Written by Lindy

3 Nov 2010

Saturday night arrived and we were in the car – feeling very self-conscious as we were in fancy dress – on our way to a Halloween party. Not really my thing, I kept having visions of Del and Rodney breaking down and running through Peckham as Batman and Robin! Only this time it would be Mark and Lindy dressed as Dracula and a witch scrambling over moorland. We were headed over the North Yorks Moors to an old house our friends had rented for the weekend near Whitby. A crowd of them had arrived for the Whitby Goth Weekend. The weather was foul – strong wind and rain and in the dark visibility was awful. Eventually we found the place – up a long farm track type drive onto a gravelled forecourt in front of a massive old property. We parked as close as we could to the front door amidst another dozen vehicles and dashed through the rain. Mark pulled a long metal object that looked more like a poker but had the desired effect of ringing the bell and the door was opened by “Lurch” who showed us into the lounge. A massive room with high ceilings and wooden floor, a wood fire blazing in the open stone hearth.

Our friends, Tim in a priests outfit and Marjory all in white with wings I guess was an angel came over to greet us, offered us a drink and showed us around the impressive house introducing to others as we went around – not that we’d remember names. There were about forty people there I guess all in fancy dress and relaxed, drinks in hand talking in small groups. Music blared out – Paranoid was playing as I went into the dining room which had been cleared and seemed to be the dance area. It was also where the drinks were laid on a table. It was warm, for which I was grateful, my nipples now less obvious than when I walked in the front door! My outfit of black silk chemise, black gypsy skirt, and patent black boots wasn’t very warm. My long auburn curls reached down to my bum on my slight frame – I’m only five foot tall, size 10 with a 34-22-36B figure and at 42 still trim. I wore a Zoro mask – and for those who may be interested black hold-ups and black cotton panties. As we had readied ourselves at home, I was feeling horny and had decided that I was going to enjoy the party and rekindle some passion by having Mark screw me in the car like we used to twenty years ago, so dressed to impress. The weather as it was I was less inclined but lived in hope of a shag when we got home. It was weeks since we’d had sex – Mark had persuaded me about ten years ago to try “swinging” and over the next four years we had some very exciting experiences but I went off the idea. About the same time Mark went off sex.

Mark had disappeared but now found me watching the dancers strutting their stuff. “Where have you been?” I asked.

“Squaring up with Tim – remember we owe him for booze. Oh, and I’ve managed to get us a couple of these” he said producing a couple of spiffs. We went into the library with our drinks and sparked up. “Don’t wander off again Mark, I don’t know anyone here except Tim and Marjory.” He sat down and I sat on his knee. We drank and smoked watching people come and go, admiring their outfits. Ghostly women all in white with painted faces. Lots of Dracula’s, fangs included – being Whitby I guess that was only to be expected. Marks hand was on my thigh and as he reached the top of my stocking through my skirt I could feel his cock hardening beneath my bottom. “Am I on a promise tonight?” I smiled at him.

“Maybe, if you play your cards right,” he taunted me.

“well it has been a while Darling” I purred and kissed him, out tongues entwining. I felt his dick harden and twitch. He put his drink down and his right hand snaked under my skirt and nestled between my legs, his fingers finding my clit through my panties. It was heaven but “Not here Mark, someone might see” I panted into his ear.

“I don’t think you’ll last until we get home Lindy, you’re so wet.”

I stood up and led him by the hand, “Come on, we’ll go and get something to eat” and we found some food out in the kitchen. Grass always gives me the munchies – and I get really horny. Having enjoyed a plate of lasagne we charged our glasses again in the dining room. There was a girl in a short black PVC dress with white skeletons painted on it, one over each substantial boob and one over her pussy. She was fastened to a chap dressed as one of the three musketeers. I noticed Mark watching them and reached over and squeezed his engorged prick through his trousers. He smiled and topped up my wine. A gong rang out and we were ushered into the lounge. For the first time we saw everybody together in one room. I was surprised by the age range of Tim and Marjory’s friends. Some were little more than teenagers (I have two of my own) whilst others were nearer seventy!

