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French Beaches from the past. Part 3 Chapter 5

"Wake up sex after a long night"

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This chapter follows for our passionate night of fun in Chapter 4, published on 13th February

The early morning light was filtering through into the caravan as I woke,  my eyes adjusted to the new day. It was about 7.30. Helen, totally naked next to me, laying on her front,  one leg in a kind of frog position,  her big boobs squashed into the bed,  her blond hair straggly  from our energetic fucking from earlier, before we  slept.  Her large bum exposed,  her smooth pussy lips showing betwen her open legs. I leaned across to kiss her neck,  stroke her bum and work a finger into her still sloppy moist pussy.

She groaned as she awakened. 'Fuck, I am so knackered from last night Mark'. 'Me too' I replied.

I got up and got some orange juice out of the fridge.  It tasted like nectar after the beers, wine and cocktail of pussy juices that had been through  my mouth in the previous 12 or so hours.  Helen and I shared the drink and resumed sharing mouths and tongues.  There was a passionate look in her eyes.

'I wish we could do that every night that we have left here' Helen said,  with a sad expression, aware that wasn't going to happen. 'You really fucked the joy of life back into me '

'Let's enjoy what we can,  while we can,  but not without the other's agreement of what we do ' I reasoned.

I put the empty glass down,  rolled her onto her back and continued kissing and rolling our tongues together. Small happy noises came from deep within her, as I squeezed and caressed her breasts and nipples.  I soothed my hand over her belly,  and down between her legs,  which she had now spread wide in eager anticipation.

I rolled her clitoris with my thumb, the nub grew with the stimulation,  penetrating her with 2 fingers,  already so wet, her juices were increasingly flowing again.

' You are such a horny bitch' I said, laughing.

'Honestly,  Mark, I don't know if anyone has ever got me going like you do,  I know Chis doesn't,  hope Gee isn't to disappointed '

'Gee will make sure he has fun,  and hopefully he learns from her,  and then you'll benefit' I tried to reassure her.

I slid down the bed,  moving over her smooth tummy, over her shaved mons and started to tongue her wet pussy groove. I teased her labia,  pulling them out and sucking them, rolling her clit around with my tongue.  She once again soaked my face with her musky juices,  moaning with pleasure, as waves started to build in her again. Her hips were rolling, her hands hard on the back of her head,  pulling me deeper into her willing cunt. Waves continued rolling through,  she hit another orgasm, shouting and moaning loudly,  'Fuck, fuck, FUCKKKK'   I was hoping that Helen didn't wake the entire campsite.

I raised my head above her wet reddened pussy, watching her magnificent big tits having as she recovered her breathing,  taking in the sight of her well worked lips immediately in front of my face.

'I want to suck you' she said breathlessly,   so I shuffled around so we were in a side by side 69 position. I didn't want to lose sight and contact with her pussy.

The feelings of my cock  in her wet mouth were just heaven,  and I let out my groans of pleasure to let her know she was doing the right things.  She worked her  lips hard over my cock head,  sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. I knew I couldnt last long with her efforts,  so I knelt up,  got between her legs and said 'Its time again '

'Fuck me Mark, fill me up again ' she pleaded

I got between her widely spread legs, my hard cock bobbing between my thighs and pointing directly at her slick wet pussy.  I kept moving up until I was over her, my hands braced on either side of her head.

Lowering onto her,  kissing her hot mouth, my hands slid up her arms. Helen moaned as she sucked on my tongue and my cock poked onto her soft pussy lips, so close to penetrating her again.

"Yes," she whispered as if reading his mind. "Do it, Mark, give both of us what we need. Make love to me this time.

I  slid back slightly, the head of my cock sliding on the smooth skin above above her slit. Helen lifted her legs, her soft flesh pressing against my hips, inviting my cock inside her. I wanted nothing more than to slip into her again, into her willing wet folds again. I pushed my raging erection gently between her soft wet lips, deep into her pussy.

We kissed, deeply, passionately.  Soft groans of pleasure purred from Helen as our mouths intertwined for what seemed like forever.

