Written by Johnboy

22 May 2012

This happened a couple of weeks ago when my wife went on a hen weekend with her sisters.

Phill my mate had asked me if i could give him a lift to watch the Ospreys v Munster and fetch him later so he could have a drink.I called down a bit early knocked the back door and went in,there greeting me on her knees her arse facing me was deb his wife.She had a short skirt with leggings underneath,so i went over and placed my hands on her lovely arse to give it a good feel,ever the opportunist she said ,i know you like it i told her to which she stood up and gave me a long kiss.Just to let you know we the four of us have been swinging for at least 12years and are just turned 50.

Going to be a long wkend on your own due to the hen wkend she said,my balls going to be so full by Sunday night i joked ,with that Phill came down stairs and said ready then,so we left.

Just after i dropped him at the match i had a text,so pulled over to read it.It was from Deb saying to call back for a drink untill i had to pick Phill up again,to which i replied ok see you in 1o mins.I pulled into the drive knocked the door and went in.There bent over the breakfast bar dressed in black seamed stockings high heels,and a black&red basque showing her lovely naked arse was Deb.I went over and run my hands over her arse before i knelt down and started to kiss her cheeks,to which she parted her legs -slightly.I started to run my hands over her thighs working my way to her fanny,my fingers lightly spreading her smooth soaking cunt lips,fuck she said i need to feel your cock and your big hanging balls.I stood up and she turned arround put her hands arround me and started kissing while her hand moved down and started rubbing my hard cock.I stripped off then she knelt down and with one hand she got hold of my hanging balls and started to pull and squeeze them which i love,with the other started to wank my cock while sucking it.I had hold of her head slowly pulling it up and down as she sucked my cock.

She then stood up and said i need your cock in me i want to feel those big hanging balls slapping my arse as you fuck me.She lay down on the sofa and spread her legs wide,before i fuck you i'm going to lick your soaking fanny,as i started kissing the inside of her thighs working my way up my tongue parting her soaking cunt lips.My hands were playing with her tits and those very erect nipples as i licked her cunt sucking on her clitoris she gripped my hesd pulling it into her cunt as she started to shake and scream her cunt getting wetter as she had her first orgasm.Fuck me now i want your spunk in me,i got on top between her thighs and started to play with her cunt with my cock slowly parting her cunt lips rubbing her clit teasing her as i love doing.She pulled me to her and kissed me telling me to fuck her now,i could'nt hold back any longer and slid my cock in her soaking cunt.She gripped her stocking legs arround me as i fucked her my balls slapping on her arse spunk in me i need your spunk now.I could'nt hold back anylonger and with a couple of deep thrusts started to fill her wet cunt with my spunk, i could feel her cunt squeezing every last drop of spunk from my cock.We lay there my cock still in her as we kissed, her cunt still squeezing my softning cock,she said all the times we've fucked each other as a foresum we never kissed each other like that our fucking was so intense.I slowly pulled my cock out and took it to her mouth for her to suck the spunk off it,then we kissed again i could taste my spunk on her lips,her legs still open she started to rub my spunk on her cunt lips,it was only then i noticed the time ,shit i had to pick Phill up,kissed her again saying how much i enjoyed,likewise she said,got dressed and as i was leaving looked back at her she still had her legs spread wide.

What happened next! more to follow.