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French Beaches from the Past Pt 3, Chapter 4

"Things hot up with a full swap"

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This part follows on from part 3, published on 5th Feb, so worth reading the earlier parts if this is your first time to this part 3 of my French beach stories. . All characters are real, location real, events real but names changed.

'Now where were we?' I asked, walking back to the bed. Helen was laying on her back, up on her elbows, knees up and legs apart, her wet pussy lips glistening in the dimmed light, inviting me in to her shaved smooth honeypot.

'I think you were about to fuck me all night long, at least you better be'

I lowered my face between her legs,  pushing her knees further apart.  My tongue tasting her hot musky wetness, an evening of sweat,  and pussy juices from the passion and expectation of what was to come, hit my senses.  It wasn't unpleasant,  a strong taste of a horny woman, sexually excited, and who needed pleasing.

My tongue touched and played with her clitoris, as I inserted two fingers in her wet pussy,  my index and fore fingers curled upwards inside the front of her vagina, finding that special spot.  She gasped loudly as I tweaked her clit with my lips, giving it a small suck,  teasing  and pulling it with my mouth  Her juices continued to flood,  her moans and groans increasing.  My fingers worked in and out,  twisting,  reaching upwards, working in unison with my tongue.  Her hands were on the back of my head,  pulling me into her pussy harder.

Her moans and groans turned into 'Oh God' and 'Fuck' at regular intervals getting louder and more forceful.  She was moving her hips up and down,  trying to fuck my face with her pussy, her juices flowing more freely.  Suddenly, she jerked upright, said 'Stop' before squirting me with huge gush of pussy juice, hitting my face and hands,  soaking the bed sheet. 'Fuck fuck fuck' she shouted.

Dropping onto her back again  'Carry on, make me cum again' she urged me

I continued with tongue and fingers,  everything soaking wet, for another couple of minutes for her to have another orgasmic gushing squirt on my face.  I stopped as she struggled to breathe in enough air,  her chest rising and falling rapidly. , wiping her excessive juices that had splashed on my face.

As she started to come down from her high,  I shuffled up the bed,  inserted my soaking fingers into her mouth,  before kissing her deeply, her pussy juices being our combined oral prize.

'Fucking hell, that was awesome.  Where did you learn that?  Chris has never made me squirt even once,  let alone twice.  Fuck,  fuck, I hope you give me some more of that' Helen said, breathlessly.

'The night is quite young ' observing the clock showing only just past midnight

We both sat up, took a few mouthfuls of drink,  my arm round her shoulder,  my hand draped down on her big breast,  fingering her erect nipple. Her right hand was wrapped round my fully hard cock,  gently squeezing it.

'Mmmm, that cock feels fantastic Mark, about the same length as Chris but definitely fatter'

Helen shuffled down the bed and started to gently suck as the top of my cock head,  bursting with pressure. I felt certain that Helen was going get a massive load of cum,  I was so pent up with sexual tension and anticipation.  She played with my balls, fingered my bum hole as she slowly eased her mouth further and further down my cock.

I gave her encouraging noises, showing my appreciation of her amazing cock sucking skills. She finally got it all the way into her willing mouth,  my balls to her chin,  gagging noisily but she stayed with it,  bobbing her head up and down.  She slowly eased off my cock,  wanking me with her hand,  moving her mouth to my bum and rimming me, trying to fuck me with her tongue.

I was getting close to cumming, as she continued to wank me.

'Im gonna cum soon Helen'

She moved back and sucked me rapidly.

'Oh fuck, here it comes.  Fuck, fuck oh my god'

She kept going as I spurted six thick ropes of cum down her throat,  my cock pulsing in her mouth. She stayed latched on hard until I slumped down, exhausted, breathing rapidly.

She moved up to my face,  we kissed once more,  as she passed some of my cum back into my mouth.

Little was said in the immediate aftermath,  as we recovered our breath. We held each other,  cuddled passionately and gently kissed.

We sat up, had some drinks and looked at the soaking carnage that was the bed. They had been clean sheets that day too.

'Shower?' I asked

'I think so,  let's clean up and then we can fuck properly' Helen responded.

We just wrapped ourselves in clean towels, slipped on our sliders, and went to the shower block.

We washed each other clean,  paying particular attention to tits, pussy, cock and bums,  while kissing throughout.

