Written by Zakk190

30 Apr 2015

Having swapped and made love in a she shop store room Fran was now up for anything. We went shopping to Freeport in Braintree and had a good day buying loads of clothes and having a great Chinese buffet lunch.

We ended up back in the Marks and Spencer outlet store which has large changing rooms. She told me she was feeling quite horny and would have to take me in there and suck me off. I asked if se was feeling more adventurous and left her so I could look around the mens bit.

I caught up with her and she told me that a young guy had been flirting with her and giving her approving nods as she held tops against her near the mirror. I said she should encourage him so I moved away to give her space. He came over and she held up a top for him an asked if it suited her. I could hear the conversation and he said she should try it on and let him see. She said come to the changing rooms then.

I followed but kept my distance and she went in. He stayed by the entrance then suddenly when the coast was clear she beckoned him in. They were in there for ages and he came out first and waited

She followed and walked up to him and gave him a long kiss while he was stroking her boobs.

She bought the top and left heading towards my car with him in tow. I followed and when she got there she looked at me and said - this is my husband he wants to know what we have been up to. I opened the car and she got in the back and signalled to him to do the same. I got in the front and turned round. She turned straight to him and said do you think you can cum again and started stroking his cock. I had a raging hard on and took mine out. I siad so he has cum twice then and she said yes in my mouth and in my cunt and I came twice too. She lifted her skirt to reveal that she hadn't put her thong back on and put his hand straight between her legs. She then took his cock out and started sucking him and sure enough he came to life. we were in a quiet corner of the car park so she told me to get in the back as well. she climbed on top of him and got me to fuck her arse. We carried on slowly to avoid rocking the car too much and to avoid me slipping out. Even at a slow space it ddnt take me long to flood her arse with cum and he soon followed.

She took his number and has invited him over for the week end l