Tim raised his voice asking for quiet. He then told us that the games were about to begin. The fist game was to be hide and seek. I looked at Mark with a quizzical look wondering why we were being asked to play such a silly childish game. He read my thoughts and simply shrugged. “Now then” Tim continued, “being Halloween, we have lit candles all around the house. All lights will be switched off and I must ask for the duration that people don’t smoke until we get the lights back on. Ladies, you will be the first to hide and will have a five minute start before we men come looking for you. Once found come back to the drawing room and we’ll have another game. Off you go!” I looked at Mark. “Go on then” he said pointing me towards the door. I swallowed the rest of my wine, gave him the glass and followed Marjory out of the room.

Marjory and I held hands as we groped our way up two fights of stairs. We opened a cupboard door and screamed as a luminous skeleton fell out. I giggled and we moved along the corridor. We opened another door which in true ghoulish fashion groaned – it was a bedroom with a four poster bed. “You hide in here Lindy, I’ll find somewhere else” and she left me in darkness. My eyes were adjusting to the gloom but even with the curtains open, there was no ambient light from outside, merely a glimmer from the sole candle in the corridor outside. I squinted as I looked around the room and saw a door and a large wardrobe as potential hiding places. I opened the wardrobe door and a manikin dressed in white with blood stains from the neck down fell on me. I stifled a squeal, collected myself and stuffed in back in the wardrobe shutting the door quickly. Next, the door. I opened it and could just make out a dressing table and drawers. “Must be a dressing room” I thought. I went back through the bedroom and shut the creaking door before feeling my way back through the pitch black and into the dressing room and shutting myself in. It was kind of scary.

It seemed that I had been in there for eternity when I thought I heard the groan of the bedroom door open. I held my breath but could hear nothing more that the beat of my own heart. I stood and felt my way to the corner of the room and stood facing the corner, hopeful that if the door opened whoever came in would find the chair at the dressing table but not me. My mind was now playing tricks on me. Did I hear something rustle behind me or not? Suddenly two hands were cupping my breasts. I threw back my elbows to try and get whoever it was off me but to no avail. The hands were large as was the individual they were attached to – I felt lips nuzzling my neck as the hands caressed my boobs through my thin silk blouse. I stopped struggling. Three things in life make me horny – wine, grass and having my neck kissed. Not to mention the clit massage my dear husband had started in the library. I turned around and lifted my face reaching up to put my arms around the neck of whoever I was with and pulled in to me. On tip toe I greedily searched for his mouth, our tongues entwining, kissing greedily I dropped my hands to his waist and fumbled with his belt buckle. Hi hands left my behind to help. I sank to my knees ripping his trousers and pants down as one and took hold of his cock. It was small but rock hard. I cupped his balls and took him in my mouth, sucking and rubbing for all I was worth. His hands were all over my boobs, roughly tugging at my nipples. I reached up and felt his six pack tensing so I pulled back and slowed the pace wanking him onto my tongue. Splat. His jism was hitting my cheeks and the back of my throat all at once. He collapsed on the floor. “You got a hankie?” I asked. He fumbled in his pockets and produced what I needed to clean up – as best I could in the dark. “How old are you?” I asked.

“Nineteen” came the reply. I stood, gave him the hankie and suggested he gave me a couple of minutes head start to get back to the lounge.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“You don’t need to know that” I said, adding, “I’m old enough to be your mother!”

I slipped into the lounge unnoticed. I caught Mark’s eye and we headed off to get another drink. Back in the lounge, the winner was named and congratulated. The next game was announced. The men were to draw numbers and then they would choose a girl as their partner, the lowest number drawn having first pick. I should be flattered I suppose – I was the fourth girl chosen by a lovely old chap. And I couldn’t be cross with Mark because he had drawn 18, so didn’t pass me by! “I’m Nick and you are?” my elderly gent enquired.

