Written by Zakk190

27 Apr 2015

Now that my wife was liberated we had a number of swapping adventures , but the best by far was one day we went shopping and she went into a shop and decided to try on some boots. A young guy came to help her and sat her down and he crouched down in front of her. He helped to put the boots on and was zipping them up when I noticed her skirt had ridden up quite a bit and as he was straightening the boots her legs opened noticeably.

I could see the crutch of her knickers from where I was so he could clearly see. She looked up at me and smiled that smile and asked if he had a bigger pair.

He removed them and she was now clearly opening her legs for him. He looked a bit flustered but kept his nerve. She tried on the second pair and they were fine. she asked how they made her legs look and he said gorgeous at which she smiled.

She had bought a short dress and asked him if there was anywhere she could try it on to see how it went with the boots. He took us to a stock room and said he would have to stay in there with us because of the stock. My wife said ok and stripped off her current clothes. The lad couldn't take his eyes off her and he looked very turned on.

She then smiled at me and turned to hom and said - oh by the way I have new knickers to try on too - are you ok with that. He stammered yes and she removed her current ones and stood in front of him. She said its a good job your a gentleman as ths is turning me on, feel how wet you have made me.

Before I could think she had moved towards him and grabbed his hand placing it onto her pussy lips. He said god your drenched and so sh held his hand there and said make me cum.

He started to use his fingers and she unzipped him and took his cock in her mouth. He came almost instantly so she swallowed his cum and then said eat my pussy and you have a sale of the boots.

She didn't take long to cum and noticed he was hard again so knelt down and told him to fuck her. I got my cock out and offered it to her mouth. it didn't take long for all three of us to cum at which point she siad f I give you my number - come round and we will do this more slowly - but that is another story.