As our mouths briefly parted......"Feels so good," she whispered as she ran her nails over his shoulders, one hand going through my hair.  Beneath me, Helen squirmed, we were slowly pumping our hips in unison, and grinding my cock into her pussy.   This was pure deep passion now, we were making sensual love as our eyes stayed locked onto each other.

We continued slowly kissing and making love,  locked together,  her legs round me,  my cock as deep as it would go,  just slowly pushing in,  releasing,  withdrawing a little,  her pulling me back in with her legs.  It felt timeless,  with no rush or no desire to finish.  Just prolonged intimate pleasure.

We continued gently fucking, soft moans and gasps of pleasure, from each of us, sounds escaping quietly, neither of us wanting the deep intense feelings to end.  But with that intensity,  both of us were getting closer and closer towards the orgasm we both wanted.  Helens eyes willing me on 'Im getting close darling' she whispered. 'Me too' as we simultaneously started to up the pace
We got faster and faster in and out, thrusting and releasing,  our breathing now fast and loud, her sighs and moans getting louder and louder until she announced her orgasm, not screaming , but almost tearfully.

This pushed me over the edge and I told Helen I was going to cum too. She locked her legs even more tightly,  indicating she wanted my load deep in her. We continued to fuck through our orgasms and with last few thrusts as we both reached even higher peaks, our eyes wide open,  totally locked on each other.

Breathless, gasping, sweating, smiling, we stayed locked together ,for ages,  holding the moment of intense passion, as if it were our last act on the planet.  

Eventually, I felt the pressure from Helen's legs around me release....I lowered onto her mouth and we kissed deeply once more.

'Oh fuck Mark...... What have we done. You have fucking ruined it for me now for the rest of my life.  That's the greatest experience I have ever had.' she said through tears.

'Don't cry darling ' I said,  holding her head.

'It's not bad,  these are happy tears,  not sad tears.' she said

'Thank God for that.  I thought I'd upset you'

'The only upset is that I'm probably never going to feel this satisfied and pleasured again... ever ' she said,  trying to raise a smile.

We lay back together, embracing,  not saying anything, just in our own thoughts,  processing what had happened,  enjoying the moment, relaxing. Heart beats slowly recovering.

Knock, knock, knock, the caravan door frame reverberated.

'That'll probably be Gee' I said,  easing up from the bed  'I must have put the latch over,  as she has a key'

I released the latch,  opened the door, turned to go back to bed,  'It's open now' I called.

'Fucking hell!!! I was shocked to hear a strong Welsh female voice behind me, as I returned to the bed.

I spun round to see a gobsmacked Meg, looking at me and Helen both totally naked on the bed

I looked at her, smiling. 'I think you'll find Gee up with Chris, if you are looking for her.  She will probably be as naked with him, as we are.'

Meg just stood there, stuck to the spot, mouth and eyes wide open,  unsure what to say or do other than quietly repeating saying 'Fuck'

'Yep, right in one  Meg' Helen responded, laughing.

'Don't just stand there Meg, put the kettle on, we need a cuppa' I said, trying to lighten the moment.

'Oh yes, sure  Meg said, sounding flustered, unsure where or what to look at. It was the first time that she had seen anything other than Helen's breasts exposed, when we had all been at the beach in the days before.

As she busied herself,  finding cups, and putting kettle on, Meg stole sideways glances at us both as we lay naked and entwined, and still uncovered.

Helen reached off to her left side and raised the large window blinds. Brilliant sunlight streamed in,  spotlighting us both.

'Let's have a litle fun' Helen whispered in my ear and reached for my flaccid cock, wrapping her hand,  gripping it and gently manipulating it back to state of semi hardness.

Meg stood watching, her jaw open once more before finally speaking

'So what happened after me and Paul left you four last night,  how did it end up like this?  she asked.

