Written by Jacques Jill

6 Nov 2016

The pungent scent of fucking, the soft sheets on the bed caressing my sweaty skin, the strong male pressing his hard body over me… his big, thick, hard cock buried deep inside my cunt.

Jules pulled out his cock out of my sopping wet cunt, leaving me whimpering from the emptiness. He straddled me, smiling affectionately, cupping my breasts. He kissed the underside of my hard breasts, then kneaded my hard nipples. Adrien approached us. He grasped Jules throbbing cock, milking it.

“Here mate,” he said to me as he collected Jules’ pre-cum mixed with the juices of my arousal. “This is for you, dear Sophie”. He ran his wet finger over my dry lips. “I know you fancy the taste of the big guy! Suck on my finger. Take it all.” Gratefully I took in his finger in my mouth. Adrien explored every corner of it with it…

Jules flipped me on my knees and arms and placed his hands on my hips anchoring me where he wanted me. He rocked his throbbing cock in and out of my hungry cunt teasing every nerve inside my folds. When we got into rhythm of Jules fucking me, my muscles wrapped tight around his cock.

Adrien’s lips kissed my belly, travelling lower and lower, excruciatingly slowly. “For heaven’s sake, how long will it take him to get to my clit?” That clit of mine throbbed and ached, hungry, eager, desperate to be touched.

Jules’ cock was stretching me, filling me, occupying every corner of my core. Jules’ strong arms parted my thighs so Adrien’s tongue could lather that wanting, starving poor little clit of mine. I knew one flick of his tongue would push me over the edge.

“Not yet, Sophie dear. We know you want your orgasm. But you’ll wait until we let you,” breathed Jules in his deep sonorous voice in my ear, all the while fucking me from behind, measuring a slow rhythm.

“Please!” I cried trying to ride Adrien’s tongue harder, desperate to get my pleasure. I rebelled! “Now…” I screamed.

Smack! I was startled by the burning sting of Jules’ hand spanking the cheek of my ass. Sure, it smarted, but I found myself enjoying the pain. I craved for more. What was wrong with me? I should have hated it; I should have been protesting. “Oh please spank me again!” The pleasure was just as real as the most intense orgasm. Another hand inflicted a burning spank to my other cheek. I moaned on the brink of a mind numbing orgasm. “More!” I pleaded. Each spanking was more fiery than the previous. I dug my nails in the bed sheets pulling them. Jules strong hand grabbed my hair tugging my head back while using his other hand to spank my ass. Tears were rolling down my face, mingling with profuse sweating. My arousal was too intense for me to embrace. I liked being spanked, my hair pulled, my nipples tormented. I should have disobeyed these unknown new urges. “By the seven gods,” I thought, “what was happening to me?” I didn’t want to admit my newly found depravity. My whole body was on fire, not only my ass that was made exquisitely sensitive by the spanking I had received.

“Please! Please! Please!” I pleaded with a hoarse voice I didn’t even recognize, tearing at the bed sheets.

Adrien, whose tongue was torturing my clit said, “Not yet. I haven’t fucked you yet.”

Jules pulled out of me. I hated him for leaving me empty, in a lurch. I flung insults after insults, swearing with dirty words I never thought I knew. But Adrien and Jules knew I loved what they were doing to my body.

Without paying attention he dragged me to the wing chair. He sat and spread his strong muscled thighs. His cock penetrated me from the front, grinding inside me, fucking me. I ground my clit against his pounding shaft seeking my release.

Jules spread the cheeks of my ass for Adrien behind me.

“Take her now Adrien. Fuck her from behind now.” Roared Jules.

What! Was Adrien going to fuck my ass? None had entered me before there. Adrien’s huge cock would rip me! I remember the girth of his cock when I took him in my mouth earlier this evening. I nearly choked trying to swallow all his length.

But a sense of perverse euphoria invaded me. I knew I wanted to be filled by both cocks. My need was not only to be fucked by both at the same time. I knew now that I would not be satisfied with one orgasm. I needed the orgasm of double penetration. I wanted to experience both orgasms at the same time, clitoral and anal.

Adrien’s lips kissed my opening, his tongue lathering me. Then…Oh my! I was not prepared for that. Adrien started to tongue-fuck my ass, while Jules’ continued its relentless assaults of my cunt.

Memories of my finger stroking the sensitive area around my anal opening while I pleasured myself when I was alone, came flooding me like a scorching fever. This is what I wanted, to feel when Adrien took me from behind.

