Written by hollyshyguy

31 Mar 2011

My wife and I went on vacatio to Oahu, a number of years ago.

She is 5'6",110 lbs,blonde,stunningly beautiful, with a 36C,23,36 figure. He best assets are her sense of humor,great nipples/tits, and GREAT legs,slender, and long,for her height.

Anyhow,we met a couple on the private part of the beach,at the resort we were staying at.

They were from Oregon, and in their mid 40s, but they both were very attractive, and in real good shape.

My wife and I had a few MaiTais,and Caesars in us from the hotel pool service guys, and had a good buzz on.

Perry and Sammie, put their mats and towels beside us, then started chatting us up.

They had been there a few days, and said the people they had met were boring!

They wanted to have fun, with fun couples. I picked up on their meaning but my wife didn't.

Perry couldn't keep his eyes off of my wife, and I tried hard not to get caught looking at Sammie. It was hard, as she was a great looking brunette,about 5'8", with BIG firm TITs, and I could see the outline of her nipples through he bikini top.

We had a lot of laughs, and then we had to go as we had tickets for a beach pig roast, near out resort.

Perry asked if they could come. I told them I had no problem,and neither did my wife.

Before you know it, Perry came back with tickets, and we agreed to meet them at their room.

I told my wife I was a little apprehensive, as I though they might be swingers. My wife just laughed[she was a little naive], and said I was imagining it!

When we got to their room, Perry was laying on one of the double beds as we entered the open door. He said Sammie was still getting ready. My wife sat on the other bed, and I sat in a chair facing the bathroom door.

Perry got us both a glass of wine, then layed back down on the bed. He had shorts on, and I could see he had a semi hard on. I think my wife noticed too!

Sammie then came by the open bathroom door, and didn't have a stictch on! She turned to face me[my wife had her back to the bath door],smiled, waved, then continued getting ready. I got a hard on, and was sure my face was red, and I know Perry saw me,seeing his wife. He just smiled,and I looked away in emberrasement!

I then knew what they were up to.

In any event Sammie soon got ready, and we went to the beach pig raost, and entertainment.

We had more to drink,had a great time, and I relaxed, thinking I might be mistaken.

They aske us to their room for drinks, but we wee tired,said no and passed on it.

I told my wife what I saw re Sammie when we left. She wasn't upset,surprisingly, and I aske me if her Tits were real, as they were pretty big, and solid looking. I told her I thought so,but wasn't sure. We went to bed, then my wife grabbed my cock, and started stroking me. She wanted me to fuck her real fast, and real hard! I was surprised at how aggressive she was, as she had always been fairly passive. I rammed my cock in her shaved pussy, and she started cumming just about right away! She begged me to cum in her hot,wet pussy, and I came almost right away, when she said that.[She never had before]

We got up the next day,showered, and then got ready for the beach, for suntanning again.

When we got there Perry and Sammie were already there,and had mats and towels beside them for us.

Pretty soon we were into the cocktails again, and all talking about the fun we had together the night before. Just then Sammie laughed and pointed to a guy coming out of the Ocean, with yellow bikini trunks on. Sammie told my wife to take a look at the guys yellow trunks, I gazed over too, and Sammie said he must have a Horst Khloer sausage stuffed in his trunks. He sure looked huge. My wife laughed, but I noticed she was squirming a little, then whispered into Sammies ear,something I couldn't hear, and they both laughed.

After more laughs, and drinks, they invited us to dinner at Nicks' place[a top class restaurant about 10 minutes away from our resort.

We told thme to come get us tis time[I was still a little shy re seeing Sammie],and didn't want to feel embarrassed again.

They did so, then we took a cab to the restaurant. with my wife, and Sammie,and Perry in the back, and me beside the driver.

I could hear them laugh, and my wife giggle, then we were at the restaurant.

We ordered drinks, and they proceeded to pour the wine to us like crazy.

We had a great time, left, then Perry hailed a couple of peddicabs. Sammie pulled me into one, and Perry pulled my wife into the other.

