Written by Mikenvikki

12 Jan 2011

This New Years eve we decided to go away and spend the night at a hotel to bring in the New Year. As we are a couple in our 40`s and the kids have left home we have started to become more adventurous sexually. We both stay fit and vikki looks fantastic at 43 with her athletic size 12 with 36dd breast.

We arrived late afternoon at the hotel and decided to go to the bar for a few drinks, it was pretty busy already and we managed to squeeze on the sofa next to the fire. We love to watch people and Vikki loves to be watched so sitting there in the busy bar was fantastic. With the drink flowing i excused myself and went off to the toilet and as i squeezed my way back i noticed that a young guy had taken my seat and another on the other side of Vikki.They were squeezed in on the sofa and laughing so i decided to go to the bar and watch from there. Vikki knows i like to watch her and as she caught my eye just smiled.

The guys who obviously found my wifes short skirt,knee high boots and low cut blouse a turn on were obviously getting more adventourous as they both had a hand on her thigh and she was loving it. She returned the favour and rubbed her had up there thighs giving them the all clear. My cock was now straining in my jeans wondering where we were going and where it would end up.

They all got up and came over to me at the bar and Vikki introduced them as Guy and Karl who were both in there mid 20`s. We chated for a while and as Vikki whispered in my ear that she was soaking wet and that Guy had his had up the back of her skirt fingering her. The bar was getting very busy and we were squashed together very tight and by the look on Vikkis face she was getting some serious attention.

She then excused herself and went to the toilet and i chatted to them both. They told me i had a very horny wife and i had to agree so i asked them if they would like to come to our room and fuck her. The smiles on there faces said it all and on Vikkis return i told her that Guy and Karl would love to fuck her so off we went to our room.

As soon as we got through the door Vikki lifted up her skirt to show her wet shaven pussy, she must have taken off her thong already. Guy got on his knees and started to enjoy the taste of her pussy while Karl started to get undressed, i just sat in the chair to watch. Vikki grabbed hold of karls cock and started to wank his 7" and Guy got up and undressed as Vikki sat on the end of the bed. As Guy undressed i couldnt beleive the size of the cock he had he has not fully erect and must have been a good 10" already.

Vikki grabbed hold of both of there cocks and wanked them furiously as they took off her blouse and pulled at her breat and nipples. They had left on her knee high boots and as i sat there wanking it looked so dirty seeing my wife wanking these young guys and them being rough with her pulling and squeezing her breast.

She layed on the edge of the bed and karl entered her soaking wet pussy and Guy kneeled at her head and she sucked his huge cock. I was starting to wonder if it was going to be too big for her but i was going to find out. Karl was pumping her so hard and fast that he wasnt going to last long and as i could see his arse cheeks tighten i knew he was cumming deep inside my wife. Guy then took his place and as the head of his cock entered entered her she let out a scream of pleasure, she had never had anything that big inside her. His long hard thrusts had her moaning with pleasure and with her legs wide apart i could see every stroke. He told her she was a dirty horny bitch and he was going to fill her with his cum which just made her ride his cock harder. As he came inside her i could hear the sounds of her juices and there cum mixing together which was all too much for me and i came all over my chest.

Guy and karl then got up and dressed thanked us both and said they hoped to see us later to see in the New year. Vikki lay on the bed and i went over to see her swollen pussy lips with there cum running out of her.I just had to get on my knees and lick her pussy clean tasting the mixture of all of them had me hard and i just had to add to cum to her full pussy.

We got up showered and went out to find more adventures to see in the New Year