I wanted him inside me I wanted my ass to be stretched like Jules’ cock stretched my cunt. I wanted to be filled by both cocks. I got a small taste when Adrien inserted his index finger in my ass.

I knew it would hurt when he tried to push in the engorged head of his cock past my ass muscles. I knew my muscles were going to protest. But I would will them to relax and accept this strong thrumming huge cock.

Adrien continued to finger fuck my ass. I could feel his finger against Jules’ cock. Soon a second then a third finger joined his index finger. The oil he’d used to lubricate his fingers was not cold. There was a heat, almost a burn that spread inside me from my ass as his fingers spread me.

“Arch your back Sophie,” commanded Jules, “So Adrien could fuck you from behind. Yes, just like this!”

I lost all sense of my surroundings, I lost all senses of modesty. I had never been exposed like this before, my most intimate parts on display like this. It made me feel so slutty, so wicked and I loved it, pleasurable tingling surges to be bared like this, travelled through me. How did I reach this low level of depravity?

When Adrien pulled his fingers out I felt empty. I cried because of my emptiness. I screamed that I needed him inside my ass again. I needed more!

“Be patient Sophie. Our mate Adrien will fill you with his cock soon. And then all three of us will be linked by your body.”

When I felt the knob of the head of Adrien’s cock at the entrance of my ass, my whole body convulsed of need for a second cock to enter me. Adrien had coated his cock with the same hot lubricating oil. The pleasure climbed, as Adrien gently forced his way inside my ass. As soon as the head overcame my tight muscles Adrien slipped easily the rest of the way.

I was so tight, so wet. The inner muscles of my cunt and my ass clamped hard on the two cocks. Jules hand flicker my clit. Desperation clouded my sense of reality. Jules stimulated my G-spot and I released a flood of juices. Their cocks hardened inside me. I exploded into billions of cosmic flicking lights. Liquid fire was poured inside me.

Just then my mates became rigid. Non-human groans escaped from their deep throats. I came over and over as I felt their seed erupt inside me. I was left shattered by the intensity of the tsunami succession of seismic orgasms.

They remained inside me a long time until their cocks became soft. I crouched on the floor bringing my knees towards my chest, basking in the afterglow of this intense fucking.

My husband who had watched the whole episode from the moment they undressed me to the moment we started fucking, approached me.

I gave him a sultry look, unable yet to speak yet.

“How are you doing baby? Are you alright?”

How could I not be? I was swimming in ecstasy.

My husband chased a strand of hair stuck to my face with sweat. I ran my arms behind his head and drew him affectionately to my lips. We kissed long and hard, his tongue insisted to breach open my lips and explore my mouth. He drew me up against him. I could feel the bulge of his rising cock.

‘Harry,” I said, “thank you. That was the most beautiful wedding anniversary present you could ever have given me."

“I know baby. We have been talking so long about this ...I thought we would go for it." He said, while fucking me with Jules and Adrian watching us.

I don’t know who brought it up first. But we had been talking about it for weeks. At first we spoke of it during sex as a fantasy, never thinking it would become real. Then it became a jock, right? Who would ever think of Harry watching me getting fucked by a guy? But then the more we thought about it the more real it became. But we never made a decision one way or anther, keeping the dream alive, not wanting to extinguish the hope that one day it would become reality, yet not sure we were ready for this next stage in our relationship.

I was in the shower earlier this evening getting ready to go out for dinner on our anniversary. Harry walked it. He asked if he could bath me., which he did on occasions.

“What are you doing?” I asked him when he seemed to pay special attention to thoroughly wash the cleft of my cunt and the crack of my ass. Now I understood why.

When we got in the car he ordered me to remove my panties. The thought of having dinner in this swanky high class restaurant, surrounded by all these rich people who did not suspect I was naked under my thin filmy dress awoke in me a perverted envy of some exhibitionism. Dress malfunction? The material of the dress was thin enough that when Harry positioned me in the lights my naked forms, my naked thighs and my dark bush showed through.

When we drove home I thought harry and I would fuck and that was it. But when we walked in our bedroom to get changed there were two brawny men naked, with incredible cocks long and thick as my arm.

They served us champagne. “Happy anniversary both of you,” they said. I was carried by a flood of erotic emotions when Jules ran his hand under my dress and searched my cunt between my thighs.

“Oh yea, she is wet and ready for us.”

I am happy Harry filmed the whole episode.