Written by Zakk

22 Apr 2015

when we first got married we lived with my wifes sister so the only place to have sex was away from home. We went to the cinema one night and Emmanuelle was on - very risque at the time. The cinema was packed but we got on the back row in the middle and started to watch. I could tell fran was turned on but when it came the the masturbation scene in the two whicker chairs she cuddled up. I cupped her boob in my hand and could feel her nipples were hard and she rested her hand on my lap. She soon started stroking my cock

I said cant you wait and she said she could easily cum where we were. I slid my hand up her skirt and felt how wet she was even though she had tights on. She whispered that the guy next to her was stroking her leg. I asked if she was worried and she said no quite the opposite.

She told me she was going to the loo to take her tights off and got up. Strangely she squeezed past our neighbour facing him and seemed to lean against him as she passed by.

When she came back she did the same and told me he had run his hand up the inside of her leg both times. As she sat down he leaned over and said - no tights any more and she said no. Ii moved my hand up between her legs and found his hand there too. We both reached her pussy at the same time and started to finger her

I wondered why she seemed to have lost interest in my cock and leant forward only to see she had his cock in her hand and was wanking him. A fair amount of whispering was going on and she leant towards me and said we are leaving. I thought she has come to her senses and was backing out of the situation but as we got up so did he.

We left the cinema and he took her hand and he lead her towards the multi story car park - I followed and we got to his car. He invited us both into the back and took his cock out. My wife immediately started to suck him fast. He didn't take long to cum and told her to take it all. He shot most into her mouth and some onto her face.

I thought we would leave now but she turned to me and told me to fuck her. she got on all fours and i entered her from behind . She started to suck him again which wa stoo much for me and I filled her cunt with my cum.

Our friend was hard now and she asked him to fuck her as well he did the same as me then she said no not there as he tried to slide his cock in her arse but he insisted and pushed it home which quickly made her cum. She asked me to slide my head underneath and lick her clit and she came again. he then slide his cock in her cunt and so I realised it was so close to me as I continued licking her when he came again and pulled out so it went all over my tongue.

When I got her home she quietly sucked me until I came so tere was no noise to be heard.

We often watch a video of Emmanuelle which is guaranteed to lead to great and sometimes adventurous sex