Written by jhorman58

23 Jun 2010

After alittle more chit chat we all decide that we would go back to the store and have a drink there and maybe start with us 2 guys giving Vickie a massage. When we walked to the front door Jim had already shut the alarm off and was standing at the door waiting for us.

He turned on one light only so it wouldn't cause any interest from the police if they drove by, but because of the street lights we didn't really need it anyway.Vickie and I followed Jim into his office where he had a bottle of wine.We all had a small drink and this is where Jim took control of the situation,which was fine by me because I could actually hear my heart I was so nervous, lol.He says to Vickie if you would like and with your husbands approval, could you go to the 2nd floor and pick out a bed? and get ready.

Vickie says to me is that OK?,and I said yes lets start!..so we watch her leave the office and walk throught the store and go upstairs.Jim says to me, are you Ok,you look nervous.I said I am but Im OK.so he gets up and says lets give her a minute and then go up.We waited and walked up stairs,with only the street lights on we can see Vickie in the middle of the store sitting on the bed but still had her clothes on.

Jim and I walk over to her and she stands up and comes to me and gives me a kiss,and says are we all ready..to which I said, yep,with that she pulls her see through top off and then lets her mini fall to the floor,standing there naked Jim says, Vickie you are HOT.I'm smiling proudly,and she says thanks and lays down.We had decided to start with a massage, Jim and I sat on both sides of the bed and we both we went for her breasts,and started just massaging them.This where I decided I wanted to start sucking her nipple,as soon as I did that,Jim says, OK..so much for the massage and he leans down and takes the other,I look up at Vickie and she has a big smile on her face.This is where I decided I want to watch not join in.I told Jim, enjoy and stood up.

As Jim is sucking her nipple his other hand went to her pussy and and she opened her legs and let his fingers slide up an down her slit.

He only sucked her nipple for a few seconds when he stood and told Vickie, take my pants off,since he had removed his shirt already.Vickie got off of the bed and undid the belt then pulled them off,she sat back down on the bed and Jim got closer to her her face as she started sucking his cock.He puts his hand on the back of her head helping her to try and take more,lol.Vickie's head went up and down and and then he says thats it,use your tongue.He started to slowly fuck her face and I remember thinking he will never get that big thing in her mouth.After a few minutes of her sucking his cock, she stopped and laid back on the bed,Jim climbed between her legs and started eating her bald pussy,it was amazing watching this,I felt alittle jealous but also turned on, but I never got a hard on,don't know why.Jim licked for a few minutes and then he climbed in between her legs and and brought his cock up to her pussy,and just rubbed it up and down, I had to walk closer to see it go in,which made me feel stupid, but as he entered her,she pushed and he got half in right away,thats how wet she was.Jim leaned forward and started pumping in to her,it only took a few seconds and he was all in,and by the look on Vickie's face she was loving it,because he was thicker and a good 3 inches longer then me,that was the real reason why we chose him,because of his big cock..Jim proceeded to fuck Vickie for a few minutes and then he rolled her over and started fucking her doggie,with every thrust he seemed to go deeper and harder.He had been fucking Vickie HARD,his balls slapping her ass, when she buried her face into the pillow and started a low growl, coming from her throat, she had her fists clenched on the sides of the bed and I new she was cumming.Jim kept on pumping and I could hear Vickie going Oh OH OH.lol.Im cumming again, and then Jim says .Fuck.Im ready,and he really starts slamming her pussy and then he yells,FUCK..and drops his head snd grabs her ass and just held on,not moving as he shot his cum into Vickie's pussy.They stayed like that for a minute and,then Jim gets off of her and this big fat soft cock plops out,bringing his cum with him,with her ass alittle in the air still, Jim says don't worry about the mess, just let it go on the bed.For what ever reason I wanted to see the cum run out so I got alittle closer and watched this thick white cum run out of her pussy on to the bed.One thing that was cool, was when Jim got off the bed, he went back to Vickie's face and put his soft wet cock near her mouth,she took ahold and sucked it for a a min and cleaned it off.It only took 20 minutes before it was over and she became a shared wife.!For the 1st time.

That was our first experince with Jim,there was one more after that and then we drifted apart.But we did see him from time to time.