Written by Pete

30 Jul 2012

Hi, a bit of a long story but it seemed a pity to split it into parts.

I'm Pete and my partner is Jenny. We've been together for a little while, meeting after I got divorced and Jenny lost her husband. we first met at a party, then bumped in to each other a local charity event. After the second meeting I plucked up the courage to aske her out. I was delighted when she accepted, I though she was lovely. Nice figure, biggish boobs, shoulder length hair and lovely legs and bum. Her smile was amazing, really gorgeous. At first we just got to know each other, talking about our past lives, but getting more friendly with each other every time we met. after each meeting I'd feel good, but also lonely knowing it would be a few days before we'd meet again. I was deliberately taking it slowly, I wanted to stay with Jenny as long as possible, she was giving me more affection than I'd had for years, she also seemed to enjoy my company. We aslso got to know some of her friends and spent time with them - they were commenting on how well we looked together - a big confidence boost after what we'd oth been through. Two people in particular became really good friends, Pete and Liz. They had known Jenny for some time and we all got on well together. Liz was really bubbly, again with a nice figure which she liked to display a little more than Jenny and quite often wore low cut tops and shortish skirts which I found irresistible. After one of our nights out with them Jenny and I became more intimate, kissing more passionately and exploring our bodies more than we had done. even so we were both taking things gently, but at least we were moving in the right direction.

The following day I was due to see Jenny again and we were going out for a meal. I had decided to push things a little further and was exited all day, looking forward to the possibility of more intimate contact. My hopes were dashed when Jenny phoned to say she had hurt her shoulder gardening and could I go over and help her out - evening activities seem to have gone. When I got there she seemed in some pain, holding her arm to protect her shoulder. She said she needed some help to get upstairs, feeling that a hot shower would help the problem and that we could still go out. Rather unsympathetically I laughed, pointing out that she sould find it difficult to get undressed, let alone be able to shower the state she was in. She looked me in the eye and said that was where she needed the help. My heart started racing, I was being asked to undress her for the shower. No second invitation needed, I helped her upstairs and started carefully undressing her. Removing her blouse I was all fingers and thumbs, the buttons just wouldn't undo easily! Jenny laughed! She told me to slow down, adding that it was not the first time that either of us would have been naked in front of someone. This calmd me down and the blouse came off, being careful not to hurt the shoulder. I walked behind her and undid her bra, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck as I slipped it to the floor. The zip at the back of her skirt was undone and I slowly moved that to the floor as well. Jenny was now just stood in a small thong with me behind her. I moved to her front and took in her beauty, two lovely breasts with already erect nipples, tempting to touch and kiss and massage but I decided to wait until we were in the shower. She looked at me, smiled and gave me a gentle kiss as I moved my hands down and started removing the thong. I dropped to my knees and moved it down to see a totally shaven mound with tell tale moisture on her lips. I was in heaven, and my erection was getting harder by the minute. I stood back up and returned the kiss that she had given me. She smiled again and told me to undress while she went to sort out the towels. I was undressed in a flash, erection strong and proud, and followed her in to the shower area. She looked but said nothing as we entered the shower.

Being aware of her shoulder problem I gently massaged shower gell in to her back, her shoulders and legs. She turned for me to do her front. I slowly massaged her gorgeous breasts, giving them plenty of attention. Jenny closed her eyes and had a satisfied look on her face as I gave her nipples the attention they deserved. I slowly moved down her body to her hips, then decided to start from the feet upwards. As I moved up her legs I saw she was still wearing a contented smile, eyes still closed. I reached the top of her thighs and started working the gell in circular motions, getting closer to the shaven mound wondering what the reaxtion was going to be. A slight parting of the legs was all the ecouragement I need to start stroking her lips, and then slowly ease a finger upwards. At this point she moved her legs together again, and taking the hint and not wanting to spoil the situation I moved my hands slowly back to her breasts which she was enjoying immensely. Her eyes opened and we engaged in a long passionate kiss - what an afternoon I was having. With the water still pouring over us Jenny suggested we left the shower and dried off.

