Written by Flowerman

10 Jun 2009

Things have moved on since my first day doing the garden for Carol. On the first day I ended up having sex instead of payment for my first days work. I returned on the second day and continued to clear the garden. At about ten Carol appeared and asked me in for a cup of tea. It was over the tea and biscuits she put her proposition to me. She wanted me to be her full time handy man, Gardener and assist around the house with the clients. I asked her what she meant. She told me some clients wanted threesomes but had no one to bring, some wanted to be filmed and others just wanted to be watched or watch her being fucked. She told me she would pay me a commission every time I helped out. The first thing she wanted was one of the bedrooms turned into a dungeon, with chains, handcuffs and straps from the ceiling to tie clients up. I set about doing this task and finished it four days later. During this time Carol had gone away for a bit of sun in Spain.

She returned and on her first day back asked if I was ready for my first threesome. I told her I was. She greeted her client and we all went into the bathroom, stripped off and all entered the shower. Her client, was a male aged about 45 and already was sporting a erect prick of seven inches. We both soaped Carol down, paying special attention to her 44dd tits. She took in turn to wank both of us and after ten minutes of fun we dried each other off and went into the bedroom and got on the bed. Carol went down on his prick and sucked away. I went behind her and started to finger her pussy and massage her clit. She then turned around, got a condom from the bedside cabinet and rolled it over the blokes prick. She then started to suck my prick as he entered her from behind. He fucked her and as he did she went up and down on my prick and her big tits thrashed about. Carol stopped sucking my prick, so she could moan and groan and shout out words of encouragement to the bloke, who came in 5 minutes. Carol did not bring me off. She kissed the bloke, allowing him to finger her pussy and then he went into the bathroom to shower, dress and leave. Carol told me not to worry about coming as she wanted me to be able to stay erect for the rest of the day and next customer. We got dressed.

An hour later, another bloke arrived. He was about 60 and he just went into the bedroom, stripped off and sat on a chair in the corner of the room. Carol told me to come and sit on the bed and wait for her instructions. She then did a striptease in front of the bloke. When she was naked she rubbed his face in her tits. She then placed one foot on the arm of the chair. This placed her naked shaved pussy about 2 foot from his face. She allowed him to run his hands over her pussy and bum. I saw that he got a semi hard prick. Carol then told me to strip and lay on the bed. I stripped and lay on the bed with a semi erect prick. Carol came over and gave me a blow job. She was in a position so the bloke could see what she was doing. He then got up and walked over to the bed. Carol then straddled me and lowered her self onto my stiff member. She then went up and down on me. The old boy was playing with his prick. I was near to coming and told Carol. She got off my prick and stood by the side of the bed and proceeded to wank my prick. The old boy came and stood next to her. He started to feel her tits. Carol parted her legs and he then finger her pussy. She then gave me some slow long hand strokes and I came, shooting my spunk onto my stomach. Carol then wanked the old boy and he came in her hand. He thanked me, dressed and left.

I have continued to assist carol with about 3 clients a week. I get to fuck her and get paid. The only problem I have is explaining to my wife why I do not feel like fucking her or sometimes why I do not remove my pants as I have some marks where I have been caned. I am gently dropping hints about her entertaining men with her body and sex as she is now unemployed and I am sure Carol could find her work with her.