Written by chad

26 Nov 2014

I had been unfaithful to my wife and she had been very good to me and we had stayed together,it had left the relationship a bit one sided and our sex life a bit lacking. She recently got a job in a small business in town, the owner was a younger guy in his thirties, my wife is early forties with a good figure. I travel a lot for my work and we talk on the phone a lot and email all the time. This is the mail I had from from my wife

" Hi darling, hope your day has been good? Mine has been long and tiring, I will mail you tomorrow as I am very tired and its been a bit of an odd day"

This is the following days mail

" Hi darling sorry for the short mail yesterday, I was so tired, I have to tell you about my day, you will understand I hope, I was in work as usual and it has been the usual struggle with the youngsters in the office, Mark_the owner- had seen me looking a bit upset over the last day or two but as usual had ignored me. Yesterday he called me into his office, it was very warm and he offered me a seat on his couch rather than the usual office chair. would you like a cuppa debbie?' he asked and I accepted, he made it and joined me on the sofa, where we spent the next half an hour chatting about the work, the youngsters and my life, he was really understanding and it made such a change to have someone to talk to. H e offered me another tea and while he made it i noticed him looking at my legs, I looked down and realised he could see right up my dress, due to the anglre of the sofa. I was a bit embarrassed, but then thought if a young guy still wants to look, then let him! He sat down again and this time his leg rested against mine, it felt nice, we chatted more and he asked about you and suddenly the whole story came out and it was such a relief, when I was finished, he was quiet for a few minutes and then he said , thats crappy, why when you are so lovely would he do that? I looked at him and then we were kissing, really kisssing, ( we dont kiss much) and then I felt his hand on my knee, I was not sure about that, but it had slip to my thigh before I stopped him and then it seemed too late. As we shifted around I felt his hard on, it was quite big, I put my hand on it and he groaned. - what was I doing, a part of me felt shocked, a part very excited- i pushed down on him and he responded. By this time his hands were all over and I felt a finger inside my knickers this is going fast I thought, suddenly he stood up, his crotch was at eye level, and I wanted to see him, I unbuttoned his fly and out popped the most delicious looking cock, it was dribbling and I reached out and held the shaft, rubbing the tip with my thumb, mmmmm, it was nice, I wanted it inside me, i rubbed it a bit and Mark groaned again, 'I would like to f....' Me too I said, I slipped my knickers down and turned, leaning over the sofa, I felt his erection bump my arse, then the tip nudging my wetness- Oh please- and he pushed it slid in and took my breathaway, it was large. The first new Cock since we met, the door bell has just gone and I think I know who it is, I wil carry this on later. Dont worry we are still good"

The mail finished just like that, my cock was straining at the thought of what she had been doing and may be doing next. I will follow on as she did wit the next mail