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Helping a Family Member - Tailpiece

"Sometimes there are unexpected benefits"

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Author's Notes

"This concludes my story based on another users information (quite detailed) on their unusual arrangements."

After my Mother-In-Law Rose's diary had revealed she masterbated thinking about my body, I had cultivated her interest by buying her sexy dresses, and adding shaving foam and razors to her grocery order, telling her these would make her feel super sexy in the new dress.


Now, I visited her after a month.  Rose was wearing the dress as I had asked, and because it was a size too small for her generous figure, she went upstairs to change into something more comfortable.


While she was changing, I had to adjust my erection, and was "dick out" and trousers around my knees when Rose suddenly re-appeared.


She was naked apart from suspenders, stockings and heels, and I noticed immediately her pussy was silky smooth with her pussy lips slightly open and wet.


"Gary, what have you got there?"  She asked.


"Something for you to lick and suck." I ventured, holding my erect member and pointing it in her direction.


"Oh yes please." I heard her say, as she quickly strode across her front room, knelt before me, taking my cock in her hand, and straight away it disappeared into her open mouth; those lipstick red lips pushing all the way down until she gagged as she deep throated me.


"Mmmmm." she moaned, and I had to push against her thrust, she was sensational at sucking.


After some minutes, she took a break and I quickly stripped, and we were both naked and rolling on the carpet in a "69".  I tasted her cunt and juices, and lapped and licked her for all I was worth.


Soon, I was on my back and Rose mounted me, she slid down sweetly and sighed, "That feels so good, first cock for so long."


We kissed  - tongues lashing, and she began a gyration so sexy, and she wouldn't stop.  Another two minutes or so and I could feel my climax arriving, I let her have my cum, stroke after stroke.  Mmmm, the best.


Following such an intense fuck, we both relaxed and rested, Rose still on top.  Eventually, I had to go, and we briefly chatted as I dressed, nothing that I remember, we were both in shock I think.


As I left, we kissed and hugged, and Rose said "Will you fuck me again next time?"  I smiled and replied, "Yes, indeed, and the next and the next."  She grinned, and I was gone.


The drive home was bizarre, here was my wife's mum, the lady who I met and nervously told that I was marrying her daughter, and now I had to think of her as the best Blowjob Queen I had ever had the pleasure of (subject to finding out if she swallows of course).


The next couple of weeks seemed to drag, and I was forever thinking about Rose and yearning to enjoy her.


Eventually, the day came and I sent the usual text to let her know when I would arrive.  Within moments of me sending the text, my phone pinged, and Rose text read "Waiting and Willing!".


This time she was at the door before I could let myself in, and there she was - this time wearing a dressing gown, which she opened while the front door was still open to reveal her naked plus suspenders, stockings and heels once more.


"Do you prefer me with or without stockings?"


" Mmm, I like you both ways Rose."


This time we fucked in her bed, more comfy than the floor, and we were able to take our time and spend over an hour doing what a man and woman were designed to do.


The outstanding question regarding my Blowjob Queen was answered in the affirmative, as she swallowed everything I could give her.


Over the next three visits we explored fucking in different rooms, and even in her garden.  This was fine, because she lives in a fine 1950s house with bow fronted windows on an outside corner, so her rear garden gets wider as you go further from the house, therefore no overlooking neighbours.


I was fascinated to know Rose's sexual history, and slowly she revealed she had enjoyed a couple of short affairs in her 30s, and even a girl-on-girl session with a colleague from work.


This idyllic situation continues, and I am working on Rose to let me bring a friend so we can give her double pleasure. You never know, even a foursome if she really enjoys FF.


Written by benstevens

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