Written by Dave and Marion

22 Oct 2008

The next day we all went to the beach at about 10.30 am and headed for the nudist area. We found a nice spot on the beach, about 20 foot from the sea, with the dunes directly behind us close to the area Colin and I had been the day before. We all stripped off. Marion and myself feeling completely at ease totally naked with Colin and June. Colin suggested we swap partners and rub sun tan lotion on each other. I at next to June and started on her back, while Colin went straight for Marion\'s front. As he gently massaged her boobs I saw his prick start to stiffen. Marion then started on his prick and balls and said\" We don\'t want your willy getting burnt now do we\". She then rubbed him to his full erection height of eight inches with one hand and used the other hand to massage his balls. June then grabbed my prick and said\" You don\'t want your burnt either\" and proceeded to wank me to my six inch erection. This was in full view of a couple lying abut 15 foot away who seemed to be enjoying the show. We then all laid out in the sun. Both June and Marion had smooth shaven pussy\'s exposed for all to see their heavenly splits. After about one hour Colin and I went into the sea for a cool off and swim. He then told me he had seen our friends from yesterday walk by about half an hour ago and go up to the top of the dunes to the clearing. We came out of the sea and told the girls we were going for a walk to dry off. We ran up the dunes to the top and went to the clearing. I was excited and had a semi hard on as we went up to the clearing. When we got there the dutch woman was on her back with her husband down between her legs licking her clit on her smooth shaved pussy. He looked up and said\" Hi, come join us for some fun\" He moved away and I immediately got down in his place and licked away at her clit and pussy. She tasted divine. Colin offered up his erect prick for to suck as he knelt by her head. She took him into her mouth and sucked away. I looked at her husband who then said\" Fuck her, but do not come in her. Come over her belly\" I wasted no time and eased my prick into her pussy and pumped away. After a couple of minutes of fucking heaven, I looked over and saw Marion and June watching us. The husband invited them over. They came over and June went to her knees and took the dutch guys 10 inch prick into her mouth and gave him a blowjob as he stood there. Marion came over to Colin and knelt in front of him and guided his prick into his mouth and sucked away. I continued pumping away in the Dutch woman and she came tightening her pussy around my prick. As she let out a moan of pleasure I could not hold back and quickly withdrew and shot my load over her stomach. Marion had fallen onto her back and told Colin to fuck her. The dutch bloke then turned June around and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Next Colin was groaning and he withdrew his prick from Marion, who shot up and quickly put her mouth over Colin\'s prick as he came into her mouth and she swallowed all his come. June was groaning away and shouting out \"Fuck me,fuck me, fuck my arse.\" The dutch man withdrew from her pussy and eased his prick into her arse hole. I moved to June\'s mouth and offered her my semi hard prick to suck which she took into her mouth and as the dutch man fucked her arse ahe moved in time sucking my prick. Colin came over and started to play with her dangling tits. I looked over and Marion and the dutch woman were in a 69 position sucking each other off.Suddenly June let a large groan as she had multiple orgasms as the dutch man came in her arse. We all then ended up in a heap. Afterwards we had a polite chit chat with the couple who were actually going home that night. We exchanged names and addresses and said we would visit each other to continue our sexual friendship. That night we all went out for a meal, the girls went commando and on the way back to the apartment we swapped partners for the night. The next day was also our last day so we decided to have go to the clearing aand play with each other and allow others just to watch and wank. Marion did let one bloke finger her to an orgasm as she wanked him. Marion has suggested that just her and me pay an early visit in April next year to start the summer of sex off for 2009. If your passing please join us at Cabopino Dunes.