Written by Traveller64

24 Jul 2008

I was sent to Berlin to sort out some stock and the Germany contact from work. I always take the camper when I go over and the company petrol card. On the first night I parked in a lay by just outside Hannover, as I know this is always a good dogging spot. when I arrived there was no one there, so I parked up and made a brew and switched on the porn. About 15 mins later a Black BMW pulled up next to me and this older woman was sat crying.

I went outside on the pretext of moving the sat dish, when she looked up. In my best Germany I asked her if she was ok. No she said, she just caught her husband in a dress getting fucked.

I tried to look shocked and asked her if she wanted a coffee, she got out of her car and had the longest legs I have ever seen. After about 15 mins she asked me what I was watching, before I could stop her she switched the tv back on and looked a little shocked. I laughed and said "i't all the traveling I don't get out much".

I watched her for a few minutes then she said, I can't stand this, will you fuck me.

2 secs later I was naked and sporting a massive hard on. I spent the next 3 hours sucking, fucking and shagging the arse

off her, as payment for her husband. She gave me her knickers as a keep sake and her phone number in case I ever come to Hannover again. That I will definitely do on the return trip.

If you like this one I have loads more.