Written by stax69

21 Sep 2012

If you have already read Will and Dawn's story you will already know much about the sequence of events that got us into the swinging lifestyle. Some of it was planned, some of it quite spontaneous but all of it was very enjoyable.

In my early 20's I'd had a fair number of one night stands but for some reason had never got into a serious relationship. Well I was a lorry driver, the long hours and the fact that no single working week was the same as the previous one meant having a steady relationship was nearly impossible. The money was good and I have to say being in a strange town and very much a 'here today, gone tomorrow' single guy did have it's advantages. Every town at the time seemed to have a club with a reputation for easy pickings or 'grab a grannie' to put it more crudely. I had a fellow driver ( Frank)who was in his mid forties who was regarded as being a bit of a perve. He was a great source of continental porn as he spent a lot of his time doing European work and he was always making copies of vhs tapes for the lads. He also used to show me nude pics of his wife and told me he loved wife swapping, as it was called then. His wife was in her 40's and your original brassy blonde. I met her a couple of times and although she was very friendly she made Corrie's Bet Lynch look like a product of Roedean! It seemed he and a group of of neighbours were well into the party scene and one couple in particular used to take care of his wife's carnal needs while he was working away. He seemed to be quite proud of this. I must admit, I thought it was odd. He invited me to one of their parties but at the time it just didn't appeal to me.

I suppose sex in those days was like a chinese meal. Satisfying at the time but the yearning for something a bit more substantial and meaningful crept up on me shortly after every 'conquest'. In short, maybe mother nature was telling me I should be in a relationship.

You know the circumstances I met Dawn under and how our relationship developed. She was very shy when we first started having sex and the first couple of times took her bra and panties off under the duvet! But gradually I whittled away at her inhibitions and very soon she was becoming a very enthusiastic and adventurous partner in the bedroom, lounge, lorry cab or anywhere else we had sex. Her attitude to life in general started to change and I noticed how confident she was becoming. Basically, I loved her to bits and knew she was the one for me. Luckily she felt the same. She developed a liking for porn and used to admit that while I was away, and her parents weren't about used to love watching the odd video with her trusty vibrator!

After we were married I too started taking pics of my wife. Firstly with a Polaroid and then I bought a decent camera for my birthday. I used to get the films developed from a discreet service that advertised in a top shelf magazine. It was shortly after this that I saw Dean's advert in a contact magazine and it was then I suggested to Dawn about getting a semi pro in to take a few pics. The first session at his place was good and Dawn was very pleased with the resulting soft core glamour shots. When I suggested he would like to take slightly more 'risque' shots she had no qualms and was quite keen. I was the nervous one now.

As you may have read, Dean came to our house for the pic session and we retired to the bedroom after a couple of glasses of wine ( Blue Nun in those days! ) and Dawn didn't seem to need any warming up. Dressed in sussies and stockings she quickly adopted various poses for Dean and quickly lost her bra and panties. She lay back and spread her pussy lips as he snapped away. I could tell she was getting really turned on so I reached for her favourite vibe from the bedside draw. She quickly inserted that into her gaping pussy and closed her eyes. Within minutes she was cumming hard and by now I myself was naked apart from my t shirt. Pulling that over my head I climbed on the bed to give Dawn a good fucking, which is what she was demanding. I had never known her to be so turned on and we had both become oblivious to Dean, who was still snapping away. Eventually we changed positions and before I knew it Dawn had Dean's cock out and was treating him to one of her blow jobs. Before long he was fucking her and we both came over her body which is something she really enjoys.

We talked over the events after Dean had gone and pretty soon were fucking again. Dawn had loved it and was eager to try it again which is what we did the following weekend. The session was better as it was a lot less hurried and probably more intense. Dean gave Dawn a long slow fuck while she sucked on my cock. We took it in turns to fuck her and by the time we finished I had one tired, sore but happy wife!

It was around about this time that I got to know Will in the transport office. Basically he was just an all round nice guy. The boss was a hot tempered taskmaster who was continually demanding the impossible and had no concept of the fact that there were traffic congestion out there. If I was late for a delivery, he would go ballistic. If Will took my call he would be on to the firm to see if I could be pushed to the head of the queue to unload, always coming up with some great reason why I had to do so. My grandfather must have died 14 times in 1982! We supported the same team so it was good on Friday evenings, when we went for a drink, that we had something else to talk about rather than traffic jams and the latest DAF truck. When we moved house, Will who never seemed to be in a relationship, offered to help us. He really was great and must have spent 12 hours with me on the Saturday moving boxes and furniture. We began decorating on the Sunday and it was only when we were taking a quick break at lunch time that I thought of showing him Dawn's private album. I knew he was fairly broad minded from some of the conversations we had but our pics, I think, shocked him a bit. Never the less, when later Dawn talked of giving him a treat and I told her that Will had seen her pics he barely batted an eyelid as we went into the living room and Dawn began to strip off. Our first threesome with Will was a bit frenzied but very enjoyable. Over the course of the following weekends they were far more leisurely and enjoyable. Dawn loved Will's thick cock and used to come buckets when he was fucking her while I licked her clitty.

