8 May 2017

Joan scared me with a couple of things she said. firstly how great I'd been about Mike and secondly how he can't get enough of her.

Is he now her boyfriend like Colin is Joan's only unlike Joan's husband I know about him?

Will Helen be spending time with him, moving away from me and might I now lose her?

It was a day of missing calls, I left messages on her phone she replied but I had a busy work day always managed to miss her calls. She sent me a text with her train time..

I met her at the station at teatime, she was with Joan, a guy I took to be Colin and a young guy about thirty, they swapped kisses all round then Helen came over to the car and got in. I leaned over and kissed her. "Alright?" I said.

"Fine thanks, you?"

"Yeah great. Was that Colin and Mike?" I asked.

"Yes they've been to the conference too." She said.

"Are they both local? I asked I'd been thinking about them all day.

"Not too far, I think." She said. looking puzzled as in what did I care.

"We could invite them over for dinner." I said. "If it's not too difficult for them maybe they'd be able to stay over, what do you think?

"I don't think Joan and Colin's partners would be pleased." She said.

"What about Mike? Is he Married?" I asked.

"Divorced." She said.

"Would he like to stay over with us." I asked.

She thought for a minute. "I'll be straight with you Wesley. We were talking about maybe meeting up. You know what I mean?"

I was bold. "Well I'd like to meet him. How about him sleeping with us. I've never had a threesome?"

"I don't know. I can ask him, if you like" She said.

"Go on then ask him now?" I said.

"Are you sure? She said."

"Yeah let's see what he says" I replied.

"Hello Mike, it's me... Yes fine. Wesley wants to know if you'd fancy a threesome at our place sometime... Yes really. I don't know... He'd like to meet you.... No I don't mind at all....." She turned to me and said. "When."

"What's he doing now?" I replied.

"Now, tonight." She said. I nodded. She sat there for a moment, sort of shrugged and said into the phone. "How about tonight. You can come now.... I'll ask him." She turned to me again. "He's bisexual and is asking if you're prepared to play both ways."

"I've never done that before. Tell him I'm looking forward to it." I said.

She looked at me shocked then put the phone to her face again and said. "He says he's looking forward to it.... OK see you in a bit." She turned to me. "Better get your skates on he's going straight there. I hope the place is clean and you've changed the sheets."

We didn't say much on the way home, I left plenty of room on the drive for Mike's car and followed Helen into the house. We heard him pull up, Helen let him in and I stood behind her. It was a bit awkward as she introduced us.

I said. "Nice to meet you Mike. I'm not sure a handshake is appropriate. Should we kiss?" He answered by kissing me on the lips then kissing Helen the same way only she put her arms around him and they snogged. This was so different from hearing about sex with another man this was real. Seeing her with another man in her arms and knowing he was her lover was very disconcerting. I had time to think what to do before she let him go.

I said. "You sold me short there, Mike." Put my arms around him and kissed him again, his tongue went into my mouth and I reciprocated. I, firstly, wondered what Helen would make of what she was seeing. Secondly I thought how good his stubble felt against my skin and how deliciously naughty the kiss was. When his hand went down squeezing my genitals, I immediately started to stiffen.

When we broke Helen was standing grinning at us. "Oh Wesley, Michael you are such naughty boys and we are going to have so much fun Aren't we?" We followed her through to the lounge. She sat on the Sofa, Mike knelt next to her kissing her again and undoing her blouse. I got on the floor and lifted her skirt, intending to take her knickers down. She wasn't wearing any so I opened her legs and started licking her. All three of us were kissing licking and fondling while undressing ourselves and each other.

I was the first to be naked and helped Mike to get his trousers and pants from around his feet. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to pop his penis in my mouth as it passed my face. "Wesley! You're a cock sucker!" Helen exclaimed gleefully.

I offered my penis to Helen's mouth while Mike was fucking her. She briefly accepted it then pushed it out as she was struggling to breathe. "One at a time." She said as Mike picked up the pace. I don't know when Mike had last cum but he managed a decent discharge into her. I enjoyed my first ever sloppy second and loved it. Fucking her already well fucked vagina is now my very favourite thing. The moment I finished I licked Mike from belly button to arse hole paying special attention to his softened penis while he kissed Helen. I then did the same to Helen lapping up the mixture of vaginal fluid, Mike's and my sperm. Lovely.

We chatted for a while and tried to persuade Mike to stay the night. He almost agreed but said he needed fresh clothes and had to get ready for an important meeting the next day. He did manage another erection before he left and fucked Helen again. It was nine O'clock when we waved goodbye and went to bed ourselves. Helen led me to bed holding me by the penis and we made love one more time.

"I hope we can do this again." I said as we were drifting off.

"What? With Mike?" She said.

"Not just Mike." I said. "Lots of people."

"I hope so too." She replied.