Written by Gillian&James

2 Sep 2013

“Hi! It's Gillian, the lady in un-dress that you gallantly returned to her home on Monday night, is it OK to talk?..... It is, good...... You were? Oh! I am so sorry. I should have rung earlier...... Yes, everything is fine, perfect, wonderful. I told my husband pretty much what I told you, but with explicit detail and how I had been naked when I sucked you off in the driveway, he looked so happy! It seems that the last 5 years have been totally disastrous in terms of marital communications. I told him I was a total cum slut and not a prim and proper wife as he wanted and he said that didn't want a prim and proper wife! He wanted a total cum slut! We had a very long talk that night, then I sucked his cock until it was nearly as hard as yours and let him fuck me. Poor man, he only lasted a few minutes but he really enjoyed it!”

“He said that I had short changed you and your gallantry deserved much more than a blow job and that I should ring and arrange to make it up to you as soon as possible. Is that OK?...... Oh! Good! When might you have an hour or two free?..... Tomorrow afternoon? Perfect! Can you remember where I live?........ No, I don't suppose you ever will. Lucky me! One question, would you mind if my husband stayed around or would you prefer him to go out?....... I understand that, let me ask him.”

“Darling, he says he has never fucked a woman while her husband has been around and he might not be able to perform, if he fucks up can he have a 2nd try when you are not around?”

“Hi! Yes that's fine, he is good of you to give it a try. And if you don't fuck up but fuck me then you could always have another go sometime just to check it wasn't a fluke, OK?..... Great, I know I'd like that. About 3o'clock OK for you?........ Oh! Goody, just park in the driveway and ring the doorbell, there will be no problems and thank you again for Monday. I look forward to seeing you, bye for now.”

“Malcolm, darling!” she called, “he was worried about me! Isn't that sweet? I think he and us will get on very well and he does have a very pretty cock, which is a big bonus, don't you think? He will be 3 tomorrow. What do you think I should nearly wear for him?”

“David?” Malcolm held out his hand, “I'm Malcolm, welcome.” They shook hands warmly. “Gillian will be down directly, you know what girls are! Would you prefer tea or coffee?” Malcolm led the way into the dining area of the kitchen and gestured David to take a stool at the breakfast bar.

“Coffee, please Malcolm. This is a first for me, I hope it all goes as Gillian would wish.”

Malcolm placed three small cups of coffee on the counter top and perched on a stool.

“Between you, me and the gatepost, David it's a first for me also but I have certainly enjoyed hearing of her adventures and would like to watch her enjoying herself. Are you willing to give it a try?”

“Gillian is a very beautiful woman! I promise to try my hardest,” he replied, “pun intended.” he added with a big smile.

Both the men chuckled.

Gillian, standing quietly in the doorway watching how the two men interacted, laughed aloud. She was delighted to see that David was on his feet before Malcolm, if only by a hairs breadth, Malcolm being very proper about manners. Gillian could not have asked for a better response. Absolute silence!

Again David was the faster, “Gillian, when I first saw you in that outfit you looked beautiful and now, in proper lighting, you look totally breathtaking!”

And Gillian thought 'Oh! You silver tongued smoothie, you can have me any-time you like!'

And Malcolm added, “Darling, I have never seen you wear a pair of shoes that suited the occasion more perfectly. Why not give us both a twirl?”

Gillian started to twirl, slowly then thought, 'No! I'll give them a show.' Gillian posed, showing off all her delights to the two men with relish. She bent, she twisted, she turned, she stretched up high and bent down low, holding her ankles and peering between wide parted legs. Each move displayed her to the best advantage because Gillian was only wearing red, strappy, high heeled shoes. After she took up each new pose she paused as if waiting for the click of a camera shutter or the bright white of the flash system.

Gillian realised that whilst many men had seen her naked, many times, she had only ever posed for James, now, with a completely new audience,she excelled herself. She was loving it! Each of her poses highlighted her erogenous zones in turn – her swollen pussy with pouting, wet shiny lips, her delicious arse that just loved to be stroked, kissed, spanked and fucked, her tits that enjoyed both a gentle caressing touch and a hard, painful squeeze as the man grabbed a handful. Gillian knelt on the floor, head down and bottom up, she rolled, raised one leg. She was the strip tease artist, the pole dancer, the exhibitionist! She felt the men's eyes following her every move, glued to her as she displayed and teased.