Helen smiled and responded 'Two scheming women with a plan,  more rink and raunchy dancing sealed the deal.  Mark and Chris never stood a chance of escape. After you and Paul left,  we carried on a bit longer dancing,  came back here for more drinks,  me and Mark had the bed to relax,  Chris and Gee the sofa,  tops came off, Gee started playing with Chris, my knickers accidentally fell off. They cleared off to my caravan as Gee wanted a bed to relax on.  Haven't seen them since'

'Fucking hell,  you dirty buggers'  Meg replied, still shaking her head in disbelief, but her eyes remained fixed to my half hard cock, in Helen's hand.

She bought our teas to us, returning to hers,  and stood in the kitchen.  After the activities of the night, dehydrated, tea never tasted so good or felt so welcomed.

'When I got up to let you in,  I thought it was Gee coming back, I'd double locked the door. If I'd known it was you I would have covered up' I said  ' but once you'd seen us both,  there seemed little point , besides you seem to be enjoying the view'

Meg smiled and said 'I might seem shy to you both, but I felt that thing against me when we danced last night.  It's why I took Paul home.  I needed fucking, you turned me on Mark'

My cock hardened a little more.

Meg was wearing a small white vest,  no bra as she didn't need to, some small pale yellow thin running shorts that fitted her hips and bum snugly. Her nipples were now very prominent, poking the vest forcefully, compared to when she arrived a few minutes earlier.

Helen shuffled across the bed to her left,  pulling me to indicate to make space. She lay on her right side, her left leg over mine, her smooth pussy hard up against my thigh, her left breast, exposed resting on my chest,  her head on my shoulder.  Her left hand firmly back holding my now fully hard cock.

'Take a seat Meg, here' pointing at the space to my right side Helen said.  Meg sat, her hip almost touching my leg between my hip and knee, she clutched her tea mug with both hands firmly. Emotions were running at high speed in her mind,  from the expression on her face.

Her eyes met mine, I smiled, they danced towards Helen, lowered to her large breast exposed, then down to my cock, staying there for a longer while.

' ......I dont know what to say or think'  Meg said quietly. 'It stinks of sex in here, how long were you at it for '

'All night, bar a couple of hours sleep, we had just finished when you knocked' Helen answered.  'The best fucking night of my life'

Meg shook her head in disbelief  'I was so fucking horny last night, I wanted Paul to give me the fuck of my life, instead we got back, no foreplay,  no oral, he put it in me,  came after about 10 strokes, spunked on the bed,  then fell asleep drunk and snoring. And here you were enjoying that' she complained, pointing at my now fully hard cock.  'Thats why I was so horny, after you ground that monster against me when I danced with you ' looking into my eyes as she spoke.

Helen reached across to grab Meg's right hand, pulling it and putting it on my cock.

', I can't......I mustn't' Meg protested, but didn't actually move her hand. I looked into her eyes and put my hand on hers, helping her to slide it gently up and down, wrapping her small fingers around my girth.

'Fucking gorgeous isn't it ' Helen asked. Meg just nodded, her eyes still locked together.

I moved my other hand to Megs thigh, rubbing it, gripping it. Meg sighed and smiled, Helen watched also smiling at us both.

My hand slide under leg of her shorts, my forefinger reaching her knickers. Sensing no push back, and feeling her take control of wanking my cock, I curled my finger under her knickers, to tease her damp lips, feeling the trimmed downy pubes. I pushed two fingers into her willing pussy. Her eyes closed, she was sighing quietly, purring.

Suddenly, Meg let go of me, and pushed me out of her pussy , sitting up quickly.

'I want this Mark, I want to feel what Helen had, but I can't now, it wouldn't be right....not just now. But we will........we will' she said trying to reasure herself as much as anything. As she stood, we heard talking and footsteps.

'Get up you dirty buggers, were back' Gee and Helen came in to the caravan, seeing Helen and me still naked, me with a half erection, and Meg looking bewildered. The mood now totally changed, Helen and I got up, dressed, showered before getting ready to catch up on sleep on the beach.

In the next part, initally back on the beach, we share and swap stories from the night before among ourselves. Spend time oiling and massaging other partners before returning, some more shower fun and Gee and I get the chance of 'reclaim sex'

Written by sandm2006

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