Written by anon

21 Aug 2007

Saturday night and I am shattered, but I new my honey would want to shoot out for a drink at his favorite weekend haunt.....

OP4F. We rolled up a bit worse for wear to a busier than usual sat night, theres always a nice atmosphere here, i have not visited any other swingers clubs but feel its been a nice place to start. But this night i just was not feeling the crowd. We had met a couple before and they were there, well she had met my honeys dick before, while I had caught her guys eye on the way in and he had introduced himself. The next night we met he came in to the lockable room after a sexy bitch had just licked my pussy after my honey had just cum inside me. He wanted to fuck her but his girl, who had not come up for air wanted to retreat. Well Saturday we talked and she like me would of stayed in, but after a yes and a no and talking to our guys we left for my empty place. He had already said to me and my guy he wanted to suck my pussy, I was on the settee before I new it, sucking both of their dicks, I new he wanted me and my guy and his girl were eager to watch [always practice safe sex] he slipped his hard dick into me and my guy was egging him on,as he came eagerly, his girl rolling my guys dick up and down in her hand vigorously. Us three played a bit more then all decided to it was home time. Maybe next time she will play, my honey would love to come on her massive breasts.