Written by KentishTwo

25 Mar 2013

Hi. We live in Medway and this time of year use quite a bit of coal,logs and kindling on our open fire. With this in mind i suggested to the Mrs that en route to the pub in Luddesdown this Sunday we should stop off ond get some extra firewood at Cobham woods.

Nothing naughty there but i did kind of wonder if she would give in to a quicky in the car afterwards.

We dressed for a typical Medway spring,coats,jeans,boots etc and set off.

When we got over there we saw there were other people parked up and plenty of dog walkers. We got a couple of large sacks out of the car and wandered in to the woods.

After about half an hour we had collected enough loose bits for kindling and chunks for me to chop up later and i said we should make a move back to the car.

By now we were both quite warm and as we headed back i couldnt resist grabbing her and giving her a kiss. This turned in to a hug then i moved her back slightly so her back was against a tree.

As we snogged she started giggling and said i was a dirty sod. She said there was no way she was putting on a performance for any of the dog walkers.

I didnt stop feeling her though and after a few minutes more i had managed to get the front of her jeans undone and my hand inside. I was just about to go further when the sound of cracking twigs and footsteps made us both jump.

See,she said. I thought that was it but a minute or so later we were fumbling about again. This time she struggled with my belt. I undid it for her and my jean front undone she held my cock.

We were rubbing and playing with each other but both wanting more.

I turned her around and she cuddled the tree.

I pulled her jeans over her peachy bum and with her knickers i pulled them midway down her thighs.

She arched slightly and my fingers found her wet silky shaven pussy.

After thrusting one then two then three fingers firmly but gently inside her for a few minutes i edged closer and pushed the head of my cock against her opening. It sank straight in and i started to fuck her. Slowly at first then faster,withdrawing fully at times then sinking deep inside her.

She was making small whimpering noises but getting louder. One hand was gripping the tree,she had reached between her legs with the other and was playing with herself and me as we fucked.

I could hear noises to my left but i really didnt care,i was too intent on making her cum and building up to cum myself.

She was gasping and groaning,she appeared to be oblivious to anything.

The cracking of twigs got nearer to the point where i couldnt not look to see who was approaching.

It was a guy with a dog and he was slowly walking straight towards us.

His dog was on one of those really long leads and had headed off more or less behind him but instead of following it he kept moving nearer to us.

He was i guess late forties like us,very tall and fairly stocky. He was smiling as he got nearer and nearer.

I said nothing,i carried on fucking her and didnt look in his direction.

She was panting and groaning,i could feel her fingers on her clit then carressing my cock as it slid in and out.

The guy was now virtually beside us but i held her arse and kept steadily fucking her.

Maybe it was nervousness or excitement but i couldnt cum,my cock was hard,she had cum once but was clearly building up for another.

She had her face against the tree and was looking away from the stranger.

As i continued to fuck her with steady strokes i watched his hand slowly reach over and softly touch her bum. He stroked it,he circled it then inch by inch he slid a finger between her arse cheeks. The very tip of his finger rested on her anus and he made small circle movements on it. I heard her groan loudly. This did it for me and i just said "Cumming". I did too. I pumped myself up inside her several times as she continued to frig herself faster and faster.

I withdrew and moved back slightly. It was then i noticed the guy had already taken out his cock and was wanking it with one hand whilst his other still rested on her arse.

She hadnt quite cum but i could see she was almost there. Her fingers were a blur as she stayed in position.

He knelt for a second and watched her working on herself.

I still wasnt really looking directly at him but i noticed him smile then stand up and move behind her,i moved to the side.

I watched his cock move between her thighs,her hand was still a blur between her legs and she was almost growling as she got nearer and nearer to cumming.

His hands where were mine were,holding her creamy bottom as he fed his very red cock towards her pussy. The front of his thighs were now almost touching the back of hers.

I couldnt look away. Would she or wouldnt she.

She shuffled and arched further for a second then his groin was against her bum and i knew his cock was hard up inside her. I saw her bottom push back and up a little as though she was fitting him fully inside her. She called out almost angrily and i moved to her head. Instead of loking annoyed she just looked desperate.

We started snogging as he fucked her. I felt her being pushed forwards with each thrust.

When we stopped kissing she gasped for air. I moved back a touch and couldnt resist the urge to peer beneath her thighs. She had stopped playing with herself and was now feeling his shaft and touching his balls as he slammed in to her.

The look on her face was one of helpless surrender.

Her mouth was wide open.

I said to her "Cum,go on cum".

Almost as if i had said it to both of them they both called out.

She was shaking and pushing back on to him and he was slamming in to her with all he had.

Moving around i watched as he pushed up in to her once more then he slid his cock free. It was still spurting and a drop or two landed on her bottom.

Around her feet were little pools of white fluid on the leaves.

She was gasping for air and shaking. She gripped the tree and i saw her hand was still between her legs. Looking beneath i saw she had replaced his cock with three of her fingers. She just had them pushed up inside her.

The guy mumbled something about amazing and said thank you then he wandered off.

Several minutes past and i was getting concerned for her. She hadnt moved.

We were there another ten minutes at least.

She asked me if he had gone,i said he had then without moving her position she started to finger fuck herself hard, I could hear her fingers squelching as she went for it.

This only lasted a minute or so then she noisily came again.

This time i had to steady her.

Her legs were buckling under her.

Eventually we were back at the car.

At times i was almost carrying her.

It took another half an hour before either of us spoke.

She asked if i was ok.

I said i was.

She asked if i still loved her.

I said more than ever.

I asked if we can collect wood more often and she said we could.

A couple of silent drinks later and we returned home where we fucked again.

This time she guided my finger to her anus. I slipped just the tip inside and it triggered her orgasm. Apparently this was something our friend had done that i had missed.

Closer now than before,its almost as if we had shared an adventure together.

One which hopefully we will repeat.