Written by Tommy

27 Apr 2007

i told last week of how my friend was about to take my partner who was dressed as a secretary - please read first part.

having 'delivered' Rach upstairs i went back downstairs to the living room. our front room is directly underneath the bedroom and i could hear the creaking of the bed and matress as their bodies rolled around on it...my god i was so hard.

She later told me that after the door was closed to me(i had been told i couldn't be present)my friend joined her on the bed. he asked if she was still ok to go ahead and she nodded that she was. he leaned forward to kiss her and she met him halfway. their tongues probed each others mouths as they both began to come to terms with what was about to happen. his hands then moved from around her neck and went straight to her large boobs sticking out of her blouse. he squeezed them gently but firmly and opened his palms and began to trace circles around each one. she told me at that point she felt the first trickle from her pussy, it wasn't an orgasm but an indication of how turned on she was getting. all the time their lips were still locked together as he continued to explore her tits. she then pushed his hands aside and began to unbutton her blouse and when the last button was opened she took his hands and put them on her shoulders to get him to slide the blouse off her leaving her in just her bra. he stirred at her huge boobs and told her to unclip her bra - after all she was the secretary and he was the boss so she must do as she was told. this she did and her breasts popped into view and for the first time he got to see them properly. i had always told them they were special and now he was seeing for himself. being so big they did flop down a bit but undeterred he was straight down on them sucking one in his mouth and tweaking the other with his thumb and forefinger. she let off moans of pleasure, she was happy with the way things were going and she now decided to respond. as stated in Part 1 he was just in his boxers and she slowly reached down to feel him thru his shorts. she said it was really long and VERY thick. she slipped her hand inside the band and slowly managed to slide them down over his arse and to his knees. his cock was now proudly stood to attention in front of her. he pulled up from her boobies and said to her' you know what i want, do you remember?'(see Part 1) she nodded and leaned forward, opening her mouth and sliding her lips down his shaft. she could not go all the way down as he was too long and doesn't like deepthroat but she then began to wank his cock with her mouth, she got faster and faster and all the time he was moaning small groans of delight as she seemed to be hitting the spot. she stopped as she didn't want his cum in her mouth and she asked him if he was ready to fuck her. she said she felt his cock stiffen up even more on hearing those words and he said he was ready. he asked if a condom was necessary but she said no he could cum inside her if thats what he wanted - the only place out of bounds was her mouth.

he lay on his back and she pulled her knickers to one side lined his cock up with her entrance and slid down onto him. as he hadn't entered her with his fingers or tongue it was a little dry and this meant she felt everything as she slid onto him for that first timr. she let out a little scream, a mixture of pain and desire and within seconds she had become accustomed to this bigger than normal cock inside her and she began to slide her now soaking pussy up and down his shaft. he was telling her how good she was and that she would get a bonus for her services, she asked what that would be but he said it wasn't her place to ask. at this point he told her that he wanted to be on top so he could fuck her properly, the way wanted to. they swapped positions, his cock slid into her with no resistance at all and he pumped at her furiously whilst at the same time keeping up a steady rhythm she was moaning loudly now(i could hear this downstairs) and the bed rocked louder as he continued to fuck her vigorously. he then asked her 'where do you want my cum? i gonna explode any minute'.

'inside me, just fill me' was her reply and a second or two later he screamed as his balls swelled and he fired into her. she said it felt like he would never stop and as he withdrew he was still firing off the odd blast and one of these landed on her skirt which was still in place around her waist. she pulled her knicks back to their rightful position and they just lay together kissing while getting their breath back.

'shall i send for Tommy?' he asked her to which she nodded.

i was downstairs and nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone bleeped - the message simply said 'all done, you can come up'. it came from his phone. whilst downstairs i had wanked and cum at least three times in the hour or so they were gone but i was still rock hard as i climbed the stairs to our bedroom. i arrived outside and knocked on the door and as i did the door opened and out they both walked. he was still naked and his cock was now limp but in the light i could see her wetness around him and she was now dressed, just the way i had left her but now with a really noticeable cum stain on her skirt. he said he was off for a cig and would leave us to talk.

we went down stairs and discussed everything. she said it had been fun but not as intimate as it was with me but as far as pure sex went it was great. i asked if i could look at her pussy. she said yes but not to touch it as it was sore and wet. she pulled her knicks to one side. they were soaking with his/her cum and her lips were really red and swollen. i kissed her and told her it was the horniest thing i had seen in a long time. the bonus he promised came on another visit.