Written by Anne

8 May 2012

We’ve been to Corsica a few times on holiday with the kids, fantastic place with an added bonus for me that the French foreign legion are based there, loads of hard muscle in neat uniform, but unfortunately as a family holiday all I could do was lust and fantasize !

However, the last few years the kids have done their own thing and we have holidayed without them and last summer we returned to Corsica.

I teased hubby about all the soldiers but didn’t really expect anything to happen, however, half way through the first week during particularly drunken sex he asked if I wanted to try a legionnaire ! I played him along and he seemed to get harder as I did and I had the best orgasm of the holiday so far.

I woke early feeling particularly horny and then remembered our sex chat the night before. I woke him up with a lazy blow job then asked him if he meant what he said the night before. To my delight he did and we set about planning how it would work.

We decided that the weekend would be best and settled on Saturday afternoon. Hubby would rent a bike and go off cycling and I would go for a drink in one of the bars the Legionnaires frequent and take it from there.

Saturday morning came and I was both nervous and exited. We had a lazy morning by the pool, a light lunch then hubby went off to rent his bike and I had a long shower and got ready. I gave my pubes a trim (I’m not into shaving) and dressed in a short summer dress showing lots of cleavage, silk thong and lacy bra finished with white fuck me heels.

Hubby returned with his bike to see me off, from the outline in his cycling shorts he was almost as turned on as me !

I went into one of the bars frequented by tourists and also Legionnaires and decided to sit at the bar with my drink.

Being Saturday afternoon, the bar was quite busy and looking around, as well as the usual tourist types there were quite a few soldiers but despite their physique, most look very scary in a bar never mind my bedroom !

A couple of tourists with beer bellies approached and tried to chat me up but they had no chance. After about 10 mins, the 2 biggest and scariest soldiers got up and left and soon after, the place became more relaxed, I later found out they were the Legion military police, how hard must they be !

Soon after, 3 Legionnaires came up to the bar, they were speaking French and when one spoke to me in French, my feeble attempts to reply soon had him reverting to a strongly accented English. He was a really scary guy, the other two whilst still dangerous looking were attractive in a rugged sort of way. One spoke very little English, the other, who I had my eye one spoke accented English, it turned out a South African Afrikaans.

His name was Jannie and as we isolated ourselves from his mates, he turned out to be quite a gent and was soon charming the pants off me. However, the Legion has certain rules about fratenising with tourists in Calvi so he suggested he would leave and when I had finished my drink I should leave and meet him at the Citadel car park.

He left soon after and I had to try hard not to drain my wine and rush out. About 10 mins later, I finished my wine and walked down the hill towards the Citadel, it wasn’t just the summer heat that made me very moist between my legs.

As I approached the car park, Jannie saw me and walked towards me. He looked immaculate in his khaki uniform and the muscle within reminded me of a racehorse ! We headed to our apartment with his hard arm round my waist we chatted about everything other than what was on both our minds.

We reached the apartment and I was more than ready and ignored the looks of disbelief from the couple in the apartment next door who watched us blatantly kiss as I opened the door.

As soon as we were through the door I was all over him, kissing hard and pushing up against his firm body. He then surprised me by pushing me back and telling me to take off my dress, in my experience, blokes are usually the ones who can’t wait to un-wrap their presents ! As I pulled off my dress, he removed his tunic and shirt, carefully folding both. He then told me to take off my bra and to play with my nipples which I did. Whilst I was doing this, he carefully took off his boots, socks and trousers, carefully folding his trousers !

With us both down to our knickers, he finally came close and started to kiss me and pulled me close. The feel of his hard body against me had me gagging and I gyrated against his swelling groin for all I was worth. I could feel him hardening so I went down onto my knees and freed his cock from its confines. He was not yet fully hard so I squeezed his balls and peeled back his foreskin and started to gently wank him then took the end in my mouth and started to lick and suck him. He tasted wonderful and soon he was very hard and I sucked him greedily then ran my tongue down his length and took a ball at a time into my mouth then back to his swollen end. He was clearly enjoying this as much as I was but my pussy was screaming for action so I got back to my feet and he lowered me to the edge of the bed.

He pulled off my soaking knickers and started to brush his cock end along my pussy lips and he rubbed faster and faster which soon had me close to coming then with perfect timing slid all the way in with one lovely thrust which sent me over the edge and he continued to fuck me with deep hard thrusts as I came long and loud. As soon as I had calmed down, he flipped me over onto my hands and knees and started to fuck me from behind, slowly at first but sensing the moment started to build up speed and force and in no time I was coming again and this time he didn’t let up and one orgasm led to another until I collapsed onto the bed.

I needed a break so I rolled him onto his back and took him back in my mouth and tasted my pussy juices as I sucked and slurped him for a while. Soon after, I was ready for more and lay back. He came towards me, lifted my legs over his shoulders and slid deep inside me starting with deep slow strokes and again building me up to another rip-snorting orgasm. As I raked his back with my nails he thrust harder and faster and I felt his cock end swell as he groaned and shot his spunk deep inside me.

He slowly softened inside me and we untangled our bodies and I felt a gush of spunk pour out as his cock slipped out. He asked if he could use the shower, I declined his offer to join him as I expected hubby would want to see the evidence when he got back.

After he had showered, I just lay back watching him towel dry is muscular body and before long he was immaculate in his uniform with no outward signs of what had happened although my tingly pussy and his scratched back could tell a different story. With that, he kissed me, thanked me for a wonderful afternoon and left.

Not long after he left, hubby came back, it turned out he hadn’t cycled far and came back to the apartment gardens to wait and listen. The bulge in his cycling shorts said that he had probably heard quite a bit and as soon as he saw me lying naked with spunk all down my inner thighs he ripped off his gear and was on me in a flash. It was very intense and in no time I was coming again and he exploded inside me adding to the already spunky mess.

That night and the following morning we had less frenetic sex as I told him all about my afternoon and we both agreed it was something we would like to do again.