I helped her get dry, and towelled myself down before we moved back to the bedroom, where she asked if I woul massage her, as she felt it would also help ease her shoulder. I agreed and helped her on to the bed, and then starting massaging her back - as well as her legs and bum. The noises she was making indicated she was enjoying the experience. I certainly was and my erection was as strong as ever, enjoying what I wa doing and looking forward to massaging her front whenever she was ready. It wasn't too long before she asked me to help her turn over, which I did. She did spend a lot longer looking at my erection this time. As I started to masage her shoulders she caught me totally by surprise, flung BOTH arms around my neck, kissed me and siad I can' keep this up any longer. My shoulder was an excuse to get you into bed now fuck me! Although taken by surprise I needed no second invitaion for this and easily slid in to her wet pussy. She must have been more turned on than I thought because very soon started to come, I quickly slipped out of her and droped my head between her legs to b ring her to orgasm with oral. She shuddered to her first orgasm, and as she was just about recovering I entered her again and started to make love once more. We continued making love for the whole afternoon.

Jenny confessed that she had beendesparate for sex the previous night after we had returned from our night with Pete and Liz. This was her way of getting what she wanted!

After that first afternoon our sex lives took off, we were happy to be naked together and get to bed as much as possible. Meetings with Pete and Liz also became more regular, and it always seemed that sex after these nights was even more intense.

I then had to work away for a week, and was missing Jenny like mad. I arrived back home late friday, and said I'd be around saturday afternoon. Being told not to be late was the best hint ever that it was going to be a time when we caught up with the time we had missed all week.

When I got to Jenny's she was wearing a short strappy summer dress. Obviously no bra, and if like she normally did no knickers either. I had gone commando to speed things up as well! We kissed and kissed for ages, tongues darting in and out of mouths. My hands were every where, darting over her body. We were both as horny as hell, but we knew that a long period of foreplay really got the best out of both of us, and that it what I was up to.

In a quieter moment Jenny mentioned that we had been invited to Pete and Liz's house for drinks about 9. While sex was always superb after we came back, I did really want to just be with Jenny, so tried a delaying tactic of saying we could wait half an hour before we finally decided. She agreed and we resumed our passionate kissing. jenny was becoming more receptive and after giving her breats my attention through her dress I started moving my hand up her thighs. This time there was none of th e previous resistance and I found that she was extremely wet as I slipped a finger in to her. She moaned and darted her tongue in to my mouth once more, but then broke off. She looked at me and told me that if we went to see Pete and Liz I could be doing exactly the same to Liz. I was gobsmacked and kissed her again more passionately than before, while continuing to probe with my finger.

Jenny explained that while I was away she had met with Liz and they had talked for hours one night. Pete and Liz and been swap partners with Jenny and her late husband, and they thought that I might also like to join them. My mind was racing, I was as horny as hell and being offered that chance to sleep with a woman who turned me on immensely. I told Jenny that I was up for it, to phone Liz and tell her we were on our way. Jenny picked up the phone to confirm that we would round shortly. there was a pause, Liz was wanting a more exact time, and Jenny said ten minutes after I had removed my finger! I was so engrossed in what was being said I had forgotten what I was doing.

Ten minutes later we we there, Liz opening the door in a similar dress to Jenny. We walked in and a passionate kiss from Jenny with me moving my hand up and down her back confirmed that she also was not wearing anything under the dress.

We walked in to the lounge where Pete had put some soft music on. We sat dwon on a settes and Liz and I engaged in another round of kissing, tongues darting in and out in a very erotic way.

As I looked over the room Jenny had her dress up around her waist and was straddling Pete, just about to lower herself down. My hands were inside Liz's skirt, just where they had been when we m ade the phone call. Liz and I then stood up to dance, she started undressing me and I slipped her strappy dress over her shoulders. we dance naked as Jenny and Pete made love on a settee. I slowly eased Liz to the floor and she parted her legs to give me access to her. I kissed and licked her for ages, hearing Jenny and Pete orgasm together. I slowly moved up her bosy, kissing those breasts that I had admired so much. As our mouths met again I slipped inside her and we started making love slowly. We gently built up speed before we both climaxed and the fell into each others arms. As we lay there Pete and Jenny came and joined us. All four of us exploring bodies, not really knowing who was touching who before Pete and i were ready to go again. Once more I mode love to Liz, slower and with an even bigger orgasm than before. We made love together for hours before finally leaving to go home.

When we got home Jenny and I had the most intimate sex that we have ever had.

We still visit pete and Liz, they visit us. We enjoy some of the most amazing sex.

Hope you enjoyed reading this