Written by Islington Resident

16 May 2019

I am a 30 year old blonde, of dual nationality Swedish/Dutch parents. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall with a slim, gym fit figure with very firm 34B breasts. I am single and have a highly remunerated, responsible career in financial services in London. I own a stylish New York style loft apartment overlooking the Regents Canal in Islington. Within the huge accommodation I have developed what I call my “fun space” which has its own wet room divided by an opaque glass screen within an wide open plan space, furnished with a round bed, a large Black Leather couch and a huge wide flat screen TV. The perfect entertaining suite. I work very hard which needs to be offset with some hard fun time. Simply put, I am a cum bunny. I crave the look, the silky feel and the taste of cum and thanks to my membership to SH I have established a great circle of lovely like minded friends who help me achieve my craving whist also enjoying themselves too. This is not prostitution. No money changes hands. This sensuous, shared, sexual friendship. I always vet new contacts, exchanging photos and likes and dislikes. I demand smartly dressed, fragrant people. One of my conditions is we start our intimate meetings in the wet room. I can be great fun. Many of my SW contacts have become regular guests at my apartment. Other conditions are a maximum of 4 guests at a time – I am not into gang bangs - and no smoking or drugs allowed in my home.

Last night, a previous guest was Jack a 60 year old, charming retired business man. He adores he cock to be sucked. Fresh from the wet room, I dry him off with fluffy white towels and cheekily fondle his hardening cock. He joins me on a massive huge lamb’s wool rug I kneel down. Jack’s impressively proportioned cock just inches from my mouth, standing proud, gently swaying. He gasped as my tongue teased its tip, then by my lips as my mouth engulfed his hot shaft. With one hand I started to wank his cock in and out of my eager mouth. With the other I used my fingernails to excite his balls, and to run my nails over his taught stomach muscles. His gasps increased in volume and sequence. I increased my waking action. My hand strayed between his legs, using a finger to softly prod his tight bum hole. I could taste his pre-cum. I noted his legs began to shake, his breathing quickening, heralding that he was close to cumming. I looked up at him for eye contact and begged him cover me in spunk. My hand squeezed his balls. I pushed out my tongue and pointed his cock to my open mouth. He gasped the finest words a girl wants to hear . . . I’m cumming. I saw his cock twitch as its eye spurted out a thick white string of cream making me flinch with its force as it splashed down on my tongue, cheeks, and forehead. The sheer volume made me swallow. More followed as Jack emitted grunting sounds of satisfaction, his cock acting with rapid fire. Wads of cum airborne and breaking into hot slippery beads skidding across my tits, and tummy, living up to his promise of as a heavy cummer. I felt the stuff running down my breasts and looking down saw long gooey ropes of jizz swinging from my hard erect nipples. My body glistened. Even my neatly trimmed patch of curly pussy fur has become a target of a huge wad of creamy substance. I took his cock fully in my mouth, his cock still twitching as I hungrily sucked in the residue of silky emission. His hands were gently holding the sides of my head. He was gasping heavily. Our eyes met. He was smiling. I stood up and invited him to suck the cum from my breasts. My hand stayed to my pussy. It was Oh so wet. I hugged Jack, spreading his cum from my body to his. We kissed. We laughed. He had achieved his need for an intense and satisfying ejaculation which I had passionately given him, fulfilling my appetite for lots of my favourite creamy cum. We went together to the wet room. Covered in soapy fragrant foam we massaged each other’s sensitive bits and Jack proved that his expert fingers in my pussy could bring me to an amazing climax.

Part two to follow. Key search word is LOFT APARTMENT