Written by MoneyShot_911

23 Jul 2010

The following story was sent to me by slut in training who loves black cock and on this occasion did she get it!! This is her story of an afternoon with 2 fit black guys, enjoy.

A Short Story by Katie Kumslut

I left home at 11am and after driving to East Barnet and being dropped at the tube to meet Geoff at Kings Cross at 1, it took several changes before finally getting to Uxbridge, where Kev came to pick us up. I climbed into the back of the car, where memories were stirring of a particularly horny couple of hours spent there on a cold frosty night in a certain garden in Radlett.

Today, however, was warm and sunny and I was full of anticipation as Kev drove to the empty flat where we were going to spend the afternoon.

We got there just before 3, but I knew it would be worth the time taken to get there. I wasn’t wrong and after a quick change into skirt, heels, fishnet tights and black leather halter neck, I walked into the bedroom and was soon sandwiched between them both; Kev behind me, kissing my neck and Geoff in front of me, kissing my mouth and they both had their hands reaching up inside my skirt, which was too short and kept riding up anyway. I could feel both their fingers probing and sliding inside my pussy and I was already wet. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to gush and as I was still standing I was worried it would cover the carpet, so I moved towards the bed and sat down. They stood either side of me and I took each cock, Geoff to the left and Kev to the right and began licking and sucking them in turn and then both together; two lovely hard cocks, both for me. I felt myself getting wetter at the thought and as Geoff reached his fingers down towards my pussy, he knew what he had to do to get to me and he began ripping my tights, Kev joining in, leaving me exposed and open to their touch and whatever was coming next.

I lay flat on the bed and Kev straddled me bringing his cock up to my mouth, which I took in and sucked it, licked it, running my tongue all over it and I felt Geoff slide his cock into me. It felt so good, but even better when I sat back on Geoff and Kev slid his cock into me too. In fact, I had both of them inside me several times that afternoon…..

At some point I was turned over and could suddenly feel my Roger Rabbit being used on me, in my pussy and fingers were sliding into my arse. Could it get any better than this?

Being with these two, of course the answer is yes! I was so wet by now and had gushed at least twice, so Geoff knew he would be able to slide finger after finger into me, until finally his whole fist was inside me. I could feel my orgasm coming as I frantically rubbed my clit. I felt it wash over me, but rather than being allowed to rest for a moment, Kev held my arms down while Geoff started licking my clit which was still so sensitive from the massive orgasm I was still coming down from, my legs still shaking. It was almost unbearable, but oh so good.

It was my turn to return the favour and as Geoff lay back on the bed I licked and sucked him and felt Kev fucking me from behind, laying on top of me; I felt comfortably sandwiched between them and thought how good it would be to carry on with this all night. Suddenly, I felt Kev easing his big hard cock into my arse and he began slowly fucking me and Geoff sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy…. OMG what a lucky girl I am, all this attention …… all my favourite things in one afternoon.

It was getting late and we changed positions. I sat on Geoff’s cock, facing away from him and as I began riding him and sucking Kev’s cock as he stood on the bed beside me, I could feel Geoff was close to cuming and I rode him faster, moving my hips back and forth and side to side until he came, shooting hot cum inside my pussy. They both held my pussy open wide to see Geoff’s cream slowly dripping out.

Kev’s turn and I laid back on the bed and took his cock in my mouth, deep into my throat, making my eyes water. He pulled it out just before he came and shot cum on my face and neck.

Another great afternoon had by the A Team……mmmm now there’s a thought for another adventure …… a big van, windows blacked out, driving round the country looking for obscure places to have fun…… are you with me boys??

‘Til the next time! xx