Written by Mark.

11 Jul 2018

My name is Mark im 46 and my wife is Debbie is 44yrs.

We resently moved to a new area in Hertfordshire

And became friendly with a local couple we met in the village pub.

Andrew and Caroline are also in there mid forties and like us don’t have kids .

One Saturday night we often met up in the local pub.

We last met a few weeks ago which was hot night and we were knocking back the drinks.

It was near closing time

and Caroline & Debbie

went outside for a cigarette!

Andrew and I remained at the bar chatting and by now we both were quite merry He surprised me by

saying the girls are certainly showing off their assets tonight !

I laughted as both women due to the hot weather were wearing low cut tops and shirts.

Andrew whispered to me

your Debbie has a great pair of tits !

I replied so has your Caroline !

Andrews wife Caroline

is a size 16 busty blond .

We both laughted Andrew said what size is Debbie’s tits and I replied 44 DD

He replied snap so is Caroline’s

We will have to persuade them to get them out for us later ?

I replied fat chance of that happening !

Andrew said you never know I got a bottle of bubbly in our fridge why don’t you come back to our place ?

Just then our wives returned and I ordered another round .

Andrew said to Caroline

I was just telling Mark about our bottle of bubbly cooling

And that they should come back with us to to share it !

Caroline said that’s a great idea and my wife Debbie replied well I never could resist bubbles.

Andrew winked at me !

We finished our drinks and headed by to their place which was only a 15 min walk.

The girls were walking ahead of us and were laughing and giggling as they too were quite tipsy!

Andrew and I were admiring their ass’s when he whispered to me had we ever tried swinging .

I said no we had thought about it but never went any further.

I said what about you and Caroline ?

Andrew said no such luck

I could never persuade Caroline .

I said god loves a trier!

We both laughted !

Andrew said I bet you fifty quid I will get both of them naket by the end of the night ?

I said you on ,fifty quid it is.

We arrived back at their house which is a modern semi and relaxed in their sitting room.

Andrew came in with the drinks and he had made champagne cocktails !

We all sat back chatting

And I noticed both women

had nearly finish their drinks !

Andrew was soon filling up everyone glasses !

My wife Debbie said to Caroline you have s lovely home and Caroline said I will show you around if you like .

The girls were gone for ages and Andrew decided to see what they were up to as we heard a lot of giggling !

He came back quite excited and said they are in our bedroom and Caroline has your missus trying out our swing .

I said you have a swing in your bedroom?

Andrew laughted and said

yes I got a sex swing on the internet Debbie loves it!

I said wow you lucky bugger!

He replied your Caroline seems pretty intrigued by it.

But first we have to get them naket and with a grin

He took a pack of playing card from the coffee table drawer and said remember our bet !

This was one bet I wouldnt have minded loosing as

I would love to see his wife naket .

Our wives returned still giggling and Andrew had

made more cocktails .

Andrew had dealt out 4 hands of cards and Caroline said what’s this !

Andrew replied I thought we could have a bit of fun with the cards like a game of strip poker .

Caroline replied in your dreams but he preservered and said it’s only a bit of harmless fun !

Debbie said I dont know any games of cards.

Andrew said don’t worry Caroline will show you she is a expert .

She give Andrew a dirty look but began to explain to Debbie how the game was played.

We all picked up our cards

and much to the girls amusement I lost and had to remove my shirt!

Andrew was next to loose his shirt and our wives were clearly beginning to enjoy the game .

Andrew lost his shoes and socks next and then his wife lost and started to remove her nylon stockings

I doing so she give us an eyeful of her lacy black knickers .

She lost again and had to take of her blouse.

She was wearing a matching half cup black lacy bra and the sight of her large breasts give me an erection!

My wife Caroline spotted it and give me a playful slap

And said down boy!

Everyone laughted

I thought I would push my luck and said to Caroline

Andrew was telling me about your swing in your bedroom?

She scowled at Andrew

and said you bastard you are not suppose to tell anyone !

Andrew replied now darling you know you love it and I seen you showing Debbie !

Both women laughted and Andrew said to me you will have to get one for Debbie mate remind me to give you the name of the website ?

Both women got a fit of giggles ,

Andrew topped up the drinks and dealt another hand .

Debbie lost and proceeded to remove her tights but toppled over and as she lay on the carpet laughing with legs apart she give everyone a eyeful if her red knickers which had clearly a damp patch .

We helped her up and and continued with the game

Soon Andrew and I were in our boxers and both women in just their bra and knickers

Andrew went to mix more cocktails .

I couldn’t keep my eyes of Caroline’s boobs

Debbie give me a playful nudge in the ribs .

Andrew returned with the drinks and dealt another hand .

Caroline lost next and as she was only in her bra and knickers the bra had to go

She stood up and flung it in the air as we cheered!

I complemented Caroline on her boobs and she smiled broadly .

Debbie nudged me and said what about mine ?

I said we’ll get them out and we can compare?

I winked at Andrew.

Without hesitation she whipped of her bra exposing her 40DD’s

I said stand up ladies and show us what you got!

Both women stood up a little unsteadily after the cocktails and paraded around showning of their lovely big boobs .

Then even went as far as to lick each other’s tits and had a snog as Andrew and I cheered!

This got Andrew very excited and he called out come on girls show us your pussies?

His wife Caroline took of her black lacy knickers and threw them in the air !

I caught them and jokingly sniffed them!

Debbie give me a disapproving look

And whipped her knickers off and threw them to Andrew.

Like me he sniffed them !

Caroline had a landing strip leading to her pussy lips where Debbie pussy was bare.

Caroline shouted come on boys let’s see what you got ?

Both of us took off our boxers

Our cocks sprang to life at the sight of the two naket women .

Caroline nudged Debbie

And said the boys look please to see us !

And they both giggled.

Andrew stroked his erection and said to his wife come over a take care of this babe !

Caroline knelt down and started to suck his cock!

I beckoned Debbie to do the same and she meekly knelt beside Caroline and sucked my cock .

After a few minutes Andrew

I tapped me on the shoulder

to change around .

Neither wife protested but

I noticed Debbie was a little hesitant to take Andrews cock in her mouth but when she saw Caroline suck mine

She followed suit.

I shouted to Caroline that I was about to cum but she

sucked even harder and squeezed my balls .

I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all !

Andrew instead spunked all over Debbie’s tits and she rubbed it in.

We helped the girl up and they headed for the shower

While Andrew and I got dressed and had a beer .

The girls were in the shower for ages and Andrew said I bet they are playing with each other ?

A few minutes later they both emerged wrapped in

A towel .

Andrew handed them a bottle of beer and said

have you dirty bitches been playing with each other in the shower?

Both women giggled and Caroline said maybe we had a bit of fun?

Debbie got dressed and we called a cab.

We said our good bye’s and as I left I handed Andrew the fifty quid for the bet and whispered I was worth every penny !

He laughted and said I’ll use it to buy more bubbly for next time .

When we got to bed Debbie and I discussed what happened and we both agreed the whole experience really turned us both on!

I teased Debbie about been Andrews whore and her Bi

fun with Caroline which she admitted make her really horny.

We fucked like a couple of teenagers .

Andrew and Caroline had gone on holiday so we didn’t see them again for several weeks .

I bumped into Andrew last week and he said he has the champagne in the fridge for our next visit and he give me the web site name for the sex swing.

I have orders the swing

And we plan to meet Andrew and Caroline in the local on Saturday night hopefully we have another fun night ?

I’ll keep you posted!