Written by Jake

18 Oct 2014

After an exciting and exhausting day at the beach we decided to spend the day around the pool at our complex. We went down to the pool at midday, there were already a couple sunning themselves on the sun beds. They were younger than us, in their early thirties. We said hello to them and plonked ourselves down on two sunbeds next to them. I had already clocked that the female was topless and had a nice round firm looking breasts. Sally wasted no time in removing her bikini top. I saw that they had a cooler box and were drinking various alcoholic drinks. The female got up and said she was going to get more ice and walked into the apartment block, she had a lovely figure and had a string thong, which left little to the imagination. Her husband Ben started talking to me, his wife returned with the ice. We all introduced ourselves and started drinking with them. We all got on fine and during the afternoon I went back to our apartment to bring down some more beers and a bottle Bacardi. We continued drinking and talking. The subject of the nude beach came up and it transpired that they had been here for a week and been to the beach to get All over tans. The afternoon progressed and the drink flowed. We were all drunk. We all went for a dip in the pool. Jill, Ben’s wife was quite tipsy and dared everyone to remove their costumes. We watched as Jill threw her tiny thong onto the side. Sally then threw her thong on to the side of the pool. Then Jill and Sally got out of the pool and both stood on the side saying that we were chicken. Ben then threw his trunks onto the side, so I followed suit. We then both got out of the pool. Jill walked up to Ben and grabbed his cock and pulled him over to a sun bed. He lay on his back and she knelt between his legs and gave him a blow job. I looked up and saw a couple of guys looking from a first floor balcony overlooking the pool watching the show below. Sally and I sat naked on a sun bed next to them and watched as she licked and sucked Ben’s 7 inch erect cock. Jill stuck a hand out and got hold of Sally and pulled her over and told her to join her licking Ben’s prick. One of the blokes on the balcony shouted down “Oi darling come up here if you want a good seeing to”. Jill then whispered into Ben’s ear. They then both got up and said to us “Do you both want to join us in our apartment for some fun”. Sally immediately replied “Yes, we will”. We gathered up our gear and followed them into the apartment block. As we entered the block Ben told the two blokes they could join if they wanted. As we walked up the stairs to their apartment, Ben told me that they swingers and he did not mind if we did not want to play or swop partners. I told him we were game.

The two blokes were in the corridor and Jill went up to one and as she kissed him, Sally whipped down his shorts exposing a semi erect prick. Sally turned to the other one and took his hand and placed it on her pussy as she put her hand down his shorts. Sally was now having a good old snog with him as he grabbed her arse. Jill, opened the door to their apartment and I decided to go to our apartment to pop a pill. I told them I would return in a couple of minutes. I left as all five entered the apartment. I went to our apartment took a pill and knew it would take a good half hour to take effect .I picked up my camcorder and went back to the other apartment and found the door ajar. I went in shut the door. I could hear sounds coming from the bedroom. I went to the open door and looked in. I switched the camcorder on and started filming Sally on the bed on all fours over one of the young blokes sucking his prick as he licked her pussy. Ben was behind her fucking her. Jill was on the floor with the other bloke between her legs licking her pussy as he played with her tits. I saw Sally release the blokes prick from her mouth and shout out “Fuck me, harder, harder, fuck me”. Ben took hold of her arse as he took long hard thrusts up her pussy, making her shout each time his prick went up her pussy. Sally then shouted as she came. Jill also came at the same time. Ben pulled out of Sally, pulled off his condom and moved off the bed and offered her his prick. She took it in her mouth and sucked it. I put the camera close to her face as Ben then pulled it out and wanked it and came in a spurt over her face and hair. As his spunk dripped from her nose, she licked her lips. The bloke underneath got up, rolled condom on. Ben had a lot in a bowl beside the bed. The bloke then got on the bed and Sally fell on to her back and the bloke got between her legs and slipped his prick into her pussy. He took hold of her tits as he fucked her. Sally wrapped her legs around him. I moved to the back and zoomed in on his prick going in and out of her pussy. The second bloke was now fucking Gill on the floor as she sucked Ben’s prick clean of spunk. I felt my prick rising and was soon erect. Ben came over and took the camera and told me to fuck Jill The bloke fucking her had come and was pulling his spunk filled condom off. Jill took my hand and guided me their kitchen. She lay face down on their table, spreading her legs. I was just about to open a condom packet when Ben “No need for that” He then squeezed some KY jelly onto her arse hole and told me Jill likes it that way. I had never fucked Sally this way and had never done it before, so I gently ease my prick into her tight arse hole. I eased about 2 inches in and gently fucked Jill. She told me to push all my prick in her arse so she could enjoy it. I pushed all 6 inches of my prick into her arse and then pulled it out about 5 inches and then pushed it back in. I started to speed up and heard Jill say ”Go on old man, you’re a dirty old man, fuck my arse, you naughty man, go on punish me I’ve been a bad girl, fuck my arse really hard, go on” She then used her hands to pull her cheeks apart. Ben was filming me and encouraging me to fuck her hard and smack her arse as I fucked her. Jill loved it as I slapped her bum cheeks as I fucked her arse. I fucked her for a good ten minutes when my prick exploded up her. I withdrew and she stayed there as my spunk oozed out of her arse. Ben did a close up of it.

I wanders back into the bedroom and found Sally on the bed with the two blokes they were kissing her as they both played with her large tits and both fingering her pussy. I went back into the kitchen and sat with Ben and Jill. WE could her Sally as she was being fucked again by one of the blokes. Jill made some sandwiches and drinks and called the others into the kitchen. We all ate and drank and it just seemed natural that the whole sex thing was repeated. We all stayed the night in their apartment. I told Sally about me fucking Jill’s arse and during the night all four of us fucked Sally’s arse and Jill’s arse again. Sally and Jill did a 69 show for the lads so we could have a breather. Sally lost count of how many times she was fucked in the pussy and arse. It was the two bloke’s lucky night as they were leaving in the morning. When Sally and I left at about midday we did see Ben and Jill that night just for a drink in a local bar. Both Jill and Sally said they had sore pussies. We however did arrange to meet the following day to go to the beach with them and see what happened. It was turning into one sex filled break.