Written by Rochestercouple

8 Oct 2012

So many men on here wish to see their wives with other men and sadly i am no different.

We have discussed the idea many times over the 14 years we have been together but she has always said it is okay as a fantasy but she could never go through with it.

We are both late forties,i am tall,blonde,stocky reasonably attractive and keep myself in good shape. She is tall,very pale skinned with very very long straight natural blonde hair,slim,36b,shaven and slightly submissive. She probably looks late thirties.

We have been to Maspalomas twice before and like it there late autumn or early springtime.

On the other occasions nothing much happened apart from me persuading her at the end of our last holiday to venture over to the nudist side of the beach but once there she remained face down.

We managed to get there again in September for a week and the holiday went well but for most of the week there was nothing to report.

We went over to the nudist section twice and with the help of a secluded top balcony at the apartment we were getting good all over tans. (hate white bits).

The day before we were due to return home we again wandered over to the nudist section.

We lay our huge towels down towards the back of the beach as the front section was quite busy with couples and men.

Once or twice during our previous visits to the beach both of us had remarked on other people there. Nothing pervy or nasty just if a person was very attractive or stood out from the others.

Some time later we were both laid on our towels with our backs to the sun reading books when a guy wandered past us within i guess 10 feet.

He was very dark tanned,tall,dark haired,obviously worked out,attractive,very little body hair and naked apart from a wrist watch and a newspaper.

I glanced at my wife over my sunglasses and noticed her watching him.

Now on here you read stories about events and they always say the guys cock was huge or it hung down to his knees. Well this guys didnt but he did have a fairly long and i would say very thick cock. It swung about in front of him as he comically tried to avoid burning his feet on the hot sand.

In order for him to avoid getting burnt soles he was stepping on the odd tuft of grass that was sprouting nearby. This meant he came quite close to my wife and as he passed he spoke to her just to say sorry. His accent was Italian and he laughed as he spoke. She smiled back and he wandered away towards the dunes.

I moved closer to her and as i gently stroked her back i went to discuss him but she said "i know what your thinking and yes he was probably Italian which i like and yes he was gorgeous but that doesnt mean we are getting in to your fantasy threesome".

I just laughed. "Theres your Adonis" i said. She just grinned.

An hour or so later after returning with some water i asked if she wanted to join me in a wander amongst the dunes.

She giggled "i know what you want" she said.

"Ok" i said. "I want us to find a hidden spot in the dunes where i can fuck you".

With no response i sat and resumed reading my book.

About 20 minutes later however she stood up,wrapped her towel around her beneath her arms and said "come on then".

In a shot i was up and quickly wrapped everything in my towel,we then wandered towards a gap in the sandy dunes.

It wasnt easy going as for each few yards you walked you slipped back a few feet.

We noticed others laying on towels a few yards either side of where we walked but didnt see anything more than a couple kissing. I started to wonder if we were going to get arrested and that all the rumours about the dunes were just that.

A few minutes later we found a good clearing tucked behind and to one side of two grassy sandy hills. We lay our towels down and soon started kissing and cuddling.

A guy wandered over the top of one mound but after a glance he just kept going.

She wasnt that relaxed and said she didnt want an audience. This wasnt going well.

Minutes later i was playing with her pussy and slipped a finger inside her. She was very wet and was now stroking my erect cock.

She moved to one side and took my cock in to her mouth. I moved her over the top of me and started to lap at her lovely smooth pussy. As i flicked my tongue over her and inside her she was moaning,taking my cock deep into her mouth and licking me.

Within a few minutes i felt her tremble and shake as she started to cum. I continued to lick her as she gasped and came. She tasted wonderful and i kissed and licked her.

I rolled her very gently on to her towel,moved position and as she parted her thighs i slid straight inside her. She was really enjoying it,very responsive,grinding against me and panting as i fucked her deep and slowly.

We were snogging and holding each other and she was telling me to fuck her harder.

I raised myself up and started to fuck her harder. As i did so i saw the guy from the beach on top of a low nearby dune. He was laying on his side watching us and stroking a now even larger and erect cock.

I cuddled her again and kissed her. Taking a chance and hoping she wouldnt go crazy i whispered "Your Adonis is watching you" "He would love to touch you,to give you his erect cock to suck,he wants to push it deep inside you".

She was still gasping but i saw her looking at me as if to say are you fantasising or is he really here.She tensed slightly and i became unsure but she carried on.

I started to fuck her deeper and harder,i told her i loved her,i told her how lovely she was and she started to gasp and moan.

I looked up towards where the guy was and saw him walking very slowly towards us.

Panicking a little i resumed cuddling her,i kissed her deeply as i continued to fuck her,my cock was fit to burst.

As our snogging ended i started kissing her neck,my face alongside hers.