Once we got going Sammie asked me if I liked what I saw in their room, the afternoon before. I blushed, and she laughed. I couldn't help myself, and my cock startetd getting hard in my shorts. Sammie noticed it, and said I must have like what I had see. I mumbled yes, and she then parte her skirt, and did not have any panties on. She had a bald pussy too, just like my wife. She then grabbed my cock and started stroking it through my shorts. I told her to quit. I told her I figured they were into swinging, and my wife and I weren't. She aske me if I had ever thought about it, and I admitted I had, but I has never told my wife of this fantasy. I told Sammie that my wife was too prim and proper to even think of doing anything like that! Sammie said"Don't be so sure". I asked her what she meant, and she said when I went to the washroom, at the restaurant, Perry gave my wife a smooch, and grabbed her tit, then, when I cam back, he was feeling my wifes' pussy under the table. I was shocked, and said I didn't believe her. She said look at them in the peddicab ahead. It sure looked like they were getting it on.

Sammie then tried to grab my cock again, but I told her no, as we were getting close to our resort.

We got out, and I noticed my wife straithening her skirt, and she looked really flushed.

They invited us up to their room for drinks, and to toke a joint of Hawaiin grass Perry had bought.

Perry was palying grabass with my wife, and she didn't seem to resist much.

When we got to their room, Perry garbbed my wife, through her on one of the beds, and started feeling her Tits, and pussy. I then noticed she wasn't wearing panties[first time she hadn't] I got rock hard watching Perry felling my wife up, and necking with her.

He had put a finger in her pussy, and was rubbing her. She was moaning quite loudly!

Sammie got the grass, rolled a joint, then gave me a couple of Tokes. She told me I seemd a little uptight! I was, but I was very horny,watching, Sammie took a toke, slipped doen to her knees, then pulled my cock out of my shorts, and started sucking like crazy. My wife had never given me oral sex, and I as pretty inexperienced when I was single, and had never had one! She was amazing, and would pull my cock out of her mouth, and tell me she had never felt a cock as hard as mine! It made me feel great of course, then she started deep throating me. Man! Was it great! I looked over at my wife, and she was moaning and oblivious to what was happening to me. Perry had her tits out, and was squeezing them while he went ate her pussy. She liked me eating her pussy, but never blew me. She started yelling at Perry to fuck, her but he said she had to come on his tongue first! She started cumming, and he pulled back, and she was actually squirting her cum jiuce out of her pussy! It was amazing! She looked over at me with pure lust in her eyes, and I started shooting my load into Sammies' mouth. I must have cum a pint! She took it all, with a little slipping out the side of her mouth!

In the meantime, Perry had repositioned himself behind my wife and started trying to shove his cock into her pussy. My wife was alway tight, and Perry was having trouble getting it in. When I took a look at his cock, it was enormous! I am fairly well hung with 7 1/2 "s but he must have been 11-12", and 6" around. My wife pushed back against him, and he got about half in. The sight was so erotic, I got real hard again.

Sammie pulled me onto the next bed, the pushed my head down to here pussy. I ate her cunt like crazy. Sammie started cumming, then asked me to shove my cock in her ass!

I had never had anal with anyone, but was more than wanting to try. I slowly pushed into Sammie as she used her cum from me oraling her. Man was she tight! I fucked her ass, and came really hard,again! She then turned aroungd and started sucking my cock again. I was high from the grass, and still maintained my hard on.

My wife was now getting fucked with Perrys' monster cock1 She was moaning, and yelling for him to fuck her to death. She started cumming again, and I could see her cum dripping down the sides of his cock. He then started cumming and pumped her pussy with,what seemed like a gallon of cum, from what my wife was yelling!

I was so fucking hard again, I shoved my cock into Sammies' pussy, and after a couple of minutes I filled her cunt with cum. It hurt, and my cock was sore from all her sucking and ass fucking!

My wife started sucking Perrys' cock, as she knelt over him.

Sammie then started crawling over to their bed, and told me she wanted to lick my wifes' pussy! Man! I started to get another erection, as Sammie grabbed my wifes' tits, and licked her pussy. My wife jumped a little, when she felt Sammies mouth,and tongue on her slit, and clit. My cock was hard,and aching, as I watched.

I little realized the night was only half over with lots' more to cum[sic]

I'll quit here, as my TRUE story is getting a little long, and maybe boring.

If anyone wants me to tell the other half, send me a post, and I'll do so.

Hope you like it. It has made me hard remembering it again, so I am going to have to jack off now!My wife is out of town.