6 Oct 2017

My wife had been fucking her boss for about 2 years now, either on business trips or at the office where it all started. Andrew was fucking Stella at every opportunity and I didn't know everything but now again she would tell me what they had got up to, I'd either fuck her there and then or wank myself off. I'd met him a few times at works parties and got on really well with him.

One Friday we were getting ready to go to work I had booked half day I didn't tell Stella as I thought I would surprise her and have a nice meal and bottle of wine for when she got home. She was getting ready and had black chiffon underwear and black fishnet hold-ups. She looked sexy as fuck, I also wondered was she just wearing them for, general or was she wearing them for Andrew? would her lover and boss get to see them today at work?

I finished work early and made my way home, when I got there I thought it was odd as Stella's car was outside and just up from it another bigger car. I put the key in the door and opened it quietly then locked it, I could hear noises upstairs. There were definitely two people obviously Stella and a man. I made my way quietly up the stairs our bedroom door was open and when I got there I couldn't believe my eyes and the sounds they were both making.

"Oohh yeah aargh fuck me just keep fucking me" said Stella.

My view was my wife with her fishnet stockinged legs wrapped around a man's back, he was on top of her and I had a perfect view of his arse moving in and out, and his big balls slapping against her bum hole while his cock fucked her vagina with long slow hard strokes. It was Andrew, Stella's boss, I watched for about a minute they were oblivious to me being there but what a sight. I'd always imagined this moment of the two of them having sex, their chemistry they were so into one another, my heart was racing and my cock was almost bursting in my trousers. A floorboard creeked and Andrew looked behind and saw me, he jumped off Stella in panic.

"Whoa, I can explain" he said.

Really that you were on top of my wife and fucking her with her legs wrapped around you in my bed. My fantasy was right here he may have thought I was going to flip and punch him one, at this stage I don't think Stella had told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife.

"Listen, Andrew" I said calmly.

I looked over at Stella she looked sexy and hadn't moved much her pussy was on show and was open, her legs still spread.

Andrew was stood up by the side of the bed stark naked, his cock was about an inch bigger than mine and circumcised, unlike mine. It had a large cock head and I must say he had an impressive cock.

While talking to him I found myself gazing and staring at it, it was no wonder my wife enjoyed fucking him, he was a stud. I'm just a heterosexual male with cuckold fantasies and enjoy the thought of my wife having sex with another man. But I have to admit while talking to him I had visions of me walking towards him and sinking to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth. I really don't know why I had these thoughts I just did.

"Look Andrew I know you've been fucking my wife and to be honest with you I encouraged Stella from the start although she fancies you" I said.

"I'm sorry Andrew I know it may come as a shock and I really fancy you I love our sex life, but I wanted to make Wes's fantasy come true" she said.

"Well I am shocked I don't know what to say I mean, I love fucking Stella but this is a surprise. I mean I've read in men's magazines and seen a few films but in reality I'm shocked".

" I would love to watch you fuck Stella in front of me its something I've always wanted and I couldn't be more happier if she's doing it with you" I said.

Although I was a little shocked too that she chose to fuck her stud in our marital bed.

" Well I suppose if you're both ok with it where's the harm" he said.

His cock was still hard.

"I know what you are Wes, you're a cuckold, why don't you get over here and hold your wife's legs open for me and I'll carry on fucking her, cmon assume the position Cuckold" he said quite firmly.

I did as he asked and held my wife's legs open for him to resume his assault on my wife's pussy, only this time it was going to happen with me watching.

He got back into position and held his cock to my wife's vagina, I watched in fixation as it entered then sank into her love hole, she gasped. It was such an erotic sight, he fucked her with long slow hard strokes as she took his entire length, legs in the air held by me with her fishnet hold-ups on and slut red painted toe nails showing through. He was building up pace now and they were both grunting, just then he pulled out his cock which had a sheen on from her wet pussy.

"Time to taste your wife's pussy Wes" he said.

What did he mean? Her pussy or from his manhood?

The devil in me wanted the latter.

Andrew then made it clear he told me and my wife to get into a 69 position with me underneath. We did this and she sucked my cock, I put my tongue into her pussy I could taste both my wife's vagina and Andrews cock. Just as I was licking her out I felt a pair of legs either side of my head, they were Andrew's, I eased my mouth slightly but not fully away from Stella's pussy then right above my eyes and face was Andrew's cock.

His balls rested on my forehead then his cock slapped my nose, then he grabbed his cock and I watched in awe as it slid into Stella's pussy from behind and disappeared. He started to pump in and out, his balls slapping and rubbing my face, she was moaning then fluid dripped into my waiting mouth, I don't know from who and I didn't care I just lapped it up. After a few minutes he withdrew his cock and told me to get up, I wondered what was going to happen next? I was really turned on and excited I was really enjoying being a cuckold for my wife and Andrew.