I was still sliding in and out of her as i heard footsteps on the sand near to us. I held her tight and whilst very aroused wasnt at all sure how this would go.

She had been holding my shoulders but now i felt her take her right hand away.

She was still panting but saying nothing. Had she seen him? Were her eyes shut?

My cock was harder than it had ever been.

I felt her doing something with her right hand as i continued to fuck her.

Taking a chance i slowly rose up again but stayed inside her.

The guy was now kneeling by her head virtually on top of us and as i slid my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy she was looking directly at him and holding his thick cock in her hand. She was masturbating him slowly. His cock was only seven or eight inches from her face. It looked very hard and pumped up.

She rolled her thumb over the end of it and i saw her fingertip was wet.

I found i couldnt look the guy in the eye but just kept fucking my wife.

As she wanked him this thing was getting closer and closer to her face. He reached across and carressed her breasts then his hand moved across her belly,down further and further until i saw his hand move over her mound where his fingertips touched her clit.

She groaned and we all seemed to be working together.

I saw her pull a little harder on his cock,he shuffled towards her but only slightly,her head then moved closer by a mere fraction.She flicked her tongue out of her mouth towards the head of his cock and i swear my own cock spasmed inside her as she did so. It didnt touch his cock but the gesture itself was enough.

Then i watched her open her mouth. He moved just a touch nearer and i was transfixed as i watched the large round head dissappear in to her mouth. Her lips closed around it. Her mouth was stretched taughter than all the times i had seen my cock inside it.

She was sucking and groaning as we both used her.

I wasnt going to last much longer and watching her sucking on him took me over the edge. I came deep inside her. I pumped all i had in to her then exhausted i withdrew and collapsed to one side of them on the towel,leaving her thighs gaping wide apart with him still fingering her clit and sliding his cock in to her mouth.

He drew his cock free from her mouth and stopped fingering her,she lay back gasping.

All around her mouth it appeared wet.

I saw her hand reach between her legs and she started to play with her clit,resuming where he left off. She used some of my cum as a lubricant on her fingertips.

We both watched her writhing about there for a second or two then he moved her knees and thighs further apart. Before i could ask if it was what she wanted he had his heavy cock resting against the wet parted lips of her pussy. He rubbed it up and down,over her clit and down between her arse cheeks over her anus. He rubbed the seeping fluids around the large head of his cock then i witnessed it slowly sink inch by inch in to her gaping pussy.

She grabbed my left hand and i started to wank my reviving cock with my right as he pressed the rest of this new cock inside her.

He was sunk fully inside her and fucking her as she gripped my hand hard and groaned.

He started fucking her harder,she let go of my hand and clutched the underside of her thighs that were now more or less facing upwards.

She was looking first at the different cock that was fucking her then at the face of the man who was doing it. She was flushed,shaking,panting and close to cumming.

He soon started to grunt and groan then slammed in to her once,twice,three times,four times as he filled her again. She shook and shouted loudly as she clearly came with him.

She released her grip on her thighs and as he lay with his cock still embedded inside her she pulled him forwards. They snogged and i could see her tongue flicking over his.

She shook and was still panting for air as he withdrew.

Instead of moving away however he moved back to her head where he quickly knelt and holding his cock at the base guided the purple end between her lips once more.

She has never sucked me after we have shagged and i could see she looked a little startled but opened her mouth and took his cock inside anyway.

He wanked the shaft for probably less than a minute before groaning and clearly came again. She does not swallow,never has but here she was swallowing this guys cum and letting him do whatever he wanted.

As i was wanking and watching i knew i was going to cum too.

I knelt on the opposite side of her,i moved her head towards my direction. His long thick member plopped free and i saw her mouth was full of cum. She closed her mouth for a second then opened it again and most of it had gone.

I started to cum and directed the end of my cock into her mouth. She made no move to stop me and after closing her lips around the head she sucked gently and swallowed as i spurted cum in to her. I saw he had reached down and was sliding his fingers around inside her pussy. I could hear wet squelchy noises as he felt all of her.

She sucked me dry then as my cock slid free he slid his straight back inside her mouth again. She sucked on him then licked all over the head before kissing the tip.

A strand of sperm linked her mouth to his cock.

Finally he moved aside. He kissed her on the forehead then moved back,i moved closer and we kissed. Without thought of what had just been pumping inside her mouth we started passionately snogging.

We rolled together and were still cuddling as he wandered away.

We held each other for a long while and once more i was desperate to fuck her.

I slid straight up inside her and after no more than a few thrusts i came again.

She played with her clit as i did so and seconds after i came she did too.

We made our way back to the beach where we cleaned ourselves up as best we could and got ourselves back to the hotel.

A day later we were on our way home.

We have no plans to make this a regular thing but it has taken our relationship and lovelife to new levels. We both have no regrets and both agreed maybe we would do it again one day.