9 Feb 2017

Helen called late on Monday afternoon to say she was getting a later train and could I pick her up at one in the morning. I was at the station as her train pulled in. She came across the platform with Joan and two men. I already knew Joan quite well, mid fifties, short fat with a very big bum and not at all pretty. Helen introduced me to Colin mid fifties average height, slim and Mike, same sort of age stocky and strong looking. I stood back as they said their goodbyes and we went our separate ways.

In the car I asked some general questions about the place, the facilities and the course. Which they apparantly missed. Then asked. "Who's Mike?"

She said. "He's Colin's friend. Colin called him last night."

Helen was not up for an interrogation but over the next few days I pieced together the story which was full of euphemisms and short on detail. It went something like this:

They got to the hotel before noon but couldn't get into their rooms until three. Instead of using the facilities they skipped lunch and had lots of drinks at the bar. They went up to Joan's room, when it became available, and stayed there until evening. The only description I got of what they did was. "We had fun."

Hunger drove them out of the room. It was as they were ordering dinner that Joan encouraged and Helen agreed for Colin to ring Mike. Apparently he was being worn out and needed backup. They had dinner and waited for Mike in the bar. Helen got my goodnight text when the four of them were on their way to Joan's room where again she said. "We had fun."

Our little exchange of texts was in her room after she and Mike left Joan and Colin. The four of them were having fun for the three hours that I lay awake in bed.

She and Mike slept together and. Again she said. "We had fun." The next day they overslept and decided to skip the course. Helen and Mike got out of their room at checkout time but they kept Joan's room and the four of them spent the rest of the day sleeping and (you guessed it) she said. "We had fun."

When she rang to say they were getting a later train it was because they'd been on this site and had arranged to meet some people.

It was all a bit vague but it seems they'd arranged for someone or several to visit them in the hotel and later to meet a couple at a well known venue in Derby. Apparently they met more people and of course she said. "We had fun."

If I'd learned anything it was that I didn't want to be a cuckold whose wife was away having fun with others and I was not involved. I also did not like her relationship, or whatever you'd call it, with Mike. I said nothing to indicate these concerns listened smiling to anything she told me without pressing too hard for more information.

My erectile dysfunction was not total and Viagra helped. What I wanted was to be part of a couple who played around. That week I profoundly regretted the licence I'd given her to play around without me.

I'd done a little internet searching and on Thursday evening was all set to suggest a visit to one of several swingers clubs over the weekend. I was just about to start the conversation when her phone rang. It was Joan.

"No we've got nothing planned." She said then listened for a bit. "Sounds interesting. I'll ask Wesley." She turned to me. "Joan and I have been invited to a party on Saturday night. Do you mind if I go?"

"Are Colin and Mike going?" I asked.

"Yes, they invited us." She answered.

"Sounds great." I said. "I'll come with you."

"Oh." She said not expecting that answer. Then back to the phone. "Wesley wants to come." Listened for a bit. "Yes I know. Alright then, speak to you later."

"Where is it we're going?" I asked.

"Not sure the party is someone's that Mike knows. Joan's checking out the details." She said.

"Is it a sex party?" I asked. "You know, swingers and all that."

"Sort of I think." She said.

"Fantastic." I said. "I'm looking forward to it. Are you going to get a new sexy outfit."

"I was going to go out with Joan and get something on Saturday." She said.

"I'd enjoy that too. Can I come?" I asked

"If you want to." She said, which I understand as code for yes but I don't want you to. I ignored the coding and answered.

"Great, Sexy shopping in the day and a swinging party in the evening. Perfect."