Written by luckyhorny-Guy

14 Sep 2009

Well for some time now my fiance and myself have talked about our fantasies while having sex, her fantasy has always been to be fucked by 2 or 3 strangers and them to finish off by standing around her while she is on her knees and to shoot their cum over her 34dd tits.

The thought of seeing her being fucked in all holes by strangers has always turned me to be honest, I have suggested that we should go away for a weekend and try to find some guys to take back to our hotel on a number of weekends away but she has always backed out of the idea.

Well two weeks ago she went away for a friends Hen do to Majorca for 3 nights. When she came home she was as horny as hell and we ended up fucking on the kitchen floor as soon as she had step through the door. We went up stairs to shower and while in the shower she told me she had to make a confession and that she had ended up fucking someone on holiday infact she had fucked two guys and a girl who the hen worked with.

As she told me this I my dick was rock hard again instantly, she asked if I was angry. I told her she had better tell me all the details while sorting me out at the same time.

It all started on the second night in Spain when the theme of the night was naughty nurses (they had a different fancy dress theme for each night) the group of girls had got split up threw the evening in different bars and some of them had gone for a meal in a restraunt. Well Suzy (my Fiance whos 31, 5ft 5, size 12, shoulder length brown hair, 34dd tits and smooth bald pussy) had stuck to drinking with some of the girls she had only met that weekend for the first time (work mates of the hen).

By midnight Suzy had had enough drinking for one night and wanted to go back to the hotel but the girls she was sharing her room with had the swipe key and they had gone off for a meal.

Nikki one of the girls she had spent the evening with also wanted to go back to the hotel so suggested that Suzy went back to her room and then she could wait for the other girls to let her in when they get back.

When they arrived at reception a couple of lads that Nikki had been talking to by the pool earlier were sat in reception so they sat down to chat with them, the lads explained that their mate had pulled and gone of with the only room key they had taken out with them so Nikki invited them upto her room to.

On the way upto the room one lad had said that naughty nurses had been one of his fantasies and then asked the girls if the outfits made them as horny wearing them as they were making him feel.

They both agreed that they both liked the attention they got while wearing the nurses oufits although didnt feel that sexy, the dress's were the white PVC fancy dress type with fish nets, Suzy had Knee length black leather boots while Nikki had white heels on.

Once in the room Nikki fell back on the bed put her feet in the air and asked the lads to take her shoes off as they were killing her feet, whether it was the all day drinking but seemed to of forgot, 1 how short her dress was and 2 that she was wearing the tiniest of white thongs.

Tom the older of the lads (he was 22 6ft and quite well muscled) commented on how nice her ass was and could he have a better look as he only got a glimpse.

Nikki (who is 24, 5ft 1, size 8, with 32c tits) stood up pulled up her dress and bent over, Suzy said she was feeling a little uncomfortable at this point so stayed quiet as Tom reached out grabbed Nikki's ass cheek and ran his finger over her panty covered pussy.

The other lad (Paul 18 5ft 8 and a little chubby) did the same, Suzy stood up went to the bathroom and left them to it, closed the door and sat on the edge of the bath wondering what to do. She listened for a while and all seemed quiet so she opened the door. Nikki was sat on the bed with her dress around her waist and the two lads sat either side of her with slowly wanking their hard cocks.

Suzy tried to make her excuses to leave but Nikki stood up walked over to her and kissed her hard on the mouth, Suzy said she felt paralised by how horny she was feeling.

As they kissed she could see the two lads slowly wanking their now solid cocks, Toms was about 7 inches and about average girth but Pauls was about 6 inches and Suzy claims almost as thick as her wrist.

As she stood in a daze she realised that Nikki had been slowly rubbing her clit, it was the first time she had been touched by another women and had never even thought of trying her Bi side. Nikki lay her down on the bed next to Paul and Tom and unzipped her dress to reveal her natural 34dd tits Nikki sucked her nipples which Suzy loves and can almost orgasm just by having her tits played with.

Nikki then worked her way down to Suzy's soaking pants and removed them and her fish nets. She then started to work her tongue over Suzy's bald freshly waxed pussy. Suzy said it took less then 30 seconds before Nikki brought her off with her tongue, she had her eyes closed but could feel Nikki rocking back and forward as one of the lads was fucking her from behind as she continued to lick, kiss and finger her soaking pussy.

Nikki stopped and Suzy opened her eyes to see it was Tom doing her doggie, Nikki stood up and lowered her self down over Suzy's face so they were in a 69. Suzy couldnt believe what she was doing but was so horny she was willing to do anything as she started to lick Nikki's pussy Tom pushed his cock into her mouth then into Nikkis pussy and back into Suzys mouth. As Suzy is telling me this she is now pushing 2 fingers into her pussy while wanking me.

Paul is now getting his dick sucked by Nikki while she is getting fucked and licked by Suzy and Tom. After a couple of minutes Tom said to Nikki dont be greedy let Suzy have some cock.Suzy said at this point it struck home what she was doing and started to feel a little guilty as she was having our fantasy on her own but was to far in to stop.

Tom started to fuck her in the missionry position while Paul knelt by her face pushing his huge bellend into Suzy's mouth she said she could barely get her mouth around it.

Tom asked if she thought she was wet enough to take Pauls fat cock she said she told Tom she was as ready as she was ever going to be so Paul sat on the edge of the bed. Suzy said she had three attempts to get his cock in to her tight bald pussy and slowly lowered herself down inch at a time until she could feel his whole length stretching her to her limit. As she slowley moved up and down getting used to his girth she felt Tom running his finger over her ass hole. She told him that she didnt do anal but he told her she was going start doing it there and then. Suzy said that Nikki told her lean forward and relax which she tried to do as Nikki poured cold sun tan lotion down her ass crack and pushed a finger into her virgin ass hole.

Suzy said the next thing she could feel was Tom using his thumb to push his bellend into her ass it was a combination of pain and pleasure. As he inched his way in she came as the two dicks filled both her holes Nikki slipped her tongue into Suzy's mouth and kissed as she got DP'd for the first time,Before things went to far she told Tom and Paul that she wanted them to cum on her tits not in her pussy and ass.

After only a minute or two they both pulled out and Sue took her place on the floor as she did the lads let fly with two jets of hot creamy spunk which landed on her face and tits. Nikki at this point left the bed were she had been lay watching the action frigging herself and licked the spunk from Sue's face and tit, and then kissed her passing the mixture of spunk to Sues mouth and hold her there until she swallowed the lot (Suzy never swallows)

The lads said there goodbyes and left Suzy and Nikki to take a shower together before they crashed out in a bed and woke up 10 the next morning.

I only lasted long enough after she told me what happend to get her out of the shower bend her over the bath and for the first time give her 4 good pumps into her now not so virgin ass before shooting my load deep inside her.

We are off to a wedding in Edinburgh on the 26th of September and have booked a prvate apartment off princes street for the three nights we are there away from the wedding party and Suzy is more than up for try three men plus me. She wants to try older men 50+ to see how they compare to young lads! and also to try two cocks in her pussy at once. She has also said she would like to see me sucked off by another guy and to be honest Im finding the thought of it more and more horny. I will let you know how it goes I cant wait to see her full of nice hard cock!!!!!!!