Written by Boxershortboy

6 Jun 2008

Ive been married to my mrs for over 5 years now and always had a very good sex life. She is a little younger than me and always horny. We both work away from home, so usually spend all weekend screwing like mad. A couple of weeks ago we had friends coming round, she text as she was driving home telling me she would be home at about 5.45pm and to have a hard cock ready for her when she got in. As she came in the house, i could already smell her hot wet cunt, she just stood in the living room, lifted her leg on the top of the sofa arm and let me eat her hot wet cunt out til she came all over my willing mouth. by this time she could see the size of my 7\" hard on in my jeans and after cumming a second time told me to fuck her hard and fast. I just stood up after licking all the cum off my lips, dropped my jeans and slammed it in her fast and hard, she really likes hard and filthy sex. I was banging her hard from behind, when i heard the front door open and our friends shout \"hello\", my mrs was screaming as I was banging her and shouted for more, as i had a shirt on and my jeans around my ankles i just carried on as Pete and his mrs came in the living room. They looked a little shy at first but it didnt take long for pete to get a boner. They went upstairs and within a couple of minutes we heard them screwing. That really turned us both on and my mrs screamed so loud as i shot my load into her, we made our way upstairs to get showered and changed and saw them in the spare room with pete on top of his mrs banging her for all he was worth. My mrs\' eyes lit up when she saw him naked, and i thought that she would\'nt say no to a taste of that.

I was watching as he fucked claire so hard, watching her nice firm tits as he slammed his cock inside her, she looked hot. We had a shower heard her shout for him to cum all over her. They had a shower and joined us shortly afterwards as I was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Claire said it was a nice surprise to see us screwing as they arrived and she felt so relaxed after getting a good hard seeing to herself. Pete and I carried on cooking the dinner. About 10 minutes later after a beer i went into the living room to find the girls watching some of our porn, and thought i couldnt wait to get inside my mrs again. We all had dinner, a few drinks and a good evening.

I went to bed at about 1am, and was woken at about 1.40 with my hard cock being sucked my the mrs, within a could of minutes she had her shaved wet cunt on my face and was moaning loudly as i licked her out to another couple of noisy steamy orgasms. This time i led her on her side and entered her from behind, she loves being fucked really hard, loves the sound of my cock and balls slamming against her, and she cant keep quite at all. After another hot session and after shooting a load inside her i fell asleep. I am usually a heavy sleeper and nothing wakes me up, but i woke up feeling a slight movement. I lifted my head up off the pillow and looked around to see Pete stood there stark naked with my mrs sucking him off with her hands grabbing his tite ass. Pete looked a little worried to see me wake up so I went for her pussy and fingered her til she was soaking again as she devoured his hard cock, I got out of the bed as she was cumming and at the same time watched him lie her down on her back, open her legs and ram his hardon straight inside her. I stood there for a few seconds as he banged her almost as hard as I do. i couldnt wait to get my tongue between Claire\'s smooth cunt and found her fast asleep in their bed. I got in the bed slowly and began eating her gorgeous cunt, she was hot and very wet and when she realised it was me eating her out came all over my face. In the background we could hear her husband and my mrs fucking and told me to do her like i did my mrs earlier that night. I didnt need a second invitation to get inside that amazing cunt of hers and slammed my rock hard cock straight inside her. She was an amazing fuck, we were all over the bed screwing in many different positions. At one point i was fucking her doggy style and knew i was about to cum as the bedroom door opened. Pete and my mrs were stood there completely naked watching me fuck claire, Pete was sliding two of his fingers in and out of my mrs\' pussy. s i began to see her thighs wet with another load of her cum mixed with his I shot my load hard and deep inside Claire.

We all ended up sleeping til late that saturday morning, but had another session later that day. Il tell you about that some other time.

Take care. xx