“Lindy” I answered. He was dressed as a priest, “The Omen my dear” he explained. We were partners for the treasure hunt. Ten packages awaited our discovery assuming that we could decipher the clues. Tim gave us our first clue and we were off. “I think we should start on the top floor of the west wing” offered Nick. I hadn’t a clue and couldn’t care – I was feeling strange having sucked off a young man the same age as my son and a year younger than my daughter. But horny as hell!

Nick led me into a room on the top floor. It was empty but a door led off the room at the far end. We ventured forth and it opened up to a spiral wooden staircase that went up to what we discovered was the attic space. “Have a look in that chest” Nick suggested. As I bent forward, his hand rested on my bum, started stroking it and then went to my thigh. “Stockings” he exclaimed.

I stood and turned to face him, “Yes Nick, would you like to see them?” I asked sarcastically.

“Rather” he leered. I would say he was mid to late sixties, well preserved, tall, full head of salt and pepper hair, craggy in appearance.

“Really!” I exclaimed and hoisted my skirt. His hand went straight to my thighs, rubbing them over my stockings, climbing higher. He grabbed the elastic of my panties and pulled them down. I stepped back in a half hearted process of rebuke only to fall over. I a flash he was on me, hands parting my thighs and his head buried in my groin. His fingers had parted my labia and his tongue was inside me. There’s no substitute for experience! As his tongue moved to my clit I was moaning and dripping wet, his fingers squelching as he thrust them into my sopping wet cunt. “Fuck me you bastard” I moaned. He hoisted his own priestly skirts, naked beneath his cassock he has a huge erect member in stark contrast to the one I’d sucked earlier. He expertly stabbed it inside me and rode me. I was moaning and thrusting hard back towards him on wave after wave of orgasm. It wasn’t long before he added his sticky mess to mine, my pussy awash with our juices. The strength of his ejaculation was stunning, he spurted again and again. Judging by how much we both came I’m guessing it had been a long while for both of us. Voices approached, Nick stood and fortunately apart from my pulling up my panties, the act of standing had dressed us both.

Flushed from our exertions behind my mask I was grateful Nick was calmness itself as Marjory and Mark appeared at the door. “We’ve found nothing here” Nick advised them, “So we’re off for a drink and to consider our next move”. With that Nick and I headed for the drinks in the dining room. “Thank you Lindy” and my reply, “My pleasure Nick” were the only words we spoke. Nick drifted off and I drank alone in the dining room enjoying the warm glow from the wine ……. and earlier excitement but now wanting a smoke. I wandered off to the kitchen and found a couple smoking with the back door open. “You haven’t a spare cig have you?” I begged. He obliged but they weren’t too sociable, so I was left with my wine and my thoughts. My pussy was nicely sore, my panties dripping with come and I was feeling hornier than ever. I was wondering whether to tell Mark about the youngster and Nick in the knowledge that it would get him going. Or whether that would open the door to him demanding that we started swinging again. I wasn’t sure I wanted that, yet if I’d set of to a swing party as horny as I’d headed to this Halloween Party, I’d love it!

Couples were arriving back in the lounge – the winners clearly delighted with themselves. Tim announced the winners were “Andy and Trina”. He was dressed as a Ghost, shrouded in white with his face painted white and she was dressed in the rubber dress with white skeletons painted in strategic positions. “Now for their prize” Tim raised his voice above the chatter in the room. “They get to choose the first contestants in our next game and remember folks, now we approach the midnight hour the games get naughty.” I spotted Mark with Marjory in her angel’s outfit, wings now a little bashed, on the other side of the room and made my way over to them. “Enjoying the party?” Marjory enquired.

“More than you can believe” I told her. Mark’s eyebrows raised at that.

“What have you been up to that’s so wonderful?” he asked me.

“Lovely house, nice people, good wine and a nice smoke all make for a relaxed evening. And I know what you want when we get home, so I have plenty to look forward to”.

Marjory whispered in my ear “The best is yet to come here Lindy. What’s that on your blouse?” She smiled and I blushed and stuttered “I must have spilt some of my drink”, licking my finger and rubbing at the offending marks.