Returning to the caravan, we threw the towels on the floor,  jumping on the bed,  Helen got on all fours,  stuck her arse in the air, spreading her cheeks and told to fuck her as hard as possible.

'Dont make love,  just fuck me, bang the shit out of me Mark, stick that big fucking cock in my wet cunt'

I hadn't heard Helen use this word before and in this context it seemed so horny. My cock was fully hard,  Helen was soaking so I slid the full length in her willing pussy, all the way,  balls deep on first penetration

'Ughh, fuck that feels so good. God you stretch my cunt'

I held her hips as I started to ram her hard and fast , gripping her as I pulled and pushed, my balls banging, our flesh slapping loudly as it smashed together at the end of each thrust,  my cock head bottoming out in her.

She moaned loudly with each thrust,  encouraging to keep fucking her hard.

'That's it,  you dirty bastard,  keep fucking my wet cunt, it feels fucking amazing.  Don't  stop, don't fucking stop'

I reached under to feel her big swinging tits, moving wildly as we fucked. The sensations turning me on still further.  Our pace continued,  the sweat was building on both of us,  and our well tanned skin glowed in the low light.  It was such a horny vision that still arouses me when I think back to that time.

Her big arse looked amazing, a split perfect peach. I slapped her right cheek hard twice.

'Ouch, fucks sake... that hurt'  She cried out before following up with 'Do it again,  you fucker, I love it '

I smacked her left cheek this time, slightly harder. 'Fuck, fuck ' she cried out again

The reddened hand prints starting to show,  I rubbed my hands more gently over her cheeks to soothe them.

I could feel my cock getting wetter as her juices flowed freely again,  I reached under to make my fingers wet so I could tease her puckered little bum hole, as it was stretched wide just in perfect reach.

I worked my soaking finger around it,  easing it inwards slowly

'Oh god, fuck fuck FUCKKKK!!' she cried out.  Helen's bumhole was very tight and I decided that lube would really be needed. I got off her, grabbed some  baby oil from the beach bag before resuming fucking her wet pussy. An oiled finger penetrated her tight hole, feeling my cock pounding her again,  through the thin membrane

Helens moans increased again, as my finger fucked her bum hole,  and my cock filled her pussy

'You are gonna make me cum again you fucker....fuck fuck, oh god, fuck , FUCKKKK! she cried out loudly before collapsing on to the bed, me crashing down on top of her, my hard cock still inside her, just about.

She was wimpering, almost sobbing, breathing heavily.  I just rested gently on her, holding my weight off her, nuzzling her neck and giving her gentle kisses  on her glowing soft skin. I rolled off her so she could turn over and be more comfortable.  On her back now, still panting, I cuddled into her side, our faces came together and we kissed passionately once more.

She held and slowly wanked my cock,  recovering her breath before getting astride me, sitting down on my cock,  burying it deep in her juicy wet pussy

'Now fill me up Mark, fill my cunt with your cum', her eyes locked with mine.

She bounced up and down as hard as she could,  as I felt the inevitable rising from my balls.

My breathing and heart rate gathered pace. 'Oh fuck, fuck you are gonna get it Helen, I'm cumming, Fuck fuck, ugghh, ugghh, fuck fuck' I shouted as my cum shot out of my cock,  deep into her pussy

She kept bouncing and riding me,  her big tits swinging wildly until I could give no more.
I pulled her down on to me,  her tits on my chest,  my arms round her,  kissing her again

'Fucking Hell Helen, that was an amazing fuck.  How your pussy kept squeezing me and milking my cock was sensational.  Never felt it like that before.'

'You liked that? '

'No,  I fucking loved it'

We wiped ourselves with our still damp towels to remove the sweat, pussy juice and cum that had liberally found its way over various parts of our bodies.

We lay back and closed our eyes,  cuddling, exhausted, exhiliarated, fulfilled...... and totally fucked,  drifted off to sleep on top of the bed,  both naked.

I have written a bit more than I thought I would with this 3rd story so I will stop it here., There are still at least another 3 or 4 chapters to go. In the next part,  we have some early morning 'waking' sex,  a big surprise happened, and then Gee and Chris returned to join us for breakfast. Keep hanging on for the ride.

Written by sandm2006

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