Written by anonymous

28 Jun 2010

My friend from work stayed overnight with us this weekend and we had a decent friday night out, a meal and a small pub crawl ending up with us all dozing in our lounge until the early hours.

I woke up at one point and noticed his hand had strayed to my wifes thighs which had parted. She had her eyes closed as did he but his hand was clearly playing with her pussy beneath her dress.

Unfortunately i coughed and broke the moment. He stopped and slowly withdrew his hand and we all drifted back to sleep. Me and her eventually drifted off to our bedroom.

I woke up about 7.00am. It was light and i was on my own.

I crept downstairs and stopped as i heard noises.

I slowly peeped around the lounge wall from the stairwell and i saw my mrs and my mate.

She was on all fours on our couch facing away from me. She had on a tiny silky nighty but it was pulled down exposing her breasts and was pulled up exposing her pussy.

My mate was naked,knelt down behind her and was lapping at both her holes.

He then stood up and as i watched he took hold of his very erect cock and in one movement slid the whole thing right up inside her. Deep in her pussy.

She obviously loved it as she gasped and threw her head back,pushing back hard on to it.

He wasnt going to last long and he didnt. Within a few minutes he gripped her arse and with his cock rammed up to the hilt he filled her with his seed. He held her long blonde hair as he pumped his cock slowly backwards and forwards.

She turned round and lay back,opened her thighs wide and started to play with her clit. She obviously wanted more.

He got between her legs and pushed his wet semi hard cock straight back up her.

He soon built up a speed and was fucking her hard again. All the time she flicked her fingers over her clit.

She started to shake as she came,he wasnt far behind and slowed down as he pumped her full of more of his cum.

As they lay together,him still inside her they were snogging each other.

I slipped back upstairs and made some noises,waited a minute then noisily went downstairs. She had run to the bathroom and he was just dressed in his jeans reclining looking half asleep.

I said nothing but after he had left despite her initial disinterest i shagged her and she seemed very very responsive and came heavily and easily. I will invite him over again. Soon.