Written by Traveller

26 Mar 2019

Via my work I get to travel a lot within the UK. Mainly London, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Manchester and sometimes Newcastle.

I often post dates when I can meet in hotels (etc.) on various swinging sites, and have had the greatest success in Scotland and Newcastle.

This post concerns a really good meet I had recently in Newcastle. I had been chatting to a horny mature woman of 52 online for a while. I told her I was flying in to Newcastle the following day and staying at the nice hotel directly opposite the airport that night. She said she would come out and meet me for a drink and hopefully more.

I met her in the bar at 7.30 and we chatted for a while. She was tall for a woman, nearly as tall as me at 5’10” and I would describe her as a BBW but only just. She was blonde and well presented, nicely done hair and make-up and gorgeous red nails. She had a blouse on and I got a sight of her very ample cleavage whilst we chatted. I wanted to fuck her, and after chatting for 25 mins I told her so. Always a bit of a nerve-wracking moment as you put yourself on the line and rejection can be just around the corner.

Thankfully, she felt the same way, and actually said that she was worried I didn’t want her as she felt I was a really classy and she was concerned she wouldn’t be good enough for me. I simply leant over and kissed her, and then pulled her towards the lift. In the lift we kissed passionately and I got a good feel of her heavy bosom.

Once in the room we quickly undressed, kissing and touching each over the whole time. Her hand soon found my now very hard cock, and even though I was busily sucking away at her nipples in turn she quickly pushed me on my back and guided her sweet mouth towards my bell-end. Her oral technique was superb, a real sloppy and wet sensation that had me at my full size very quickly. After 10 or 15 minutes I returned the favour, gently licking her shaved and smooth pussy, caressing the clitoris with my tongue whilst I used a couple of fingers to pleasure her internally. She came two or three times during that period, panting heavily as each wave of orgasm hit her.

We had a short break whilst she recovered, kissing and caressing, her hand around my cock the whole time. I sensed she really enjoyed being close to me, skin to skin with the man that was about to really fuck her.

I asked her which position she favoured and the immediate answer was ‘from behind’! So I put her onto her hands and knees, and after applying a condom I gently entered her. She squealed with delight and pleasure. For the next 30 minutes I fucked her - a combination of gentle teasing strokes following by hard and merciless pounding of her sweet and increasing wet and gushing pussy. She came multiple times, and eventually asked me to stop.

After a short break we recommenced - and for another 40 minutes I pounded her feminine wetness to my full capabilities. She then told me in no uncertain terms to spit on her ass and then use it as lube to fuck her tight and juicy bumhole. I love a dirty older woman that likes an anal fuck so of course I obliged. Eventually I could take no more, and I released a stream of hot cum into the condom that was bedded deep in her ass.

We then got our breath back, cuddled kissed and snoozed together in a spoon position for a good hour before we showered and she headed back to her husband.

Since then we have sexted, had phone sex, exchanged lots of naughty pictures and arranged to spend the night together in April when I am next in the North East.

Women like her are the reason why I swing. The excitement of a casual meet, the apprehension and tension and fear of rejection. But then the utter delight, passion and release that is gained through a really good quality NSA meet. They don’t always go to plan, but when they do like they did in Newcastle, the whole experience can set you up for days.

I have other experiences in other places that I can recount if anyone is up for hearing about them?