Written by anon e mouse

7 Jun 2013

This is a first time story, and %100 true, so please don't be too critical


Hadn't played for 5 weeks and was horny, so on another website saw some couples were going to the club (abfabs) on fri and looking for blokes. Messaged them and one said that they were going so I figured what the hell and decided to go.


So got there around 10, feeling more nervous than I had been in ages. Unfortunately had to drive there and back so only had two beers with me. So dutch courage wouldn't be on my side tonight. Signed and put one beer in the fridge provided and opened the other. Was standing around trying not to look so scared, after about five minutes had a chat with a guy named Kev. We chatted about swinging stuff, the club and the outfits on display. Then I saw the fem from the couple who'd got back to me, she walked by and I got her attention and asked if she was who I thought she was. She said yeah and said she recognised me, we had a nice chat and she said she'd catch up with me and her huby would be there too. Went back to chatting to kev, and after another ten minutes of chatting and perving at the ladies in scandalous outfits the fem and her hubby walked by. By the way her outfit was very scandalous, small black panties small net top barely containing her 'f' boobs, fake but very nice and squishy. After chatting for a bit, she asked me if I fancied some fun so we all went off to a priv room, porn on a telly, big double bed and a lock on the door. Hubby watched while I started playing with his mrs tits, which I sucked and licked, then she unzipped my trousers and slid them down with my boxers. she then started sucking my cock, sucking on it hard. I then sat on the edge of the bed and leant back while she took me in her mouth. After that put on the condom they gave me, while she spread her legs and I fucked her. Nice and slow at first, was looking into her pretty face while she squirmed under me, while she said how she loved my curvy cock. fucked for a while then when she leaned up and I saw her boobs press out while I fucked her, she pulled me in deep the end of my cock getting squeezed, me warning id come if she kept that up, so she pulled me in closer and rocked while I filled the condom in her pussy.

then I watched hubby fuck her while she sucked my softening cock and he came on her pubic mound. We chatted for a little while and said I'd keep an eye out, as it turned out didn't play with her again but did get to watch her fuck two huge black guys from behind some two way glass.

After that I wondered around sometimes bumping into kev, and just chatting about what we'd been upto. After a while I wondered down to the dungeon/barn and was having a perve of some people.Got chatting with a woman who'd just finished fucking some guys while bent over a table in the middle of the hall. She only had on some stockings, garter belt and panties (well sometime) Started chatting and she was taking a break before playing again. but did get a snog, a grope of her arse and a promise for later. After about twenty minutes I wanted to make good on that promise so had a look for her and found her and her hubby in the lounge room. A softly lit room with sofas around the sides and a few round ones in the middle. She was sat down hubby on one side another two guys on the other, so I sat down on the opposite sofa. After five minutes of filthy chat we hubby started sucking a tit and told us to have fun with her. One guy sucked the other tit and the other went down on her. Hubby moved over and offered me her tit. So she was laying back on the couch a stranger eating her and two others sucking on her tits. She then reached down with her hands to rub me and the other guy sucking on her, and I unzipped my trousers and let her reach in. After some stroking she broke the bad news, I was too big! She said I'd make her too sore, but she did suck my cock while I watched a smaller guy fuck her. I wanted to save my load so let her suck me hard and said goodbye.

After that I went back to the dungeon/barn and saw a few guys walking in and out the dark room. Basically a room with no lighting and sofas lining the room. walked in and in darkness could just see a woman riding one guy on the sofa, sucking another and hubby egging her on. In the darker corner I heard fucking noises and when my eyes adjusted could see a group of guys taking a go on a woman. she was bent over while sucking dick, and guys were slipping on a condom fucking her and walking off. So long story short, I got in the line! When it got to my turn was still horny from my bj, so slipped on the condom and fucked her hard. It was a selfish fuck, I just needed to get off, so I came peeled of the condom and threw it on the bin on my way out. By that time someone else had already taken my place.

A little while later I was walking around halfway through my second beer just perving some of the outfits and performances. I saw kev from early and he was sitting on a couch between a pretty woman and another single guy. She was in her early twenties in skimpy panties and bra, short brown hair and big brown eyes. there was an older man standing next to them, also in the conversation. Around late 40s to 50 it turned out he was her boyfriend. I was feeling in need of a chat so I sat next to them and joined in the conversation. somehow the conversation turned to my recent circumcision and she seemed to take a bit of interest in what my cock looked like. As we were chatting a very drunk lady in a basque and panties asked if anyone was going down to the dungeon. In fact she really wanted the girl we were chatting to go down, but I think she was being polite in front of us single guys. However the girl with us said yes so we all decided to wonder down.

We walked down to the dungeon and at the end we walked down to the room with a big double bed surrounded by bars that can be entered by a locked door Basically a bed in a cage. the room has no door so anyone can see inside the cage. As I approached the cage fem went to get inside and so did the guy I'd be chatting to, Kev. Unfortunately the bf stopped him so I figured it was going to only be her in the cage with the bf. Still watching her play would still be good. The boyfriend then said 'she doesn't want you, she wants your mate' (aka me!!) I was feeling guilty about Kev missing out and did ask if that's what she wanted, and the boyfriend said yep. I felt bad but decided there's no way I could miss out on this, so got in the cage. on our knees on the bed me and the fem started to play, while bf watched. We kissed fondled and started to undress each other. She made a nice 'mmm' noise when she rubbed her hands over my stomach. I took her undies off and licked her pussy until she was nice and horny. then I stood up and held out my erect cock and she took me in her mouth. looking out I could see a load of guys and some ladies crowding around the outside of the cage watching us perform. When I was ready I pulled out of her mouth and laid back on the bed. I knelt down and entered her. Fucking her softly then at her urging hard and fast, making slapping noise every time or groins met. During this a woman in a towel reached through the bars and started playing with the fems nipples but she didn't like it. Then the woman started playing with mine. After that the fem said she was getting too sore so she asked me to pull out and she sucked me for a little while (commenting on the latex taste ;) ) and asked me to cum on her tits, so I obliged. Putting on the show had made me feel like a pornstar but now the crowd was dispersing

At that time it was half two. The club was closing at three and was emptying out. I went down to the porn cinema and saw the towel lady who'd enjoyed playing with my nipples. She was another guy while hubby went down on her. I sat near got my cock out and caught her eye. I then proceeded to return what she did to me earlier so started playing with her tits. the new all moved over to a large flat cushioned sofa at the back of the room. She got on her knees and was sucking hubby while another guy was licking her pussy. I ws playing with her dangling tits, sucking and fondling them. then she pulls out my cock and starts sucking me and hubby at the same time. She was energetically gobbling both of us while the other guy fucked her hard until he came. then hubby moved her around so she was facing away from him and I moved to her face, so I could enjoy the soul attention of her mouth. Hubby pounded her hard and then she asked me to cum on her tits. I had wanted to fuck her but it was getting late so I obliged her and came all over her pert tits. zipping up and leaving as someone else joined them.

After that I tidied up, collected my stuff from reception and went home. Was still horny when I got back over the evenings events that I had another wank lol