Her body pulsed with the sheer pleasure of being watched and enjoyed and she had tiny orgasms each time she took a new pose. Her pussy was now so swollen it looked as if it had just been fucked and her juices were spread across her inner thighs. She stroked herself, slipped her fingers inside then repeated the act with her other hand before offering them to her admirers. They sucked greedily and waited for more, Gillian did not disappoint.

The shutter clicked, the flash popped and Gillian knelt on the stools and lent forward across the counter top, a very inviting pose at just the correct height. David reached out to stroke Gillian's delicious ass and looked at Malcolm for permission. It was given with a slight nod of the head.

The ice had been broken, the hot waters of lust were taking full control.

David caressed the top of her crack, easing his finger down to the puckered dark rose of her anus, his tongue followed slowly.

Click! Pop! Gillian was now on the counter top, knees wide apart, pussy lips against the cold of the counter-top, arms stretched out in front. Keeping her head on the cold surface she raised her arse once more, the extra height allowing her to display and position herself perfectly for David's touch. This time he used only his tongue, working down to her anus he ran the tip over the puckered ridges and dipped it into the centre. Gillian trembled with delight. The tongue moved on, to her perineum then back and forth between labia and anus before dipping into her vagina.

Gillian sighed and without waiting for the click or pop, slowly rolled onto her back, spread her knees wide, placed a hand each side of her vulva, opening it up to display the swollen wetness within and said, “While you are down there!” God! She thought, how many times have I heard that phrase?

David didn't hesitate, starting at the inside of the left knee he licked up the squirted cum that was on her thighs. First left then right he worked his way slowly, so slowly up her thighs to her pussy where he paused. Gillian waited, Malcolm waited and David waited, until he could wait no longer then, with a sudden thrust of his head he took the engorged button of Gillian's clitoris between his lips and sucked it into his mouth. Gillian moaned, bucked, squirted and came simultaneously then again. With both hands David lifted Gillian's bottom up and pushed her pussy hard against his mouth and sucked again and again Gillian squirted, came and quivered uncontrollably. The more she shook the more he ate, and licked and kissed and pleasured.

Now he slipped two fingers into her, bending them slightly towards him he found the firm spongy place that was her G spot. He pressed and Gillian quivered. Keeping the pressure even he explored down, along the sponge, until he found the little ridge where he stopped. Now Gillian started to wriggle and squirm. His fingers moved slightly, so slightly as he removed his mouth from her clitty and replaced it with his thumb. Gillian added soft moans to her reactions. He moved his thumb against her, first clockwise then anti-clockwise, the pressure on her G spot remained constant. Gillian's movements became more energetic her moans more loud. The thumb pulled her clitty downwards as if trying to drag it out from under its hood, then around first one way then the other, a little more pressure on the G spot and Gillian's movements became quite violent, her moans were cries of pain mixed with pleasure. David continued to play, pushing the clitty head back towards the hood then drawing it out again, teasing, tantalising with touches so slight that it appeared, to Malcolm, that he was doing nothing to cause her urgent movements. Gillian now twisted, turned, bucked and shuddered across the counter-top. Her cries and moans became incoherent entreaties to the Gods and or David to stop or not stop.

Gillian grabbed David's wrist with both hands, it was impossible to tell if she was trying to force it in further or pull it out. David stopped! Gillian's body stopped thrashing about and just gently quivered, her breathing eased and the grip on David's wrist relaxed.

David squeezed! His two fingers pushed steadily against her G spot and his thumb pushed steadily down on her clitty and Gillian recommenced her frantic efforts to escape the building orgasm that was headed her way, like an out of control express train. Now she made direct calls to her God and his sweet son but gave no indication of what she wanted them to do.

David applied an infinitesimal amount of extra pressure and Gillian's express train hit her full square, her body was out of her control, She clamped her legs together in a vague attempt to stop David then harder to ensure he didn't stop and he couldn't get his fingers out if he wanted to, she thrashed about, screamed with both pleasure and pain, came, squirted such that Malcolm, standing as close as he dare, was able to catch some on his hands. Suddenly, Gillian reached up, threw an arm around David's neck and pulled herself up to him where she clung on as if drowning.

Slowly her body recovered and the urgent movements became shudders then little tremors eventually subsiding into little twitches. David flexed his fingers and Gillian shuddered again.

“No, please don't! I'm exhausted, let me recover a little first,” she begged him.

“Shall I remove them,” he suggested.

“Ummm, no, just don't move them, yet, please.” she replied.

“When she has recovered,” said Malcolm, licking his hands, “I think you should take her up to bed for a while. I'll go up and prepare it for you while she recuperates.

I am a naughty girl! A show specially for my wonderful husband.

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