Written by 182laura

23 Aug 2011

It started off as a normal day at the office, everyone getting on with there days work.

Getting close to the end of the day I thought I'd text me husband to meet me at work so we could go for something to eat straight afterwards.

As I sat there texting my husband Sara was also still at her desk, I asked if she had any plans for the night ahead and with my surprise she wasn't up to much. Sara was a slim big breasted woman, her boyfriend was running late to pick her up so we sat chatting waiting his arrival.

As we were in conversation about the weather ect, I received a text from my husband, he was here to take me to dinner, but I couldnt leave Sara work, so I invited my husband Craig up to the office to wait with us until Saras b/f got there.

Craig was in a really good mood and was expecting to have a quick bite to eat so we could vet home and have some fun, as he got. To the office he came over and gave me a big kiss and also had a little fondle at my breasts, I apologised to Sara for bring inappropriate but she smiled and said "dont mInd me" so being my husband he carried on Playing with my breasts and kissing me passionately.

We were interrupted by Saras phone going off , it was her b/f, he was saying he was on his way up.

Craig looked at Sara as she was blushing from looking at me and craig making out, out of the I'd he asked Sara if she enjoyed watching it, her reply was surprising as she said yes.

Craig had started talking to Sara privately while I gathered up my stuff to get ready to leave for our dinner plans.

As I got up to hurry Craig up I looked over and I can see Craig was gabbing Saras ass and whispering in her ear, I didnt know how to react to this! My husband was groping Sara right infront of me. As I went to look away I saw Saras b/f walk through the door, Ben was a young slender guy with dark hair and muscly arms, Sara walked up to him and whispered something in his ear, as I stood there trying to work out what's going on Craig comes up to me and tells me he has perswaded them to have a foursome. Today started normal but was quickly turning into my fantasy!

What happened next was the best thing I had ever experianced and I would never ever forget.........