Written by married to a slut

11 Sep 2012

We have been full swingers for many years so seeing my wife having sex with other men is not unusual. We are now in our 50s but she still has a lot of sex with men in their 30s and 40s with no all. She is a very classy lady always dressing very well, staying in 5 star hotels etc, a faithful and very intelligent wife, but when we are swinging she is a complete slut. We now confine our swinging mostly to European clubs where we can enjoy a nice weekend sightseeing and have lots of good fun in very classy clubs.

We enjoy one in Paris called Au10Bis and if you look at the pictures you can see how good a club it looks. People who go there usually arrive around midnight and often go for a meal first although there is an excelent buffet at the club. For this reason ladies usually are very well attired rather than wearing very revealing outfits and the club has the atmosphere of a quiet private bar and dance area. In common with all European clubs the place is fully licenced so there is a full range of drinks on offer at street prices.

We have been many times and so have many stories to relate, but the last time we went was rather nice and typical of our experiences there.

My wife is a size 10 lady with 36D tits and blonde hair - she has a pretty smile and usually easily attracts men. Being bilingual helps as she speaks fluent French, although to have fun there this is not needed as most people speak English anyway.

On this occasion she wore a nice black low cut top that revealed a cleavage and a skirt that cam to just above her knees so that when she sat men had a good view of her stockings. She wears knickers but usually removes them before going upstairs to the playrooms - she has a shaven pussy.

We arrived and sat in the lounge and a young man opposite and my wife made eye contect almost immediately although I was not aware of this. After a while she asked for another vodka and tonic and i went o the small bar to get the drink. On returnnig the young man had taken my seat and was chatting to my wife. I sat opposite on a stool and gave her the drink. She continued to chat and then got up to go to the bathroom to renmove her knickers and freshen up for sex. I asked the young man if he fancied my wife and he said he did a lot so I told him he should take her upstairs for sex.

She returned and sat next to him. As I had given permission for sex he put his arm around her and she snuggled up to him showing she wanted him or at least wanted sex with him. After finishing our drinks we all went upstairs and they got on the bed in one of the rooms while I undressed by the bed, with the intention of watching her. They undressed each other on the bed and it was lovely to see my wife's tits being put on view as he took off her top and hyen having her pussy on show as her skirt was removed. At the same time I was happy to see he had a large cock when my wife had taken it out and he as undressed. They lay back on the bed and whilst kissing slowly wanked each other off, oblivious to me. My wife thn offered her pussy for licking whilst she took his cock in her mouth. The 69 position carried on for a long time while I stood by and wanked off. Another couple came into the room and watched, assuming my wife was with this young man and I was a single male watching them.

My wife took out a condom from her handbag and put it on the cock, got on all fours and offered her pussy for fucking. The man obliged and fucked her from behind really hard, pushing her forwards on the bed. The other couple undressed and got on the bed and watched whilst wanking each other. My wife then got the man to lie down and she got on top so I had a good view of her riding him with his cock going right up her pussy.

The women from the other couple lay closer and the man fucking my wife started playing with her tits so she moved even closer. The man then got off my wife, opened the new lady's legs and put his cock up her while my wife lay open legged on the bed having a wank. The new husband put on a condom, got on top of my wife and fucked her, thinking it was her husband who was now fucking his wife.

After a while he got my wife to get on all fours and he fucked her from behind cummimg up her pussy whilst watching his own wife being fucked next to him.

Hius wife orgasmed and her lover came up her so all four then dressed again and went downstairs. I got my wife a drink and as it was about 1.30 she said she had finished for the night but would go back the following night for more sex. We sat drinking for a while and the second man who had fucked my asked her for a dance which she accepted. Thy were alone on the dance floor and as it was soft music it was not long before the dancing included a close embrace. I watched him feeling up her skirt and enjoying her wet pussy on the dsance floor while she in turn felt between them feeling his cock. After a few dances and lots of snogging they left the dancefloor and went upstairs together. As he had already fucked my wife I was happy for her to go off on her own wiht him. His wife came over and we chatted, she explaining her mistake in thinking the other man was my wife's husband and did I want to fuck her as I had missed out earlier.

We went upstairs to the same room as before to see her husband fucking my wife on the bed. We got next to them, undressed and had a lovely fuck together.

Two single men came to watch and my lover said she just wanted sex with me so they turned their attention to my wife and her lover. He had finished fucking her and he got my wofe to lie back while he straddled her tits and wanked himself off into her mouth. As her legs were open and her pussy obviously now very wet and open the two single men had no difficulty in putting fingers up her. We watched as they both put one finger up her and as she did not object they got bolder and put another up her. I got up and handed them both condoms which they took to be for her. They put them on and the first went straight up her - she was now sucking cock with the husband and being fucked by a man she had not even yet seen. Her legs were over the end of the bed so the man had good access to her pussy. The cock in her mouth spurted cum and she swallowed. He got off and his wife said she was staying to watch so he went off downstairs while his wife played with my cock, both of us watching my wife.

Now her mouth was free the other man put his cock in and she lay on her back cocksucking and a man up her cunt. After a while she turned off on all fours and offered her cunt to the one who had been in her mouthy. She sucked the one that had been up her cunt and for the next 20 minutes they took turns fucking her mouth and cunt, pulling on her tits and wanking her. I spunked in the woman's hand just watching and then she returned to her husband.

The two men got my wife to lie back while they both wanked on her face. Soon she had two more spurts of cum going in her mouth. When they had finished she went to the bathroom to freshen up and we went downstairs for a last drink before heading to our hotel.

We went back the following night and whilst we did not have sex with a couple my wife did have a small gangbang with five men fucking her. It started as two men but as one left another single man joined in - I just handed out condoms with instructions to fuck my slut. My wife just stayed on the bed taking cock up her and in her mouth with normally tow cock in her together but a period where she also ewas wanking off a cock. She had lots of orgasms and wnen the men had finiished she lay back, opened her legs, and gave everyone in the room a show of her wanking off. That night she went back to the hotel wearing her coat but nothing else which is highly unusual but the taxi driver had a good view and insisted on helping her into the taxi. As her coat was deliberately open he got a good view of her pussy and swollen nipples. She sat at the front with him and did not close her coat - after all he had picked us up outside the sex club so he knew what she had been up to (a taxi company the club often use). I sat in the back and saw him help himself to a feel between her legs. She let her coat fully open and when we reached the hotel he had a suck on her nipples and put his fingers up her - she lay back and let him. She then bent down and sucked him off while he continued to feel her. He spunked into her mouth (she already had a couple of mouthfuls from her gangbang) and told us there was no charge for the ride. She closed her coat and we went into our 5 star hotel where she showered, lay on he bed and told be to fuck her as she had just had a wonderful evening and I had only been wanking off all night. I spunked up her pussy that already had been fucked by five men, some of whom had several turns up her, and had accommodated lots of fingers, and we went to sleep, both of us very happy.

We are going again next month and I am hoping she has another gangbang - she normally only has spitroasts at that club - and that we get another free taxi ride if she is still sexed up from the club. Perhsaps she may do something even more daring, who knows - its the joy of swinging as I am married to a dedicaed swinger who constantly surprises me with what she tries next.