Written by A soldiers tale

22 Jun 2007

I am a serving soldier currently posted in Germany. About three months ago, I went out for a glass or three of German ale. It was mid week, so things were fairly quiet. I got chatting to a local couple and between us we had a good laugh.

Petra was 38 and her hubby Stephan was 42. Petra was just my type, big tits and a nice round arse, although I didn't think for a moment that anything would happen (I am not that lucky) One thing led to another and I was invited back to theirs for a night cap and as it was on the way back to camp, why not. Besides I was flirting like a mad thing and Petra was loving it. Her old man seemed to be taking it all in his stride and to be honest he was a bit of a fanny.

My years of hard soldier living was paying off and as the Jagermeister flowed, Steph was getting as pissed as a rat and I was fine. At about 0200 hrs, Steph went for a piss and no sooner had he left the room, Petra grabbed me and rammed her tongue down my throat and rubbed her cunt against my knee! So being a gentleman, I did the only decent thing......I pushed her against the wall and mauled her tits and arse. She obviously liked a 'bit of rough' as she was soaking wet and kept making little whimper noises. I would say that Steph was spending too much time making love to his woman and not enough hard fucking!!

This went on for about 2 mins when I broke off to see where Steph was. Couldn't well have him walking in and me having to leather the bloke for objecting to me treating his wife like a dirty slut. Just wouldn't be English!!! AS it turns out he was passed out on the bed (true to form by all accounts)

Petra tried to pull me into the guest room, begging me to fuck her quickly. I told her Bollocks to that and pushed her onto her bed next to hubby, he was out for the count. I ripped off her knickers and spread her legs, her cunt was very well maintained and as bald as a coot to boot! Don't mind if I do thinks I and rammed my tongue up her. She started to whisper urgently to me, but soon broke into German and grabbed my shaven head and pulled it into her cunny, as I licked around her clit. After about 4 mins of this, she started bucking and moaning, chewing on my fingers that were in her mouth. Her cum tasted great and I was generally feeling chuffed with myself!

I then climbed up her body, stopping to chew on her tits and without warning, thrust my hard cock into her, fuck me it was like dipping into a furness, it was that hot! Steph again was probably neglecting his duties, as I think she was expecting a cuddle or something! I then hammered my cock into her like a piston, she fucking loved it, the way she was gasping, you would have thought that she was doing the hard work! after about 10 mins of this, I felt my balls tighten, so I then whipped out my cock and pushed it into her mouth, I must have came a river cos she gagged and it poured out of her mouth and onto her tits. Fair play to the lass though, she swallowed a fair bit.

I pissed myself when I looked over at poor Steph.....he was now on his belly and hanging out of bed, snoring!! Petra seemed cured of her initial shyness as she was laying on her back, slowly stroking her cunt. Needless to say, this was the horniest situation I had ever been in and was still as hard as a rock. I started kissing her and tasted us both, not a great fan of this, but women seem to appreciate the effort. She soon responded and was soon laying on her front facing the foot of the bed and a dressing mirror. I then nudged my soggy cock against her arse. I could see the realisation hit her by the widening of her eyes. She just stared at me and didn't protest, so I fed my cock into her tight little ringpeice. I went as gently as I could as she obviously didn't get her bum invaded often, but she was obviously enjoying it......a lot! Not long after, she was bucking back to my thrusts and talking all manner of filth (most of the swear words I reognised) She told me that she was cumming and went wild, thrashing about. This pushed me right over and with a massive thrust, pumped my seed into her bum. It felt like my balls were trying to cum too and I was grunting like an animal.

I then kissed her goodnight and left her on the bed, looking rather pleased with herself................Fucking awsome!!!