Written by aussie nudist

28 May 2010

My wife has always been a horny bitch and never able to get enough cock. When I met her she was going out with two other guys simultaneously and fucking all 3 of us. Of course at that young age I was very jealous and insisted if she was with me than it had to be just me. I managed to keep her satisfied for a few years but she was wearing me out always wanting to fuck. We were married for around 3 years before I suggested one man was not enough for her and told her she needed a boyfriend on the side. About a month later she was wanting to be fucked again and I was having trouble getting it up and she asked was I serious about her having a boyfriend. I told her so long as she was discreet. Two days later she told me a guy she worked with had asked her out and she had told him maybe. I immediately thought she,s probably fucked him already and put my hand under her skirt to feel her cunt for evidence. She said they hadn,t fucked but she had played with his cock in the storeroom. He took her to dinner and a movie and fucked her in his car on the way home. He took her out almost every Friday night for a year and brought her home with her cunt full of his spunk till my wife got pregnant and ended the affair. I,ve never been sure wether the baby was his or mine but that was the end of our playing around for about 20 years till our kids had all grown up and all bar one had left home and suddenly I found Kathy was hornier than ever. I was 50 by then and not able to keep up with her demands at all and we started again to play around. We had both become nudists and spent all our free days on the nude beach were Kathy was frequently hit on by horny naked guys. She was almost 50 herself but still had a good body and nice big shapely tits which the guys liked. I encouraged her to tease them and flash them and she happily obliged. We got talking to one guy that was hanging round Kathy all day and in the course of the conversation I mentioned I was selling my motorbike and he was interested and wanted to look at it so we gave him our address. Next day he came by to look at it and we ended up sitting on our back patio having a beer. We had just settled down when Kathy joined us wearing nothing but a singlet. I gave her a little pat on the arse and said to her where,s your panties and she just laughed and said we had all seen each other naked on the beach. She sat down in front of us and her knees were far enough apart I could clearly see her cunt and so could Phil. I could feel my cock starting to swell and could see Phil,s was as well. Kathy was well aware what she was doing and knew the effect she was having on us. After a couple of minutes she came over for a sip of my beer then bent over to give me a thank you kiss almost pushing her bare arse in Phil,s face. She told me later that Phil had run his hand over her cunt as she bent over. A couple of minutes later she did it again kissing me longer this time because I had told her get her own beer. The third time it happened I woke up what was going on. I couldn,t see but I guessed he was groping her. Phil went to take a piss and Kathy told me what was going on and said she was in the mood for some fun. Fortunately our daughter who was still living with us at that stage was away for the weekend so I said it was o.k. when Phil returned Kathy suggested we hop in the spa which we did. With the bubbles on full I couldn,t see much but I knew what was going on under the water. I hopped out to go for a piss myself and watched them kissing from the kitchen window. When I returned they were deep in conversation and Kathy told me he was concerned because he had an erection and thought I,ld be offended and I assured him it was no problem and that he should go get us another beer. “He,s got a lovely fat cock “ Kathy whispered when he was gone and I could tell she was horny. I hadn,t noticed his cock till now but I did when he returned. He stood in front of us posing and showing it off as he handed me my beer. He had about 7 inches or so but very thick. We moved out of the spa and back to our seats all of us remaining naked now. Kathy was leaning back her hands on the ground behind her and knees drawn up and wide apart blatantly displaying her cunt now and Phil couldn,t take his eyes off her and was occasionally when he thought I wasn,t looking rubbing his cock a little and showing off to Kathy. I was trying to think of a plausible reason to leave them alone so they could get on with it when the phone rang. I made out it was a friend needing a hand and said I,ld be gone for half an hour. I drove round the corner and parked the car then sneaked back for a look. Sure enough they were into it already. She was sat on the patio table and he was standing between her legs his cock up her kissing her as he fucked her. This was the first time I,ld ever watched my wife getting fucked and I loved it. I pulled my cock out and wanked as I watched and listened to my wifes moaning and begging for more. I guess that’s the reason she likes sex so much, she always cums often multiple times. After he had cum inside her she went down on him and licked his cock clean and told him how much she had needed that and enjoyed it and told him she wished my cock was as big and hard as his. I have to say he was a good 15 years younger than me and in his prime. He left soon after fucking her and went home to his own wife. I returned to find her about to get in the shower to clean up and grabbing her started rubbing her cunt feeling his hot spunk running out of her. We ended up fucking twice that night even though I had already jerked off watching them. I used to be able to do that easily when I was younger but that seemed like a long time ago