Will loved the sessions but never let on at work. Eventually though he began dating a very attractive girl called Di who he met when she came to carry out an audit at the office. When this happened, he said he had to end our sessions out of fairness to Di. He hadn't told Di about us and in fact it was many years into their marriage that our names cropped up in relation to our sessions. And I supposed that was it as far as Will went. Eventually I got another job and we moved to the Midlands. By now the sessions with Dean and Will were a warm memory. We had started a family, which does alter your priorities in life. But the old urges were occurring again but this time we both wanted to meet another couple rather than single guy. But by now it was the late eighties and meeting 'like minded' couples was not easy. Contact magazines were a very laborious way of meeting such people and seemed to take ages to get anywhere. But we had a weekend off and had gone to Manchester ( shopping and football!) and in our hotel room that evening I spotted an advert for an adult club in the local newspaper. I showed the advert to Dawn and we rang them. Later that evening we took a taxi to the club, the driver eyeing us up and down constantly as he drove there. We paid in and and were shown around. It was a couples only evening and there must have been about 25-30 couples there. We got chatting with a local couple ( Steve and Jo ) and after talking for an hour or so we all got changed and went into a private room. They were into soft swing and essentially we could do anything but penetration was for own partner only. Jo was bi and Dawn lay back with her eyes closed as Jo went to work on her shaven pussy. Before long she was bucking her hips as the first of many orgasms that night rippled through her body. Then it was Dawn's turn to reciprocate and this she eagerly and lustily did. 'Duck to water' I thought! We went through the whole gamut of positions over the next hour culminating in Jo wanking me off as Dawn did the same to Steve. We exchanged telephone numbers and after this kept in touch. They were having a party at their house in Cheshire and we were invited to stay over night. All the other couples ( 6 of them in total ) were local. A large duvet had been placed on the living room floor and sheets over all the furniture. Within an hour we were all naked. It was our first experience of group sex and we both loved it. Dawn was fucked by three guys and I worked my way around the room! We helped Steve and Jo clear up and retired to bed absolutely knackered but happy, in the early hours of the morning. After a lie in we went downstairs where Steve and Jo were already up and about. We had

coffee and toast and chatted about the the night before. We began to get turned on by all the talk and our hosts asked us if we would like to stay and go for pub lunch.

We returned to the house mid afternoon and the four of us retired to the master bedroom. This time it was full swap and I fucked Jo as Steve fucked Dawn next to me. The whole weekend was one of our most memorable swinging experiences and we have remained good friends ever since. We also swapped numbers with the other guests at the party and over the next few years met all of them in turn.

When the internet came along life was made so much easier when seeking playmates. My job had changed once more and we moved back up North. As the kids grew older getting away became a lot easier as they would often stay over at their mates houses. For our part we would normally try to get away once every couple of months for 'our fun'. One weekend we decided to visit a club in the Midlands. Now I often spoke to Dawn about Will. He was a good mate in and out of work. Dawn observed that he as well as being a randy bugger was a true gent. We were having a drink in the club before retiring to the play rooms when the door opened and in walked Will with a lady we eventually discovered was his wife Di. Well I thought it was Will and so did Dawn but we weren't sure. It is a bit of a nightmare to arrive at a club to have an old work colleague shouting across the room at you. I went to the bar and looked across at Will. He recognised me in an instant and a broad grin spread across his face.I waved Dawn over and the three of us hugged each other. Will turned to introduce Di to us and her confused look suddenly changed to one of recognition even though she hadn't met us before. She had certainly heard a lot about us!

Eventually we headed off to a play room to take up where we had left off all those years ago. Di had told Dawn that Will had only 'confessed' of our threesomes some years into their marriage and it became the spark that led them to try swinging. In the play room Di and Dawn were putting on quite a show for us and eventually we got the opportunity to join them on the bed for a great session. Dawn re acquainted herself with Will's shaven cock while I introduced myself to Di by fucking her doggy style.

And so that was it. We keep in touch and meet socially as well as for 'horizontal' fun. I suppose the moral of the story is never overlook the opportunity to help a mate out!