"Right Stella get on your side in the spooning position, Cuckold get over here and prepare your wife's arse for me I'm going to show you what a real man does to his girl, start tonguing her bum hole and get it nice and wet" he said.

He was now taking total control of the situation and I did as I was told parted my wife's bum cheeks and began to lick her anus in and out probing my tongue inside and spitting on it now and then. Andrew went to my bottom drawer, how many times had he fucked my wife in my house and in my bed? He knew his way around and I keep a tube of KY jelly in the bottom drawer and some sex toys for our fun. He took out the KY and and smeared his cock and bell end with the KY.

"How many times have you fucked your wife's arse Wes?" He said.

"Twice" I said.

They both laughed, he fucked her bum at least twice in a month. He then went over to Stella my slut wife and told me to get nearer, he spooned her then I watched transfixed as he held his helmet to her sphincter then all of a sudden it has gone, sliding right up her rectum. While he fucked my wife's arse he was kissing her ear and neck driving her wild, as if this wasn't enough the stud put two fingers in her cunt. It was an incredible sight not only watching my wife getting sexed but giving in to her lover anally and loving it.

He made love to her arse and his cock was sliding in and out as if it were her pussy it was that easy, the girl was super turned on. "Lick your wife's pussy while I fuck her arse" he said.

I went over and licked her out while loverboy was sexing her arse. I put my tongue in her love hole and I could feel his cock sliding in and out her arse through the thin walls. He pulled my head away then gently eased his cock from my wife's arse and spread her hole causing it to gape, I have never seen anything like this before it was incredibly sexy but quite red and open. "You see Wes, she'll do this for me". He was right he had turned her into a right slut, or maybe she was all along and he just had the tools to ignite it.

He then got Stella to suck him off and she tasted her own arse and did ATM, then she came over to me and snogged me. Then Andrew said he wanted to fuck her pussy and cum inside her, he got back on top of her told me to hold her legs again and began to fuck the shit out of her really hard and calling her his slut. She was going along with it and every time he said "Who's slut are you?"

"Yours" she said.

He quickened up pace and all of a sudden moaned and said that he was cumming. Stella gasped and shook with orgasm as her lover unloaded his seed into her unprotected vagina.

He pulled out and apparently he was a heavy cummer, well I confirm that as there was already a huge glob of his juice oozing from her pussy

"You know what to do Cuckold" he said to me.

I needed no further instruction and got down to my wife's vagina and looked at it at first, I could see some of his pubic hairs had gone onto her fuf. I put my nose to her pussy and smelled their sex, then I proceeded to have my 1st cream pie and I ate her out licking Andrews cum from her vagina and taking it into my mouth and swallowing it down.

"Yeah that's it Wes, clean your wife, clean her up" he said. She was going crazy at my licking it must've been the thought of her own husband being debased and made to eat out her lovers sperm. I loved the fact that it had come to this I was also having sexual fulfilment by being cuckolded.

I would've done anything he said, he had me under his control and I mean anything.

"How's it taste?"

"Tastes good" I said, they both giggled.

He then told me that I wasn't allowed to fuck my wife until they were ready.

" You see Wes, this is how it's going to be, I'm going to fuck your wife whenever I want with or without you here, and one day I'm not only going to give her my seed but I'm going to breed your wife, she's going to have my baby".

I was dumbstruck I looked at my wife who was still on the bed still on an erotic high.

She looked at me.

"I want a baby and I want Andrew to knock me up, he's got a bigger cock and fucks me so much better than you".

What could I do I was powerless, this guy had just given my wife the type of sexing you only see in a porn film, he was a stud. The two lovers kissed passionately in my bed oblivious to me, Stella had hold of his cock and was wanking him off. I decided to go to the bathroom to relieve myself as I wasn't allowed any pussy. I got back to the bedroom and my wife was on all fours getting fucked doggystyle, unbelievable sexual appetite from the pair. He didn't last long and nutted in my wife a second time.

"That's staying in there Wes" he said.

Then he pulled his cock out, put Stella laying on her back and held her legs up

"Yeah that's it" he said.

What an afternoon that turned out to be, it's what I wanted and something I'll never forget. I also liked the way Andrew controlled the event, not aggressive but being firm with me and letting me know he was in charge. I was excited turned on and jealous at the same time when he said he was going to breed my wife. The way he fucked her, the amount he came, the number of times they were fucking I guess one day it was inevitable.

There were even pills and stuff in our bathroom cabinet I'd not seen before like Vitamin B6 and Evening primrose oil.