Written by scubamum

26 Jul 2011

As I've said, my sexual liberation had started and i was getting more confident of my sex appeal after my meets with Ben and Jane, but lets face it a fuck once a month is not going to keep anyone happy and satisfied, I decided I needed to get laid but not close to home as I am still a 'good girl'. One spring Tuesday I got dressed in a basque, stockings and suspenders, I put on a little skirt and a see through blouse with a pair of killer heels and just drove. I drove randomly for about twenty miles till i found a quiet looking pub that was a bit run down.

I pulled over and went into the pub, I thought this is a huge mistake as there were only four people in there, one was about 60, 2 blokes throwing darts and a dirty scruffy bloke who looked like he'd just finished for the night on a building site. I bought a drink and then sat down, wondering what I should do now.

The builder type sat down on a stool facing me reading a paper, but i noticed he kept staring at my legs, I was going to cross them which is what the old prude me would have done, but I was training to be a slut so thought i'd try something different, I opened my legs and let my hand rest on the flesh at the top of my stockings. I couldn't do anything more than that as i was so nervous, but it seems to have been enough, because he walked straight over and asked if I wanted something?

I gave him my most seductive smile and said 'yeah are you the man to give it to me?' A very cheesey line, but he just said "sure, outside, round the side in 5 minutes".

I was shaking with nerves as i walked out the pub and round the side, he was standing there smoking a cigarette. As soon as i approached he grabbed me, pushed me up the wall and started kissing me while his hand roughly grabbed my right tit. His other hand undid his zip and his quiet sizeable cock emerged. he pushed my head roughly down and i started lapping on his cock. (as I've said before a job i really enjoy.)it wasn't fresh and clean cock like I'm used to. it was smelt of stale sweat but I went to town on the cock. licking it, sucking it while my hands tried to cup his balls through his jeans.

Suddenly he said ' hey love! my mate hasn't had a fuck in years, mind if he joins in?"

I thought why not as I am trying to be a proper slut. I 'd just got all of his cock in my mouth when a light flashed. then he was on the phone. I heard him say " yeah the bird from the pub, I sent you a photo come and join us you can have sloppy seconds".

When he got of the phone he pulled me to my feet turned me round and shoved me face in against the wall. the hard brick was rough on my soft skin and his rough fingers were even harder on my cunt, he rubbed my clit very hard then shoved a couple of fingers up my cunt. He then shoved his cock up my cunt and put his fingers in my mouth to lick clean.

I could hear movements to the side but I was so thouroughly enjoying this dirty stranger fuck I didn't look round. Builder guy kept telling me 'what a dirty whore i was' and 'sluts like you were made to be fucked' and that I was 'a nasty dirty bitch' I was so turned onby this name calling. he fucked me hard and fast and then came inside me with 2 grunts. He held my head against the wall and said ' my mates going to have a bash now". not the most romantic sentence I've heard but I was definitely up for it.

I felt a cock slip in not as big as the first one but definitely wide. I couldn't see him but I could smell him and he smelt of stale tabacco and whiskey. he kept apologising saying 'is this ok love?'

his mate was saying 'just fuck her she's a slut' I tried to encourage him and said "just fuck me hard will you!" he came very quickly and said "thankyou very much love I needed that"

His mate said come on the beers going flat. and they both walked off. I gave them a minute to go and then gathered up my knickers and walked to the car. the spunk started trickling down my thighs and I thought oh my God what have i done.

I've been fucked by two strangers one of whom i didn't even see his face. It was amazing, I just hope it was one of the guys playing darts and not the old man at the bar.