Written by Frankier

11 Feb 2011

My wife and I had been out for a few drinks when she suggested we enter a porno movie shop. We entered a cubicle and started to watch the porno film and playing with each other. Then we noticed a rather large cock coming through a hole in the wall. Betsy was already horny from my ministration and grabbed it and started stroking it vigorously. When pre-cum began oozing out she went down on her knees and started sucking it. She asked me to wank it while she removed her shirt and bra. She then alternated sucking it and rubbing it on her tits. After a couple of minutes a huge load of cum erupted, most of which she caught in her mouth but quite a bit landed on her tits, with some dripping off her large nipples.

She turned to me with a smile and kissed me and pushed her tongue (and a lot of the strangers cum) into my mouth. It was salty and warm and it turned me on, so I licked the rest of the jizz off her tits. Just then another cock came through the hole, Betsey smiled at me and said now it is your turn and pushed my mouth towards the fat cock that was already dripping. I started sucking and licking it for all I was worth. It was over in about a minute as a big load almost gagged me. I then kissed Betsey and we shared the cum.

Now she wants to go dogging and watch me suck a cock or two.