband and I ran through the possible outcomes. What if one or both of us got jealous — would we stop it then? Would one of us feel less desirable than the other? Would it ruin our relationship afterward? Hell no it made us even stronger!