Written by wet_hard_couple

22 Aug 2011

We'd finally plucked up the courage to meet up with a couple for a one on one section, we'd been going to swingers clubs for a few years but this was our first meeting in private, it was also my 50th birthday!

My wife Suzy is bi 43 years old and I'm Andy and 50, we advertised in a speed dating section of another site similar to this and got a reply from a couple from near Gatwick and after a couple of emails the girls chatted by phone and we arranged to meet that evening in a local Brighton bar. As we sat there watching every couple who entered the bar to see if it was them. We began to get a little despondent when the time to meet had passed, but then our mobile phone ran, it was them, they had been waiting for us in the bar next door. I quickly when to meet them and while Suzy ordered more drinks. Andy the name of the guy and his wife Janet certainly looked pleased to see me as we walked back to join Suzy. The girls started chatting away and soon left to go to the WC together, as girls always do, Suzy later told me the minute the door was closed Janet started kissing her and the two had a quick grope of each others body. As soon as the girls came back we decided to go back to the hotel room, Both I and Andy left the bar trying to hide the bulges that where starting to appear. As we walked the 10 minutes back to our hotel, I linked arms with Janet and Suzy linked with Andy.

Once we had smuggled them past the receptionist we entered the room and Suzy instantly jumped on the bed, joined quickly by Janet, the two started kissing. I started to serve the Champaign we had placed on ice while Andy watched the girls, the two of them had undressed by the time I'd pasted around the drinks so we two Andy's slowly undressed while watching our wife's finger each other and kiss.

By the time we undressed the girls where in a 69 so Andy went to his wife's face end and joined her licking Suzy while I did the same at the other end with Suzy licking Janet, so we managed to separate the girls and slipped between Janet's legs and started licking her while Suzy was sucking Andy's cock. As we only soft swap we somehow managed to get back with our own wife's and continued to fuck them as they kissed and rubbed each others pussies.

Suzy was the first to cum, quickly followed by me and Andy, but Janet was a still to get there. Andy asked if we had a towel, we thought at first that we wanted to mop up his mess, we pasted him a towel which he carefully placed under Janet's arse and then started fingering her at a very fast pace, we all know what was about to happen and why Andy wanted the towel as Janet started squirting all over the bed Suzy's tits and face!

We never saw Andy and Janet again, we'd like to, so if you reading this Andy get in touch..