Written by Lindy

3 Nov 2010

“Right, Andy and Trina have nominated the two categories for the first inquisition”, Tim announced, “For girls, it will be Angels and for the gents Musketeers”. I wasn’t listening to Tim anymore. Mark was looking nervous and I was starting to feel suspicious. This was starting to feel like a sex party, not the innocent Halloween bash I’d thought I was attending. We’d known Tim and Marjory for years and I’d never suspected them of being into swinging.

A large high backed wooden chair was brought into the middle of the room and people moved to make space congregating in a close circle around the chair. “Ladies first” Tim announced and Marjory sat in the chair. Tim as compare asked the first question. As the game went on I got the gist of things. There were six angels and only five musketeers, each team had thirty questions. The first in the chair remained so long as they got the answer right, replaced by a team mate when wrong. At the end of it all one team would the winner. As the game progressed I was embarrassed that I’d even doubted Tim and Marjory for this was clearly no sex game although some of the questions were risqué and frankly daft! Angels lost and had to nominate someone from their team for “punishment”.

“What’s that all about?” I asked Mark.


Tim rallied forth, “While Angels are choosing their representative the Musketeers must decide upon Angels’ forfeit from the following” and he read from a list of six options, he continued “and they must choose their next team”.

I turned to Mark, “You fucking bastard!”

“Do you want to go home now darling?”

“No. You were scared to tell me what sort of party we were coming to but if you want this so badly, we stay!”

Mark was a watcher – when we’d been into swinging years before, he never touched another woman. His sole pleasure was watching me with other men. It worked wonders for our sex lives because he ended up rampant for weeks after a meet. But he’d conned me into being here. And I was really enjoying it, I was horny as I could remember but that wasn’t the point. So I was livid with myself.

In the cellars there were a number of rooms that had been kitted out with various contraptions. The Musketeers had decided that the nominated Angel should be taken down, blindfolded and tied to wall irons by the wrists. To my surprise Marjory was nominated. She was ceremoniously taken down.

Next up, Musketeers took on the Priests. Priests won and one of them was taken away to be stripped naked and tied over a barrel. The Priests beat the Ghosts and the nominated Ghost, a very pretty large girl was stripped naked and put in a cage which was hoisted over the dance floor attached to a wooden beam. A break in proceedings allowed us go refresh our glasses and have a smoke. Mark followed me but I totally ignored him. I decided to have a look in the cellars. I was taken aback when I say the Musketeer having his cock sucked by a Dracula, not that he would have known who was at him from the position of his head. I wandered off to find Marjory but returned to see the cock sucking on hearing a scream from the room. No longer being sucked, he was not being soundly fucked up his bottom. I can only assume he was that way inclined for while he screamed he didn’t vocalise any objection. I left with a smile on my face imagining it had been my straight-as-a-die husband strapped to the barrel! I went back to my search for Marjory through the dimly lit corridors of whitewashed stone. Looking in the rooms as I passed by I observed treats yet in store for team losers who would be sentenced. A whipping post, stocks and bottomless chair with wrist and ankle straps sat on a high plinth. Then I found Marjory. I was shocked He wings had long since fallen off – along with her dress. Her blonde hair was tied back, blindfold still in place white stocking, suspender belt and shoes were all that adorned her person. Her head was top one side her tongue busy in a Witches mouth, her legs wrapped around a priest at the front who was slowly thrusting into her and Dracula filling her other hole from behind.

I returned to the lounge for the culmination of the “Inquisition”. The Priests took on the Witches. We lost and muggings was nominated. As I was led away to the stocks I was relieved it wasn’t the whipping post, hoping instead that Dracula’s would loose and that’s where Mark would end up. In the cellar room I was walked over to the stocks, bent over and had my head and wrists fastened in by the top block of wood. The process was repeated on my ankles. The position of the ankle restraint was such that I was standing rather than sitting.

Moments later I felt my skirt being raised, hands rubbing my legs, up to my stocking tops. Then my pussy was roughly grabbed through my panties. The narrow sides were ripped and pulled off. I heard deep inhalation behind me, no longer was I being touched. “You bitch Lindy. Playing the innocent little lady. These panties stink of spunk. You’ve already been fucking tonight and playing coy. Why wouldn’t you let me watch?” It was Mark. He walked and stood in front of me. I struggled to raise my head and look at him but couldn’t see past his chest. He went down on his haunches and looked up at me, then he kissed me. “I love you” he said with real feeling, “now we are both going to have some real excitement”.

“No, wait” I shouted but he was gone.

The room was empty but I heard Mark’s voice amongst the male voices laughing and joking, getting louder by the second. I had figured this was retribution for Mark fibbing by omission. But it was probably going to be his dream come true. The first thing I was aware of was hands on my bum. My cheeks were parted by four hands! I felt fingers part my pussy and thrust inside me. Next a drizzle of something on my bum hole and the unnatural feeling of two fingers being thrust up my bottom. In front of me a black man with white painted skeleton on his legs thrust an enormous prick towards my downturned face. I tried again to look up. His hand grabbed my face by the cheeks opening my mouth and he thrust his weapon inside. All the while I could hear Mark’s voice amongst the others laughing and egging each other on. Hands reached round to the front of my blouse and were undoing the buttons so that my boobs hung (well if they’d been any bigger they would have done) free. My nipples were being twisted and pulled and tugged in a not so gentle manner. Someone was now rubbing my clit in a nice way and I found myself uncomfortable, humiliated and in ecstasy all at the same time. It was weird and I have never before felt so alive, frightened and excited. The black guy asked someone, “Is she wet enough to take me yet?”

“She certainly is,” Mark answered. Another cock was placed in front of me, small and topped with a fat belly. The owner roughly pulled my head up and thrust his little cock into my mouth, holding my still with a fist full of hair. He fucked my mouth but not for long. He withdrew and wanked himself off all over my face and hair. The black cock, I’m assuming because it felt massive, was in my pussy pounding away. My clit was still being stroked and I could feel the orgasm coming just as another groin was stuck in my face. It was Mark. “Suck that nicely for me” he requested. I was tempted to bite it but didn’t. He came all over my face, bend down to thank me – and to see my come splattered features no doubt. There was a change of personnel at my rear. I could feel that gorgeous black cock slip out of me just as I was about to come. An even bigger cock went in to replace it. The black cock was in my face, wanking away and about to spook all over me. There was a finger in my bum and slow, gently, deep fucking from a giant cock behind. The voices had quietened some. My clit was swollen and easy to find for the fingers that massaged it to perfection. In my excitement my head flew back as I groaned in heaven as massive waves of orgasm came over me – and so the black cock spurted its spunk in my mouth, over my face and in my hair and I loved it! The dick inside me stayed hard and its owner cuddled down to me cupping my boobs and gently holding the, fingering my erect nipples. “Enjoy that?” Marjory asked.

“Silly question,” I replied. “I want to take that man home with me.”

“I’ll ask Tim if we can borrow Marjory” Mark said.

“Ask me what?” asked Tim as he entered the room with the key to unlock the stock.

“Nothing” I said. I stood and straightened my dress, re-fastened my blouse and headed for the loo to freshen up. What a mess! My face and hair were covered in spunk but I did the best I could knowing I’d stink until I managed to get a shower.

Mark and I left happy. We arrived home at seven o’clock Sunday morning, collapsed in bed, made love and fell asleep. Another party will no doubt be discussed before too long and I’ll want to say “No” but expect I’ll say “Yes please!”