Written by LuckyHusband

26 Apr 2014

Me and the wife Claire, have been married for 5 years now, she’s 33, bright blonde, size 12 with a nice round sexy ass and luscious big tits, always said she looks like a porn star probably half the reason I married her, who gets bored of porn lol as with most marriage’s things get a bit boring. Our sex life has never been dull, she’s always stayed in great shape always looks her best and her spontaneous nature never fails to excite me. We have always loved dirty talk and one thing that always got her really horny was talking about me watching her get fucked by a black guy. Think most girls love the thought of it she says. Always gets her really wet when we are fucking when I talk about it. We had talked about it a few times and I told her it be a real turn on to watch it and joked I can get her that for her birthday. I wasn’t opposed to the idea providing I get to see it.

I decided to take her to a RnB bar just outside of town which I knew might be quite fitting if not just to get her really horny. She got dolled up as usual in a nice little summer dress which was quite short, she had her boobs on show and they looked amazing and her usual high heels. We arrived and it was fairly quiet for a Friday night. We sat down and it didn’t take long for it to get a bit busier.

We had a few drinks and I got us some shots, with the thinking the more drunk she is the dirtier she gets. I was already really horny and started teasing her at the table running my hand up her leg. She kept swatting it away telling me to behave but with her looking so good how could I resist! So I just talked dirty in her ear telling her what I wanted to do to her when I got home. She was telling me how horny she was and we would have to go home soon if I kept it up. She couldn’t resist rubbing my cock which was already hard then asked what I wanted from the bar, I said a good fucking, ok doke ill ask she said! She went up to the bar to get our usual. There was a black guy standing beside her who I could see checking her out and said something to her and they started chatting til she got served. She came back and I asked what he was saying and she said he just complimented me on my dress and said I looked very sexy , gave him something to look at while he was waiting for his friend,. I thought what a charmer!

We sat with our drinks and I could see him stealing the odd glance over at her and saw her looking over at him checking him out. I couldn’t resist and had to tease her, think he wants to fuck you, don’t blame him either just imagine him bending u over our table fucking u, she giggled and told me to stop it or she would jump me right there. Well your birthday isn’t that far away I said, I had to remind her of what I said. She went quiet biting her lip for a second checking him out again, that’s such a turn on but how could we do that? I didn’t know either so I said im sure you could convince him with those tits of yours. She giggled again we can see later then. We sat for a but longer then she went outside for a smoke. I went to the toilet to kill time til she came back, I couldn’t resist a quick wank thinking about her getting fucked by that guy but I stopped just before I cum which wasn’t long as I was that horny.

I went back to our table and went on my phone looking at face book as folk normally do when sitting themselves. About 10 mins past before I thought she’s been gone a bit long which is when I realised the black guy from the bar had gone, First I thought I bet he’s outside chancing his luck with her but then I thought his mate probly turned up and they left. So I went outside to look for her, and went round to the smokers part which was round the side of the bar. I looked and couldn’t see her it, there was no one there. I thought maybe she’s gone to the ladies and I missed her so I was about to turn and go back in when I heard a moan from the back behind the building, obviously curiosity got the best of me so I snuck up and took a peak round the corner and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was Claire bent over her thong around her knees getting pounded hard form the black guy I didn’t know what to do but my cock was about bursting out my pants. I could hear her muffled moans and I looked round further and she was sucking off another guy who I assume was his friend. He was leaning against a wall holding a phone when I realised he was filming it on her phone.

I watched for a couple of minutes as he kept on fucking her and her moans just kept getting louder. The camera man was getting it from all angles. The guy fucking her had a good hold of her hips as he fucked her as the other guy was talking dirty to her telling her to suck his black cock like a good slut, are you a good black cock whore as she was mumbling on his cock. The guy behind her started moaning loudly saying aw fuck aw fuck im gonna cum the camera man held her head on his cock as his mate started pounding her harder til he grunted ramming his cock into her, I couldn’t believe it I just saw another guy cum in my wife! My cock was starting to bulge really badly in my jeans then I heard someone coming so I scurried back into the bar. I didn’t know what to make of it as I looked into my pint.

About 10 mins later she came back in and I asked where she was and she said sorry her friend phoned. I told her how horny I was and I was gagging to fuck her she said ok lets go. We got a taxi home which seemed to take forever as she was teasing me in the taxi I was feeling her up and slipped my hand up her dress and her panties and pussy were soaking, I said wow your really horny she just said im gagging to fuck you. We got home and we were just in the door she grabbed me and pushed me to the wall and started undoing my jeans and dropped to her knees sucking me. I was rock hard and didn’t take long before I pulled her to the bedroom. She told me to sit on the bed, she knelt down and sucked me again. She started talking dirty then asked if I remembered her birthday present, I said yes thinking is she gonna tell me? How you wanted to see me fucked by another guy? I was biting my lip trying to hold my load and she said maybe you should watch this and handed me her phone. Obviously I knew what it was but I just played dumb. She asked if I liked it which of course I did, she then climbed on top of me telling me to keep watching it. She started slowly grinding on me as I watched the video even tho id already seen it I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She was telling me how hot it was and how horny it made her. I skipped it to the end of it to watch the guy cumming inside her to see what happened next, the other guy pulled her against the wall and started fucking her u couldn’t see much as the guy had put the phone down but you could hear her moaning. When the camera picked up she was against the wall with her leg wrapped around the guy as she was telling him to cum inside her which didn’t take him long as he thrust into her as she was biting his shoulder then it ended. I put the phone down telling her how much of a slut she was which she smiled saying a black cock slut as she started grinding on me faster, as I started playing with her clit telling her how good it is fucking her slutty pussy it didn’t take long before she was close to cumming as I was telling her we should get them round to fuck her again then she shuddered hard on my cock as she cum which was way too much for me as I cum hard inside her.

We talked about it after and how horny it was, I didn’t tell her I had seen it in person but it got us so horny we ended up fucking most of the night which involved me saying we need to go there again which seemed to really turn her on so hopefully ill be posting the next experience soon.