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French beaches from the past, part 3, chapter 2

"Things hot up further"

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This story is a follow on from "13th October?", so for a bit of scene setting we are in the south of France and staying in a site based caravan, and have made friends with Paul & Megan and Helen & Chris on our journey from England. I.m Mark, my girlfriend is Gee.
Thanks for the feedback from last time.  I have used full names for those who struggled, hope that helps.

It was another hot evening, with temperatures remaining in the very high 20's. Gee and I got ready to go out to meet our new holiday friends at the outdoor bar on the site. I put on a light loose shirt and shorts, Gee had a tight vest top, no bra and a short denim skirt, with a black sheer transparent thong.

I was horny again watching her dress and couldnt stop grabbing her big tits, her erect nipples pointing hard through the thin vest top.

'Stop it' she said 'Or we will never get a drink'

We started to slowly stroll down the site to the bar. I spoke quietly as we walked.

'You know I have a confession to make'.

'You have?'  Gee asked. 

'Yes, Helen intercepted me in the shower queue and came in the cubicle with me, and as the queue was so long, I took pity on her'

 " Uh huh, so you got naked with her then" Gee said  raising her eyebrows.

 'Mmmm, yes and a bit more too'

 'Let me guess, she opened her legs and you fucked her'  Gee said bluntly

'Pretty much in one' I said 

'Good, I'm glad that worked out OK for her, I wondered when you would tell me'  

'You sound like you already know, and you know we dont do secrets'

'Of course, I do. Us girls talk you know. Helen and Paul are going through a tricky time, this holiday is for them to find out if they are to stay together or not. Part of the challenge they are working it is how the deal with having a more open sex life, and fucking others without the jealousy' 

'Oh right' I answered somewhat dumbly and totally unaware.

'I wasnt asleep when you went, so I spoke to her as soon as you went to shower, and suggested she join you.  I am pleased you told me so soon'

We were close to the bar by now  'Tell me all about later on, but only Helen and us know about it at the moment. I will see how Chris reacts tonight as I'll flirt with him OK?'

'Fine by me' We stopped, hugged and had a deep loving kiss. Gee's nipples seemed bigger and harder than ever.  I looked at them and smiled at her. 'I am very wet as well, I might have to take my thong off if it gets any wetter'

Paul and Meg were already there, all loved up as the newly married couple they were. We did the usual hugging, kissing, handshaking. Paul ordered me a beer and got a glass for Gee, and poured her some bubbly from the recently opened botle in the cooler.  It was a welcome and refreshing taste after a hot and lazy day.

Gee and Meg were very busy, talking animatedly about all sorts of girl stuff. Paul and I just talked sports bollocks, as we looked at the football showing on the small TV by the bar. Paul and Meg were both dressed very conservatively,  at least Meg was compared to Gee's hot sexy look. I noticed Paul looking at Gee's big tits frequently. Our eyes met, and we exchanged furtive smiles, as we both knew he was enjoying the sight, poking through her tight top.

Ten minutes or so later, Chris and Helen turned up hand in hand, laughing as they aproached the bar.

'Hey both'  I greeted them.  'What's amusing you then?'  I asked as I shook Chris's hand.

'She thought it funny that you and are I are dressed in matching clothes'

I laughed too 'Shit, sorry I never got the dress code memo '

I hugged Helen as Chris did with Gee. Helen mashed her large tits into my chest,  put her arms round me and whispered in my ear 'Hi and thanks for earlier, we will fuck again soon'.

Helen looked so hot in her tight vest top, also no bra on, and tight, very short cut off denim shorts, showing the bottom of her arse cheeks. My cock responded, awkwardly.

The evening progressed,  many drinks were consumed and a bit of dancing to the music from the bar speakers, but it was generally a steady uneventful night. Paul and Meghan left us about an hour before the four of us had had enough.   As we got back to the caravans,  we exchanged good nights, hugs and kisses. Helen couldn't help herself and went full mouth to mouth and stroked my cock over my shorts, me grabbing her soft bum cheeks, where tgey were exposed at the bottom of her short shorts, smiling at each other as we released grip.  Meanwhile, behind us , Gee also went for the full snog with Chris,  much to his surprise. She squeezed her big bra less tits tight into his chest,  rubbing her groin against his expanding cock, as she held him tightly.

She whispered 'Mmm, that cock feels lovely, I am going want that before this holiday is over '

Gee and I left them and headed to bed,  we stripped naked,  laying on top of the bed as it was another hot sweltering Mediterranean night.

'Its building nicely with those two isn't it? Gee asked. 

'Yes, it is. Looks like you were turning Chris on there.  Do you want to fuck him?'

'Of course,  only fair as you have had Helen.  I need to catch you up,  and it might help them , his cock feels good, I want that in me.

'Dirty bitch' I said, laughing

I reached across to her pussy. Gee was dripping.

'Someones horny' I said

'Just shut up and fuck me, now and hard. I need your big cock in me '

No, you fuck me. Ride me hard darling '

Gee squatted over me,  sat down,  her soaking pussy sliding down over my fully hard cock,  all the way until it was physically not possible to get any more of my length in her. 

She gasped 'Oh fuck fuck fuck, I so need this'

She rode me like her life depended on it. Her gasps and cries getting louder as the passion intensified. I could feel her juices increasing,  as they started to run onto my groin.  With our windows wide open,  our neighbours were either going to be annoyed or horny,  listening to Gee in the throes of her sexual passion.  She isnt a quiet girl

As she started reaching her orgasm,  I held back mentally to avoid cumming before she did.  Her rhythym continued to increase to new levels,  when she suddenly stopped, raised herself up so my cock was only just in her very wet pussy. She let out a very deep groan and squirted a massive flow of clear pussy juice,  the first squirt hitting my face and chin.  It tasted hot and quite sweet. The next two squirts soaked my chest,  before they trickled off me and soaked the bedding.

She lowered back down,  filling herself completely with my cock again,  resuming her rapid fucking.

Within a few strokes,  she screamed 'Fuck fuck fuck, I'm cumming.'

I pushed back hard, matching her fucking before I too, let go,  and erupted what felt like about six massive squirts of my cum deep in her.

She slumped on to my chest.  We were soaked from her squirt and our sweat, her pussy full of hot cum. Our rapid breathing, slowly came back to normal and she rolled off me.

We kissed, and held hands. Words of love and satisfaction about an amazing fuck were quietly exchanged.

'You have never squirted like that when we fucked before ' I said 'You must have been turned on at the thought of fucking Chris's big cock.

I think it was everything really. You fucking Helen earlier, our session before we went out, the beach, the drink, feeling Chris's cock...and just how you fuck me so deep'

We cuddled and drifted off to sleep.  Tomorrow would be another truly memorable day.

I had intended to make this story a 2 part, but it will run out to another chapter. In the third chapter,after another hot day on the beach, we have a great evening on the campsite,, dancing and enjoying the live music and dancing, before the real fun starts with a full swap with Helen and Chris.

Written by sandm2006

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