7 Feb 2017

Helen and I are a ordinary sixty year old monogamous couple. We've been married for 35 years are more than a little overweight and are having a lot less sex than we want due to my erectile disfuction. I've suggested swinger fun on a couple of occasions but she's always said no and the last time was a little unhappy that I'd suggested it.

She's a sales manager for an agricultural supply company and had a training day arranged in Derby on Tuesday, She would be travelling on Monday and staying over Monday night. Her colleague, Joan, was travelling and staying over with her. Joan was married but had a boyfriend, Colin, who she saw occasionally, when she could. He was meeting her at the hotel Monday night.

Helen knew about the boyfriend but on Friday Joan chatted with her about him and her past including the fact that when she was on the road as a sales rep she enjoyed a large number of encounters including mff threesomes with clients and others.

On Saturday evening sitting on the sofa, after a couple of bottles of wine Helen related Friday's conversation with Joan to me.

"That was an invitation Helen." I said. "Why else would she tell you about threesomes just before a hotel with you and Colin."

She didn't know what to think but agreed it was possibly an invitation that she hadn't picked up on. I told her to go for it and enjoy herself. She told me not to be daft. We were still talking about it when the phone rang.

Helen answered It was Joan. She was just checking arrangement for Monday as Helen had the rail tickets.

“Ask her.” I said.

Looking at me again she said. “Shut up Wesley.”

Talking to Joan again. “Forget it, it’s just Wesley being stupid." I couldn't hear but I got the idea that Joan was asking her to explain and eventually she said. "He thinks that yesterday when you told me about your threesomes it was an invitation for Monday. You know with you and Colin.”

“Honestly it’s never crossed my mind. It’s just Wesley, he got excited at the thought of me being naughty.”

“No Joan that's not what I'm suggesting. I don’t think Wesley really wants me to either and anyway what about Colin?” She said blushing now.

She put the phone down and said to me sheepishly. “She had to go. She’s going to call me back.”

“Was it an invitation? What did she say?” I asked.

“Well, she asked me whether I'd accept an invitation and I told her no.” She said.

“If you think it would be fun I think you should.” I said. “You deserve a good time, what could be safer than Joan and Colin.

She answered the phone again.

"Does he really? This is crazy. I don't know what to say." She said.

"Just say yes." I said laud enough for Joan to hear. I really wanted this to happen and thought I should give her space to agree with Joan without me there. I indicated I was going to make a coffee and took myself off to the kitchen.

I gave her plenty of time then brought the coffee in. She was no longer on the phone. I didn't ask her anything else about the call and she didn't say anything.She had at least one more phone call with Joan on Sunday. I dropped her at the station on Monday morning, Joan was waiting for her. As Helen was getting out of the car I called out to Joan. "Enjoy yourselves."

Helen blushed and Joan called back with a huge grin. "Don't worry we will."

At home I checked Helen's wardrobe and saw that her little black dress wasn't there and I thought but couldn't be sure that her special undies were missing. She usually rings several times when she's away but the phone was silent.

I left it until ten O'clock and sent a text. "I'm going to bed now. Goodnight darling."

I didn't sleep and heard the reply come in three hours later at at one O'clock. "Goodnight. My love."

I texted right back. "You OK?"

After a pause she answered. "Yes."

I thought it's easier for her to reply in a text than if I rang her "Are you sharing a room?"

There was a pause of five minutes before I got the answer back. "Yes."

"Good for you. Are you enjoying yourself?" I texted.

"Yes." Came the immediate reply.

"Do you want to talk?" I asked.

"Tomorrow." She replied.

"See you tomorrow. xxx." I typed and went straight to sleep.