Written by jimbo

13 Apr 2007

This is a short account of our evening out last Saturday to a club in a well known south coast beach resort. the club is basically a naturist club with a steam room and big jaccuzzi.and upstairs there is a room showing blue movies with relaxers to lie on and watch the films. There are also some private rooms where people can go to have fun if they want some privacy. It is a really friendly place, with a nice mix of both single guys and couples. Now that vthe picture has been painted, here is the events as they unfolded. Like a lot of guys on the site, I enjoy seeing my partner, H, being pleasured by another man. She loves being fucked too, and after a few glasses of wine becomes very horny and loses her inhibitions.

We arrived at about half 10, and dis-robed in the changing area, using only the small white towel as cover as we went through to the bar area. There were a few couples and single guys sat around chatting, and all looked at H and her pert tits with long nipples. She had her towel held around her waist at this stage. We chatted to a few of these people for a few moments and then went through to the jaccuzzi area. We showered and H went to climb into the hot tub, raising her long legs over the edge, and giving all the guys in the tub a good clear view of her shaven pussy with very pronounced pssy lips hanging down. I love her showing her body off, and a couple of the guys moved round so she could sit next to them. We chatted for a while, and she made sure her nipples were just above the water line, erect and on show. I again loved seeing the guys looking at them so close.

After a short time two younger guys came into the jaccuzzi, Trevor, and as it turned out his brother in law called Nick. Haze sat next to Nick and me, and Trvor sat the other side of me. We all chatted about things in general for a while, and it turned out Nick was 24 and just getting divorced. He was quite shy, an attribute that H likes!

We then all got out and had a chat in the bar area before going up to watch some movies. We all sat on the same lounger, and H sat between the two guys. She let her towel fall exposing her nipples and pussy, and the boys had their towels covering thier cocks. Trevor told Haze that Nick had not had sex for 14 months, and that he had a huge cock. We all laughed, but I whispered to Haze to check out Trevor's claim. She smiled and put her hand under his towel and felt his cock, saying she liked what she felt. To cut things down we then went into one of the side rooms where Haze laid back and we guys all dropped our towels. She then proceeded to suck all our cocks in turn as we all grew to full stiffness in her mouth. She then carried on sucking Trevor, but turned to position her pussy in front of Nick's huge cock. He slid it into her soaking pussy while I watched and he stretched her puss with his cock. It was fantastic to see him slowly withdrawing his cock covered in her juices, and then push it back in. She was squeaking with pleasure as he fucked her like this for about ten minutes. She was taking it in turns to suck me and Trevor at the same time. She then rolled over onto her back, and we all eased our cocks into her pussy in turn, all watching eachother fuck her. we were all sweating, and Haze had about 4 orgasms while we fucked her.

She then said she wanted to taste cum, so she laid on her back, and I was the first to cum all over her long nipples, as I was so turned on. Next Trevor wanked his cock into her mouth, and we clearly saw him spurt into Haze's mouth. She swallowed every drop. Next Nick wanked his huge cock into her mouth, and spurted cum into her hair, eye and mouth. It was so horny as she then sucked my cock at the same time as Nicks, as our spunk mingled in her mouth. We then all went downstairs to shower, and Haze was joined in her shower by a guy with a massive cock. I asked her later why she didnt fuck him as well, as she seemed to be enjoying his company, but she said she was content ........she did say that there was always next time though!!!! Cant wait!