Written by justfriendsnow

5 Dec 2010

I looked at the photos, me and my lover fucking. An excellent day; cold, snowy, my birthday.

Naked apart from nearly black stockings and heeled boots I sat nervously on the green hotel room chair watching some TV channel or other, waiting. My phone buzzed; it was my lover, ‘with you in fifteen minutes.’

I squirmed in the chair, would it be okay, everything had been so rushed. The phone buzzed again. ‘I’m running late. I’ll be there for three thirty. C.’

The best laid plans always go slightly awry. My lover had been going to meet him, they were going to come up together; the thought had made butterflies loop in my stomach. What would happen now?

I peered through the peep hole, it was him. Beaming, I opened the door, using it as a shield. He kissed me and pushed me backwards to the bed.

‘He’s running late in the bad weather.’

Nuzzling my breast he whispered: ‘Too bad: I think the party will start without him.’

I breathed out, unable to stop smiling. His cock was softening in my arse, his arm draped over my body, a hand holding a breast, his breath on the nape of my neck. Two orgasms in thirty minutes; missionary with a twist, his pelvic bone rubbing my clit as he kissed me non-stop to nirvana followed by a gentle spooning, his cock thrusting deep inside my arse.

The phone buzzed. ‘I’m downstairs.’

‘Is that?’


‘Tell him to come up.’

A first in so many ways:

‘I want you to have a birthday to remember.’

The words echoed in my head. Not my words, my lover’s.

‘I can get to you for three, if you sort everything out, then ...’

That’s where it all started. With a week to go, I organised a hotel room and a man. Now he was here, condomed, laying himself down next to me, his mouth kissing me, his fingers tracing their way via my nipples to my wet pussy; a pussy full of my lover’s sperm. My lover sat on the seat, the one I’d sat on earlier. He licked his lips, a fantasy about to be delivered, watching me being fucked by another man.

Part way through he came to join us, touching my shoulder as C fucked me, with the contact I relaxed, sinking into a world of feeling. Flushed from belly to face, I was rolled onto my side as my lover, hard from seeing me cum for another man, entered my pussy.

A maze of memory; covered in cream and licked clean by two tongues before I was sandwiched between the men each fucking me, a cock in my pussy, a cock in my arse. I moved automatically, positioning myself to gain the most pleasure from them both.

The finale: a photo shoot. C picked up our camera and took pictures of my lover and I fucking; my legs over his shoulders, eyes staring at each other, his naked cock thrusting deep inside of me.